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The Voice Assistant Battle! (2017)
Marques Brownlee

Marques Brownlee

Published on 2 years ago

Siri vs Google Assistant vs Bixby Voice vs Amazon Alexa.

Original Siri vs Google: https://www.apiyoutube.com/watch/JFiu5rfnhzo

Video Gear I use: http://kit.com/MKBHD/video-gear#recommendation17959


Comments :

Jones Kisoi

Jones Kisoi . 15 hours ago

Marques: whats the population Siri: the human population

Kamal Kumar

Kamal Kumar . 20 hours ago

Samsung have to do too much improvement in their bixby.

Mo_half Gaming

Mo_half Gaming . 2 days ago

Sub me

Mo_half Gaming

Mo_half Gaming . 2 days ago

Sub me

Jesse Oseribhor Maigret

Jesse Oseribhor Maigret . 3 days ago

From all the 4 google assistant and siri are the only ones that are good

• I'mTonySceptical •

• I'mTonySceptical • . 3 days ago

Yo Bixby got bars.

Asad Khan

Asad Khan . 4 days ago

do one for 2019 please

Sagnik Chakraborty

Sagnik Chakraborty . 4 days ago

What if he forgot to turn off the alarms, and at 7:30 tomorrow, all hell breaks loose

Space Diva

Space Diva . 4 days ago

Please make a 2019 edition!

Nikky The Awesome

Nikky The Awesome . 5 days ago

Pfft BlackBerry assistant would beat them all easily


Veizai . 5 days ago

After you see KAREN, all of these voice assistants are really dumb. Too bad Plankton refused to share his secret AI coding recipe.

Jeandry Brito

Jeandry Brito . 5 days ago

We need one more test after the assistant 2.0 drops at the pixel launch event. Btw cant wait for ur pixel 1st impression mkbhd

Game and Code

Game and Code . 5 days ago

Siri + Google assistant & Bixby rapping lol


AZIANEric . 6 days ago

As an Apple fan, I will say Siri is useless af

Wyatt Robertson

Wyatt Robertson . 7 days ago

Siri is best

Scott Johnson

Scott Johnson . 7 days ago

Now I know why people hate the Bixby button.

aladdin charradi

aladdin charradi . 7 days ago

You have to ask google as to rap now asap its great haha

Imre Somogyi

Imre Somogyi . 7 days ago

Anyone here for a 2019 version of it?


brarn . 1 week ago

hey google who is my gf? google : not found


Ayumiś . 1 week ago

8:36 me in maths : uh its.. uh.. uh..

Roshan Singh

Roshan Singh . 1 week ago

How did the idea of question about Nepal came to your mind??? Have you visited Nepal??

Ishaan Malhotra

Ishaan Malhotra . 1 week ago

Please make part 2 of this plsssss


Beanjuice . 1 week ago

Google Assistant hands down...it's the only reason why I'm still buying Pixel phones and haven't reverted back to iPhone.

Tiebe Groosman

Tiebe Groosman . 1 week ago

9:40 u r giving siri a head start here


Atsushi . 1 week ago

Alexa slow asf


Elektrysm . 2 weeks ago

lmao alexa says in the rap “my replies are faster” meanwhile its the slowest phone lol

Vipul Krishna

Vipul Krishna . 2 weeks ago


Epicsnaps 555

Epicsnaps 555 . 2 weeks ago

You can’t have a conversation with Siri. The previous context just disappears after you say something else.


Brad7Zero . 2 weeks ago

There needs to be an updated version

Rabin Adhikari

Rabin Adhikari . 2 weeks ago

Love from Nepal bro 🥰 U asked questions about Nepal And it was correct in Google Assistant

Cool Bro

Cool Bro . 2 weeks ago

Who saw lol sorry Cortana

Gaurav Singh

Gaurav Singh . 2 weeks ago

I am a pixel user and the assistant on pixel is way more better than any phone.

Sachin Adhikari

Sachin Adhikari . 2 weeks ago

I am nepali and watching it


random . 2 weeks ago

oof, the tesla stock price did not age well.

Loud Animate

Loud Animate . 2 weeks ago

S Voice: Bad Bixby: Good

Loud Animate

Loud Animate . 2 weeks ago

You forgot Cortana

Anastacia T. Perez

Anastacia T. Perez . 2 weeks ago



TechTalk . 2 weeks ago

LOL the Gmail notification :) #2019


MasterAJ . 3 weeks ago

13:47 You are gonna wake up at 7:30*P.M*?


MasterAJ . 3 weeks ago

10:19 Its *human* population 😂 best way to answer the question 😂

AkshayKumar Unni

AkshayKumar Unni . 3 weeks ago

*Google Assistant Better* _But;_ 😟 *Google Assistant Can't Stay Any Homes* [ Don't Close - Permanent Stay ]

Akshay Deoke

Akshay Deoke . 3 weeks ago

What's the population ? Its human population. XD


EX0stasis . 3 weeks ago

Try getting Siri to navigate you to a place with the word "Bothell" in the name (as in Bothell, Washington). It just doesn't understand the word no matter how hard I tried. So I switched to Android. Problem solved!


EX0stasis . 3 weeks ago

Cortana: "Am I a joke to you?"

Ed. Paul

Ed. Paul . 3 weeks ago

I am still loyal to Bixby! 🤖. Am a hardcore Samsung user 📱. Thanks for the video! P.S :- You should've used Amy's (United Kingdom) voice if you wanted more natural replies like people do. Not the United States voice you've used.

Hi There

Hi There . 3 weeks ago

Bixby: looks like there was an error Also bixby: *10 XP*

Mr. Z

Mr. Z . 3 weeks ago

Why do people hate bixby so much

Jeffrey Song

Jeffrey Song . 3 weeks ago

Marques be waking up at 7:30 PM 13:47

Remy Fagerstrom

Remy Fagerstrom . 3 weeks ago

should’ve just used an echo dot lmao


Azrael . 3 weeks ago

Where is S VOICE its much more better than thoose three

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