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Biggest Unanswered Questions In Deadpool 2


Published on 1 year ago

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Deadpool 2 is finally here, and it left fans with more than just a stitch in their sides - it also left them with a lot of questions. Sure, continuity and logic aren't exactly important in a Deadpool movie, but there are still some questions we'd love to have answered even if those answers have absolutely no meaning. So grab your stack of X-Force comic books, button up your 501's, and get ready for a bumpy ride, because there's a high wind advisory in effect for the rest of this spoiler-filled look at the biggest unanswered questions in Deadpool 2...

Where ARE the other X-Men? | 0:29
What happened to the rest of X-Force? | 1:39
What's the deal with Cable? | 2:27
Is Vanessa actually Death? | 3:23
Will there be a Deadpool 3? | 4:38

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Comments :


Looper . 1 year ago

What do you hope to see in the next Deadpool/X-Force movie?


Maskdfox . 5 months ago

You didn’t even answer most questions, wtf.

Roy Pitts

Roy Pitts . 7 months ago

I couldnt get into deadpool 2


IPlay2Much . 10 months ago

Cable is terminatir


ChessRabbitt . 11 months ago

I didn't like DP2, it was too rated R. Not that funny to me.


JeyLast . 11 months ago

Reboot and welcome to MCU

Laura Lomeli

Laura Lomeli . 12 months ago

Honestly, I just want to know if we're getting more homoerotic moments between him and Cable


SevenDeMagnus . 12 months ago

Cool-Brad Pitt, lol


xxD0MINAT0RZxx . 1 year ago

Well Wolverine died in Logan so he can’t be there

Strîkêr Gâmêr

Strîkêr Gâmêr . 1 year ago

Deadpool is a family film

izzy B

izzy B . 1 year ago

The only thing that bothered me in deadpool 2 was how they completely wasted Terry crews! 😭 did is a good and hilarious and likeable actor. He was so short lived snd kind of a waste of talent 😢

Kent Clark

Kent Clark . 1 year ago

They answered the first question in both movies, Looper...It was the budget. Who the fuck runs this channel? LMAO Fired!

Elsa Anna

Elsa Anna . 1 year ago

Ummmm or how about how the x men gang from the 70’s looks almost the same in 2018

Emilio The Pixel Guy

Emilio The Pixel Guy . 1 year ago

but the xmen made a cameo and wolverien appeard in the post credits scene


Zac'sYT . 1 year ago

5:38 😂

n r

n r . 1 year ago



SkyBlue . 1 year ago

Dead pool is the only movie series I wouldn’t mind having.


A.D. DAS . 1 year ago

Vanessa is copycat.


Lucifronz . 1 year ago

The "Vanessa is Death" theory is a bit out there, but it's a fun idea to throw around.

Joshua Cheek

Joshua Cheek . 1 year ago

Vanessa is actually Copycat, the credits clears that up.

Justin Fencsak

Justin Fencsak . 1 year ago

Will his dead girlfriend be resurrected

the riddler

the riddler . 1 year ago

Deadpool 2 was good....but not as great as Deadpool 1


Minnion . 1 year ago

My predictions is if Disney is in charge of the next deadpool movie and wanting to tie it into the MCU, well I could see Vanessa dieing to the Snap from infinity war in the next Deadpool movie... (With Cable walking in on a devastated Deadpool just after it happens, Deadpool of course would punch him and say something like "Unsnap those fingers you cock blocker!") Naturally the plot would be Deadpool vs. Thanos... Being that this would have to fit in the mainline MCU canon to avoid leaving viewers too young for Deadpools other movies lost they'd have to make it PG-13 and creativly limit the number of times Deadpool can audibly swear... (With liberal use of lampshades and fourth wall breaks... Naturally mocking the censorship the whole time.... Heck imagine him riping off one of the fingers from the infinity gauntlet as a setup to the following joke: Thanos: Deadpool give me the finger. Deadpool:I'd love to but Disney won't allow it... On the second thought... (Camera pans around his back as we see him lift his arm in a way that heavily implies that he's flipping Thanos the bird anyways though not outright showing it.)


NEWBEATS MUSIC. . 1 year ago

Wolvine appereance?.....he's dead what appereance.....

Game on 23rd

Game on 23rd . 1 year ago

Vanessa is the character Copycat

Mr Ahmee

Mr Ahmee . 1 year ago



kelerews . 1 year ago

hiding in a room, they're dead; except Peter. Cable is from the future and likes to blow shit up. no, no she isn't. And probably no. also, he killed baby Hitler, I don't care what a bunch of pussies at a test screening said.

Jasper Scooby

Jasper Scooby . 1 year ago

I wanna know why cable went back in time to put the coin in Deadpool’s suit when all they had to do is take the collar off him and he would’ve regenerated


BEARSEASON™ . 1 year ago

i feel like i may have been the only person to notice juggernaut’s helmet come up out of the water at the very end...

daniel niemeyer

daniel niemeyer . 1 year ago

She was made by someone evil she was not evil. She treated cyclops way better then he treated her. The minute jean came back he ditched her and there kid, that’s what I call evil.

Roberto Flores Cordon

Roberto Flores Cordon . 1 year ago

Could it be that Cable returns in the end because of Thanos? And that the real reason why you dont see the Xmen is because they were/are planning for Thanos coming. The timeline is messed up in x\Xmes, but IMO Deapool tries to fix that in the end.

Damien X

Damien X . 1 year ago

This timeline is absolutely f'n confusing! So sense the X-Men did make that small cameo, but they were the young X-Men of the 60s, 70s & 80s... So does that mean this movie and Deadpool are in that time era? Or, not because it looks like this movie is clearly set in modern time where then Patrick Stewart would be Professor X, not James McAvoy!?!?!?! Like Cable asks, "What year is it?" Oooooooh, waaaaaait.... Maybe sense it's so confusing and when Cable asked that question, he too didn't get an answer! So maybe they're just fugging with us on purpose!


Zen0 . 1 year ago

Wolverine didnt show up because hes you know... Dead...

Furqan ul Haq

Furqan ul Haq . 1 year ago

I love the relationship between Vanessa and deadpool after her death..he tried to dye so he can meet Vanessa but can't die.

Lilboi 72

Lilboi 72 . 1 year ago

Wolverin was dead

Arcus Lux

Arcus Lux . 1 year ago

Biggest question no one asked is, did Deadpool and Cable really kill baby Hitler?


HappishlyCrazy . 1 year ago

Logan is dead you know


LowEndGaming . 1 year ago

X force

Nida Ebuenga

Nida Ebuenga . 1 year ago

Want to see deadpool team up with punisher ghost rider and dare devil


cypeg . 1 year ago

Ryan is right. Deadpool 2 was a stretch. A 3rd one will ruin the character.

Asad shah

Asad shah . 1 year ago

I think....John cena will be more suitable for vanisher instead of Brad Pitt 😝😝😝

Robert Snider

Robert Snider . 1 year ago

Cable clearly mentioned the techno-virus "...disease, the kind that leaves you more machine than man" when interrogating Weasel.


SparklyHyena . 1 year ago

Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe would be an interesting movie and could make jokes about Infinity War I also really love the Deadpool vs Gambit (they could have the actor for Gambit randomly be played by different people because of Gambit's solo movie having trouble keeping people to make it)



all r died in x men last stand

Hilmi Halim

Hilmi Halim . 1 year ago

Why Peter? Why not Dopender?

Indrajeet roy

Indrajeet roy . 1 year ago

The other x men were not there because it would fade Deadpool's image in the movie. Then it would be called an x men part


RAJAGOPAL S . 1 year ago

He ß going to save Ness

Ethan Ritter

Ethan Ritter . 1 year ago

Actually the other xmen were in one big room LOL hiding from him


therealG . 1 year ago

Cable has a techno virus cause when he interrogates tg Miller he says he has a virus

Brody Deseive

Brody Deseive . 1 year ago

Well Wolverine wasn’t there cuz you know he’s dead.

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