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Critical Role

Critical Role

Published on 4 days ago

Take a deep lore dive into the history of how Exandria came to be, from the Founding, to the Calamity, to the Age of Arcanum, and beyond -- narrated by Exandria's architect and our very own Game Master Matthew Mercer.

Join us for the premiere of Critical Role Campaign 3 on Thursday, October 21st at 7pm Pacific on http://twitch.tv/criticalrole and http://youtube.com/criticalrole

Check out all of the amazing artists who contributed to this video!
Pieces are in order of appearance:

The Arrival by Cyarna Trim || @Cyarna (Twitter)

The Divergence by Cyarna Trim || @Cyarna (Twitter)

Elves by Claudia Ianniciello || @claudia_ianniciello_artworks (Instagram)

Dwarves by Ari Orner || @ornerine (Twitter)

Humans by Kathryn Wheeler || @Azraillu (Twitter)

Friendly Giant With Flowers by Nikki Dawes || @nikkidawesdraws (Twitter)

Goblinkin by Nguyen Hieu || @WTH153 (Twitter)

Halflings by Kathryn Wheeler || @Azraillu (Twitter)

Half Orc With Sheep by Nikki Dawes || @nikkidawesdraws (Twitter)

Devilkin by Kathryn Wheeler || @Azraillu (Twitter)

Illustrious Guardians by Ameera Sheikh || @mikandii (Instagram)

Vasselheim, The Dawn City by Kent Davis || @iDrawBagman (Twitter)

God Symbols by Conceptopolis

Three Spellcasters by Linda Lithén || @LindaLithen (Twitter)

Age of Arcanum City by Cyarna Trim || @Cyarna (Twitter)

Construct by Nguyen Hieu || @WTH153 (Twitter)

Planar Mage by Linda Lithén || @LindaLithen (Twitter)

The Pursuit of Power by Jessica Nguyen || @Jessketchin (Twitter)

Ghor Dranas by Clara Daly || @EldritchBlep (Twitter)

Herd of the Damned by John Anthony Di Giovanni || @ja_dig (Twitter)

Flame Reach Outpost by Bryan Syme || @SymeBryan (Twitter)

Fall of the Mentor by Wesley Griffith || @justwesley (Twitter)

Spire of Conflux by Jessica Nguyen || @Jessketchin (Twitter)

Star Razor by Jessica Nguyen || @Jessketchin (Twitter)

Plate of the Dawn Martyr by Jessica Nguyen || @Jessketchin (Twitter)

Agony by Jessica Nguyen || @Jessketchin (Twitter)

Circlet of Barbed Vision by Jessica Nguyen || @Jessketchin (Twitter)

Armor of the Valiant Soul by Jessica Nguyen || @Jessketchin (Twitter)

Calamity by Andrey Vasilchenko || @drawborn (Instagram)

Calamity's End by Svetoslav Petrov || @SvetoslavPetro9 (Twitter)

Rifenmist by Caio Santos || @BlackSalander (Twitter)

Umbra Hills by Cyarna Trim || @Cyarna (Twitter)

The Observer by Clara Daly || @EldritchBlep (Twitter)

Emerald Citadel by Kent Davis || @iDrawBagman (Twitter)

Furnaces of Kraghammer by Bryan Syme || @SymeBryan (Twitter)

Stillben by Kent Davis || @iDrawBagman (Twitter)

Elven Peaks by Kent Davis || @iDrawBagman (Twitter)

Reconstruction of Tal'Dorei by Wesley Griffith || @justwesley (Twitter)

Fateful Moment by Adrián Ibarra Lugo || @Ailustrar (Twitter)

Exandria Map by Andy Law || @Hapimeses (Twitter)

Tal'Dorei Map by Andy Law || @Hapimeses (Twitter)

Gwessar by Adrián Ibarra Lugo || @Ailustrar (Twitter)

Emon Harbor by Kent Davis || @iDrawBagman (Twitter)

King Drassig by Claudia Ianniciello || @claudia_ianniciello_artworks (Instagram)

Battle of Umbra Hills by Jeleynai || @Jeleynai (Twitter)

Sovereign Tal'Dorei by Nikki Dawes || @nikkidawesdraws (Twitter)

Nicodranas by Caio Santos || @BlackSalander (Twitter)

Rexxentrum Castle by Kent Davis || @iDrawBagman (Twitter)

The Barbed Fields by Clara Daly || @EldritchBlep (Twitter)

The Tundra of Eiselcross by Jonah Baumann || @GalacticJonah (Twitter)

Goddesses in Balance by Zuzanna Wuzyk || @Zuzartii (Twitter)

Oasis by Ameera Sheikh || @mikandii (Instagram)

Thordak Throne by Kent Davis || @iDrawBagman (Twitter)

Heroes Old & New by Adrián Ibarra Lugo || @Ailustrar (Twitter)

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Comments :


Tom-0ton . 49 minutes ago

the art is beautiful


MrTingles . 1 hour ago

as a middling dm and wannabe writer, i have an inkling about how daunting it must've been for Matt to sit down and set his creation myth and history in stone, and the result is truly outstanding. I particularly admire the inclusion of a believable motivation for his Betrayer Gods, beyond the all too common black and white, evil and good for their own sake, purely because... No, these gods were griefstricken and couldn't bear to look upon their broken creation any longer, compelled to start over, or annul it all. Very impressive, especially since it still leaves enough vague mystique to give each Betrayer further nuance down the road. So envious of Matt's talent and diligence, and definitely a huge inspiration for me, and others I'm sure.

Foster Hoff

Foster Hoff . 1 hour ago

Beautiful art. Great work everybody on the CR team.

Michelle P.

Michelle P. . 3 hours ago

How can anyone be so talented?! This is insane!

Adam Warner

Adam Warner . 4 hours ago

Yeah but what about Draconia bro


323starlight . 4 hours ago

Funny thing, when I was making my own DnD world, I ended up making a similar genesis story to Matt's world by complete accident. Though with a few key differences. For one, the entire Material Plane was part of the Elemental Chaos before the Overgod known as Arde drew boundries and began making worlds from the elemental materials. He created several gods to watch over his first world as he went on to make more worlds. Things went similar with races being made and magic being taught. However I decided to have my gods disagree on the nature of magic and how they should look after the world. Some wanted the mortal races to rule themselves, others wanted to rule the mortal races directly. The division was cemented when an Incursion from the Abyss hit the world, demons who lamented the plane's chaos being tamed and wanted to return it to chaos. The gods who wanted to rule sided with the demons and the Chaos Wars began and ended with the evil gods being imprisoned and the Demons of the abyss being banished and locked away. I did not intend for my story to end up so similar to Matt's but its an interesting coincidence.


323starlight . 4 hours ago

You know, I kind of feel like the reasons for the Betrayer Gods ... betraying, was kind of .... weird. "Oh no, our hard work and children are getting slaughtered. Lets give up, help the titans burn our children and start over somewhere else." I guess if the grief and frustration made them go insane, it would make sense but... yeah, kind of feels like a sudden heel turn.


Lukos0036 . 5 hours ago

Some say that every time Jester actually healed someone a new age sprang into being.


MayMay . 5 hours ago

ThE ARTWORK 🤩, I knew to expect Matt's awesome narrative and storytelling skills but ALL THAT ARTWORK! Bravo 👏🏾👏🏾


Zynthio . 6 hours ago

This actually puts the world into much better perspective. Even from watching both campaigns I never fully understood what the Calamity/Divergence/etc because while Matt talks about them numerous times, it always seemed so vague. This simplifies each event and makes it easy to understand each period and why they're significant.

Sherlock Bones

Sherlock Bones . 6 hours ago

I'm so goddamn excited for Marquet. The characters to come from this setting, the new lore, all of it.

Andre Conrad

Andre Conrad . 8 hours ago

Whatever the duck people may say/ try to do to drag this awesome shit down the drain, please don’t let it get to you, stay strong and stay true to what you do💪 This probably means nothing to anyone ( least of all the cast who won’t even become aware of it) but still do it, it matters❤️


elementjoe . 9 hours ago

Well done!

Riley Walz

Riley Walz . 9 hours ago

Think they’ll be gods this time

Rômulo Junior

Rômulo Junior . 9 hours ago

shit, i got goosebumps

Dan Miley

Dan Miley . 9 hours ago


Shawk Orror

Shawk Orror . 11 hours ago

Annam objects to this version.

C. Farley

C. Farley . 11 hours ago

That was fun! Thanks for giving us this extra lore as we get ready for the new campaign.

Juliana Mizrahi

Juliana Mizrahi . 11 hours ago

I almost cried in the end when we see Vox Machina and The Mighty Nein looking into the horizon ready to protect Exandria! Beautifully made!


dabicsta . 12 hours ago

Do we know who freed the betrayer gods, leading to the Calamity?

Havic Tenebriss

Havic Tenebriss . 12 hours ago

This was amazing...


Adam . 13 hours ago

Ayyy the calamity!!


Adam . 13 hours ago



Adam . 13 hours ago

THANK YOU FOR DOING THIS!!!! Definitely interested in more of this, this is seriously everything! Bless


ヒロ君 . 14 hours ago

Ngl I wanted Matt to mention VM and M9 but that picture of those two groups together side by side made me tear up

Alec Sorensen

Alec Sorensen . 14 hours ago

I love that this establishes Exandria's history and themes (gods versus primordial chaos, magic as a gift from the Gods, hubris in using magic to replace the gods, the rift from the betrayer gods). I think this is a critical step in defining what Exandria's about (and making it not just Matt's world, but something any DM can create stories with). I'm curious to hear from other critters... what do you think Exandria is about?

Ky Why

Ky Why . 14 hours ago

To think of the betrayer god's just got the majority vote! This world would still be a chaotic primordial soup!

Matt Schultz

Matt Schultz . 15 hours ago

This IS my Dr. Who What this has hatched out to be is immeasurably greater then I could imagine. I'll follow this story live stream or backlogged for the rest of my life. Keylith fish, Gem grog, random bugbear on percy, Bob, Victor, trinket, Gilmore, Ted, pumat.... oh the list goes on... a level high counterspell, a bathtub, a secret tunnel, two different dimensional mansions, some gods... and cupcakes. Trials of character, in and out of character. This story is literally legendary to me. I will always support this and my fellow critters. I love you!!!!


S4NT1-PR . 15 hours ago

thats so fucking sick

_oe _o_e_

_oe _o_e_ . 15 hours ago

Hey cool, Matt Mercer has Primordial Titans too?

Cameron Volk

Cameron Volk . 15 hours ago

I swear Matt Mercer is the closest thing we will ever have to a bard!

Mason B

Mason B . 15 hours ago

where can I find that white tiefling art at 1:57 ? It's so cool!

thomas greenland

thomas greenland . 16 hours ago

Love this. I can’t wait for campaign 3 to get started.


spiritualinsight . 16 hours ago

I love that history lesson. Thanks

Alphonse Coco

Alphonse Coco . 17 hours ago

Watching what he has made and listening to him discuss it is so misleading. It makes you want to immediately get started and make your own world!! But Exandria is Matt's baby, shaped and molded over YEARS and through shared experiences into something grand.

Darth Doge

Darth Doge . 18 hours ago

Schism is a funny word

Jamen Cox

Jamen Cox . 19 hours ago

Oh no. As he opened the video with “welcome to Exandria” my mind sang it as “Welcome to the Internet”


PLGRN8R . 19 hours ago

Okay but that last shot with VM on one side and TMN on the other? Straight up got a tear out of me.

Nicoló Ballerini

Nicoló Ballerini . 20 hours ago

i was like enjoying everything as usual until that last frame when the picture of "heroes" came up with both vox machina and the mighty nein .... i legit started tearing up . Thank god for these people. what joy they bring me with their content <3


PumpkinJack88 . 20 hours ago

Think EXU may be my fav story. Cant wait till I get the shirt.

Spencer Ainsworth

Spencer Ainsworth . 21 hours ago


Katena Wolfenstein

Katena Wolfenstein . 21 hours ago

The artwork at the end, of both Vox Machina and the Mighty Nein made me so emotional! ESSEK IS WITH THEMMMM

Lord Orion

Lord Orion . 23 hours ago

i would love to hear more about the founding of Tal'dorei

nate tron

nate tron . 1 day ago

Fantastic!! I noticed he’s changed the way he pronounces certain words.

austin finchie

austin finchie . 1 day ago

Ohk. But is anyone else really hoping age of arcanum is the next campaign setting?

Frederico Sousa

Frederico Sousa . 1 day ago

Guys, I'm not up to date with neither the 1st or 2nd campaign. Does this have spoilers for them or can I watch it to set the tone for the 3rd?


asifloserface . 1 day ago

Holy Mackerel! I sorta already knew this story but like this is still so intense!!

n vb

n vb . 1 day ago

More! The lore and illustrations are amazing. Would love to see more

Shayne Waugh

Shayne Waugh . 1 day ago

This got me emotional for some unknown reason. I fucking love the world building and lore of Exandria, so much so that it has inspired me to come up with my own setting. It has got me wondering though just how much of the events of the Age of Arcanum and before that he has figured out, of it they are just broad strokes that he adds details to as needed. That's been my struggle. I have the broad strokes of where I want my world to go but don't know how detailed they need to be beyond that.


Dreadwolf . 1 day ago

Wowza so well done

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