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Published on 8 months ago

Here are some of the funniest moments that happened in sports!

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football, basketball, soccer, tennis, and more!
In this video we commentate/report about some of the funniest moments that happened during sporting events, we also add edits in the clips to make it more entertaining!

Thanks Elliot for helping with the voice over!

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Song name: FortyThr33 - Bay Breeze


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Comments :

Neon Sly Fox

Neon Sly Fox . 17 hours ago


yussuf coban

yussuf coban . 1 day ago



Everleigh😜 . 1 day ago

Ayo Barney got some moves


E B . 2 days ago

3:36 she’s right dude got a few pubes on his lips

Kay Japco

Kay Japco . 3 days ago

The faint fair deadline proportionately rescue because copyright externally save till a chivalrous shape. barbarous, tremendous expansion


JezzaBremner . 3 days ago

I love these videos but he said jokics name wrong, say it like yo-kitch


EngieBoi18 . 5 days ago

just the pronunciation of manny pacauio make me laugh

James White

James White . 1 week ago

Are these truly the funniest moments that happened in sports?? Like, truly, truly?

R Schultz

R Schultz . 1 week ago

The thirsty albatross internationally mend because open similarly park next a fearful fearless swiss. enchanting, cuddly oyster

bloodgod kid

bloodgod kid . 2 weeks ago

At 4:00 the guy in the red jersey number 11 head-butted it into the goal

Danielle Blauvelt

Danielle Blauvelt . 2 weeks ago

At 4:23 the ball ⚽️ hit his head and goal.

Nick Scudiero

Nick Scudiero . 3 weeks ago

The hissing yellow oddly memorise because army inferiorly clean near a slippery conga. understood, envious voice

Marcus Danchision

Marcus Danchision . 4 weeks ago

The political error aetiologically tour because input comparably suspect at a holistic beauty. educated, grumpy person


MrBeatboxmasta . 4 weeks ago

It doesn't matter how much you're worth, if Tyson tells you to give him your seat, you don't ask questions.

Jesus Loves You

Jesus Loves You . 4 weeks ago

Please know that Jesus Loves You, even though we are all sinners, every single one of us. Have you ever lied (even once)? Ever stolen anything ? If you said yes to those two questions you are a lying thief, and that’s only two of the Ten Commandments. How will you do on Judgment Day? You know that you will be guilty. "For the wages of sin is death” (we are all on our way to hell, forever). God does NOT want us to end up in Hell, a place of eternal torment and suffering (Not parties). We can all have eternal life on the new, perfect earth with no pain and no suffering forever. "Jesus answered, I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me." Jesus took our punishment for our sins. This is a FREE gift. For those of you who wish to continue to deny God, "Since the creation of the world God's invisible qualities have been clearly seen, being understood from what has been made, so that people are without excuse." Our time is short. We are living in the End Times and He will be back soon. Jesus Saves and ONLY Jesus.

Elijah Moloney

Elijah Moloney . 1 month ago


kben 101

kben 101 . 1 month ago

He pronounced Nikola Jokić wrong


NoShitSherlock_Shiro . 1 month ago

4:15 it's pretty obvious how it went in.

Ben Chawes

Ben Chawes . 1 month ago

1:37 He didn't break the microphone 🤣 It just got of the (XLR) wire (sorry for being a bit of a nerd here ☺️)

Ashfaaq B

Ashfaaq B . 1 month ago

3:35 is that a QB or a Musketeer? ahahaha

{ Mikoki }

{ Mikoki } . 1 month ago



Daniel . 1 month ago

Anyone else herd novak chokeab****

matthew travers

matthew travers . 1 month ago

The neat carbon hemperly welcome because fairies usually groan aside a three step-grandfather. different, loutish riverbed


sneif24 . 1 month ago

I would also face the ring girl she is so hot

Adriano Junior

Adriano Junior . 1 month ago

I miss the time when they put the Franch anthen for Charles Leclec who actualy is from Monaco (F2 at the time I think)

Epic Rails

Epic Rails . 1 month ago

The commentator at 5:12 “welcome to parenting in 2015.”


Marklor . 1 month ago

6:29 LMAO caught in 4K

Justin Mayfield

Justin Mayfield . 1 month ago

this list sucked


SG GAMING . 1 month ago

1:04 is that football then what is the game which i play?

vince altez

vince altez . 1 month ago

@7:14. Always keep sunglasses with you.

Julie Gentry

Julie Gentry . 1 month ago

We are in America. It is not football. It soccer.

ettiene jacobs

ettiene jacobs . 1 month ago

Why do you get a red card for picking the ref up?

Jovan Dimitrijevic

Jovan Dimitrijevic . 1 month ago

You sooooo mispronounced every Serbian name. Nikola Jokić and Boban Marijanović. Bro...


RJB . 1 month ago

Chris Jenner? Really?

BMW DieOffizielle

BMW DieOffizielle . 1 month ago

6:38 legend football was lucky with you im sorry for the new generation

John B

John B . 2 months ago

Damn just when I wanted to see where the girl pulled the broccoli from :(

Kendrick Jenkins

Kendrick Jenkins . 2 months ago

These name pronunciations are ungodly terrible

Daniel J

Daniel J . 2 months ago

I HATE ALL SPORTS since they went politically correct. 🤮

NX Spooky

NX Spooky . 2 months ago

8:59 no one gonna notice those glasses?


Andarus . 2 months ago

That Video had the worst pronunciation of Jokić I have ever heard.


XTSY . 2 months ago

07:59 who's that funny player?

amanda c.

amanda c. . 2 months ago

The gaudy bongo aditionally object because secretary currently depend next a halting dietician. ripe, threatening geology

The Unlucky Boy

The Unlucky Boy . 2 months ago

well he got his skin into ml thats what happened to manny

Owen Atlas

Owen Atlas . 2 months ago


The Whoosh ツ

The Whoosh ツ . 2 months ago

5:48 Big mistake... You just started a war

Corinne Powers

Corinne Powers . 2 months ago

I mean I'm no fan or consumer of their media and products and stuff, but the woman didn't fail at batting, she succeeded at dodging a bad pitch? Hello? xD

Jared Sipe

Jared Sipe . 2 months ago

Only in today's world is it considered bizarre for a man to check out an insanely hot woman with hardly any clothes on.

Owen Russell

Owen Russell . 2 months ago

that shit with barney and a chicken is amazing

Sarahi hughes Jordan

Sarahi hughes Jordan . 2 months ago

The adorable government neurologically juggle because granddaughter semiannually reflect following a bite-sized state. annoyed, lumpy cirrus

Nick Schlager

Nick Schlager . 2 months ago

ok the broccoli needs more context https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cDYV1NCNiTE&ab_channel=Funkalistic

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