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NICKI MINAJ ft. ARIANA GRANDE - Bed | Kyle Hanagami Choreography


Published on 1 year ago

NICKI MINAJ ft. ARIANA GRANDE - Bed | Dance Choreography by Kyle Hanagami
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CHOREOGRAPHY | Kyle Hanagami

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Haley Fitzgerald
Maybe Steele
Tash Marconi

Martijn Sedgfield
Adam Vesperman
Evan DeBenedetto

Yuliana Maldonado
Frantz Augustin
LeConte Banks

Shannon Kelly
Hugh Aparente

Madison Cubbage


FILMED AT | Millennium Dance Complex
YOUTUBE: https://www.youtube.com/user/DanceMil...
INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/mdcdance/?h...
WEBSITE: http://millenniumdancecomplex.com

FILMED BY | Ryan Parma & Baxter Stapleton

ARTIST: Nicki Minaj featuring Ariana Grande
ALBUM: Queen

Comments :


KYLE HANAGAMI . 1 year ago

If you like it, please share the link on Facebook! or twitter... or where do kids post these days? myspace? Oh and who saw this on my instagram yesterday before I posted it today?! More sneak peaks coming soon: http://www.instagram.com/kylehanagami ps. Shoutout to my notification squad! (If you're not, click the bell next to the subscribe button!)

Hanalei Knight

Hanalei Knight . 1 day ago

Madison Cubbage is the best dancer in this video.

Gabriela Nascimentto

Gabriela Nascimentto . 2 weeks ago

1:42 OMG?????? 😍👏👏

Rach A

Rach A . 3 weeks ago

Good choreography, high energy performance.

Yasmim Fernandes

Yasmim Fernandes . 3 weeks ago

My reaction for hayle dancing is the same of the guy in the background

XxBreonnaxX x

XxBreonnaxX x . 3 weeks ago

0:55 OKAY HALEY!!💓

Stars Hollow

Stars Hollow . 3 weeks ago

Hayley is hot af

Kesara Kerdchuang

Kesara Kerdchuang . 1 month ago

i falling in love with middle girl in the first team for a long time hehe

Divya Chiplunkar

Divya Chiplunkar . 1 month ago

middle girl in the third group looks like Zenday omgggg!

Saint Jackie

Saint Jackie . 1 month ago

Damn this choreo ❤️❤️😍😍

Marta Tavares

Marta Tavares . 2 months ago

Haley, Madison and group 2 killed!

Lorena Acosta

Lorena Acosta . 2 months ago

Can you please do the choreo of "LOVE ME OLE" from Major, I am always searching your coreos, and I think you will do it AMAZING!!!


영영 . 2 months ago

0:14 2:00

Franco Stone

Franco Stone . 2 months ago

This girl....0:12 Somebody knows her? Is amazing


Raliat . 2 months ago


Wal Morales

Wal Morales . 2 months ago

Always Haley!

Helen #

Helen # . 2 months ago

3:16-3:42 it was so HOOOT !


sbn025 . 2 months ago

man! that redhead is stupidly sexy

Vivi La

Vivi La . 3 months ago

The lady in the front from the 3rd group! 👌🏻😩🔥

Elle Dion

Elle Dion . 3 months ago

Now imagine if Floris and Anthony is in this vid too. I don't think I'll be able to handle it. I'll probably die from blood loss

Shyam Moore

Shyam Moore . 3 months ago

WoW😒 you guys dance better then I do😒 I can not meow to this because I it nothing to meow about😒

Carlos Alcala

Carlos Alcala . 3 months ago

Nice Music

azer bohli

azer bohli . 3 months ago

the second group is omg wonderful so hot and well perfoming

Råtixo Thakadu

Råtixo Thakadu . 3 months ago

Madison😁 She murdered it and the front girl on the third group

naturally Dee

naturally Dee . 3 months ago

That third group was 🔥🔥the whole group . But home gurl in the front killed it .



Yuliana Maldonado !! Shannon Kelly !! and Madison Cubbage !!SO BEAUTIFUL !!! GO FOR IT !!!

Anna Sommer

Anna Sommer . 3 months ago

Shannon killed it! 👏🏼

Bĺà çķ

Bĺà çķ . 3 months ago

First girl she is fire 😍😍😍 haley

A& G

A& G . 3 months ago

omg i love it shshs

Manaal Fatima

Manaal Fatima . 4 months ago

But like we need Anthony and Floris on this


kitti . 4 months ago

I really want to know her name that center of position. What is her name? Anyone tell me please😔😔


camwhore09 . 4 months ago

Haley really going out there giving us "ideas" and here I am just tryin' so hard not to lick my friggin' screen


SpaceBambi420 . 4 months ago


ana ulvandari

ana ulvandari . 4 months ago

Madison soo energic

Ethan dumbuya

Ethan dumbuya . 4 months ago

Love your dancing keep the work up❤️love you guys so much✌🏻️❤️💕🎶

Jake Ruvalcaba

Jake Ruvalcaba . 4 months ago

The girl in the purple crop top KILLED it

Lilo Milo

Lilo Milo . 4 months ago

Is anyone going to talk about how sweaty the girl is on right in the first group 😆

dancing blu

dancing blu . 4 months ago

Still coming back for Hugh and Shannon

Cristina Sanchez

Cristina Sanchez . 4 months ago

Mmmm and micke dameski 😢😢.... 😒😒😒


camwhore09 . 4 months ago

Haley REALLY knows how to get "lost" in a dance... You can see it in her face and her body... That's something that can't be taught...


Kendra . 4 months ago

Girl in the middle, 3rd group...what's her name? She killed this!!!


Alexandraclimb17 . 4 months ago

How do you all know their names ?? I'm so confused

Dr. Moto

Dr. Moto . 4 months ago

What is the name of the dancer at 0:11?


Anasweet79 . 4 months ago

Watched this video so much that everytime the music plays i can see the moves in my mind 😂😂


cylon2215 . 4 months ago

who's the guy 0.30 sec ??

Julia Gantman

Julia Gantman . 4 months ago

Woo sexy redheads!

Aitor Amat Sacristan

Aitor Amat Sacristan . 4 months ago

02:00 awesome

Abbi North

Abbi North . 4 months ago

Haley Fitzgerald is (and I cannot stress this enough) the sexiest woman alive. That is all

Helen #

Helen # . 4 months ago

PLEASE! I need part 2! I saw Michael and Anthony!


Li . 5 months ago

0:46 isn't that the fake love body roll lol

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