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NICKI MINAJ ft. ARIANA GRANDE - Bed | Kyle Hanagami Choreography


Published on 8 months ago

NICKI MINAJ ft. ARIANA GRANDE - Bed | Dance Choreography by Kyle Hanagami
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CHOREOGRAPHY | Kyle Hanagami

INSTAGRAM: http://www.instagram.com/kylehanagami
TWITTER: http://www.twitter.com/kylehanagami
FACEBOOK: http://www.facebook.com/kylehanagami
WEBSITE: https://www.kylehanagami.com/


Haley Fitzgerald
Maybe Steele
Tash Marconi

Martijn Sedgfield
Adam Vesperman
Evan DeBenedetto

Yuliana Maldonado
Frantz Augustin
LeConte Banks

Shannon Kelly
Hugh Aparente

Madison Cubbage


FILMED AT | Millennium Dance Complex
YOUTUBE: https://www.youtube.com/user/DanceMil...
INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/mdcdance/?h...
WEBSITE: http://millenniumdancecomplex.com

FILMED BY | Ryan Parma & Baxter Stapleton

ARTIST: Nicki Minaj featuring Ariana Grande
ALBUM: Queen


KYLE HANAGAMI . 8 months ago

If you like it, please share the link on Facebook! or twitter... or where do kids post these days? myspace? Oh and who saw this on my instagram yesterday before I posted it today?! More sneak peaks coming soon: http://www.instagram.com/kylehanagami ps. Shoutout to my notification squad! (If you're not, click the bell next to the subscribe button!)

Lola Campbell

Lola Campbell . 5 days ago

The girl in the third group was wayyyyy 🔥🔥🔥🔥

Junior Freitas

Junior Freitas . 1 week ago



Pandora . 1 week ago

Какой это стиль?

ivi mutarelli

ivi mutarelli . 1 week ago

Haylee is so good she even moves her hair to the rythm 🤭

tasha Tash

tasha Tash . 1 week ago

1:07 that guy was sweaty jeez

xo xo

xo xo . 1 week ago


Andreea Roman

Andreea Roman . 2 weeks ago

Who's the guy from 0:09?

Bx Ny Shit

Bx Ny Shit . 2 weeks ago

Do they take an Advil before this because dancing like that will give me a headache.

tavia cole

tavia cole . 2 weeks ago

i like the first group the girl in the middle was good

Juanita fish

Juanita fish . 2 weeks ago

madison killed it !!

Roksana Yaneva

Roksana Yaneva . 2 weeks ago

Nice choreo


lovingjk . 2 weeks ago


Duane Duty

Duane Duty . 3 weeks ago

1:35 - 1:45🤤


pieceofpeace35 . 3 weeks ago

The girl in the fourth group is amazing!!! She seriously killed it! So good!

Sandhya Vishwanathan

Sandhya Vishwanathan . 4 weeks ago

I relate to every single comment about Anthony not being in this video 😭

Doris E

Doris E . 4 weeks ago

This one makes me uncomfortable, the slow motion body rolls staring at the camera lol. Relax girls

Maude B-L

Maude B-L . 4 weeks ago

Omg I looked all the people who wore gray t-shirt omg they sweat so much and the floor too 😂😂😂 btw I love the choregraphy

Yuko Thorn Star

Yuko Thorn Star . 4 weeks ago

Every time I watch this I just go “DAAAAYYYYYMMMM!!!”


naked . 4 weeks ago

And THAT'S why I love women

Amber Doesselaere

Amber Doesselaere . 4 weeks ago

Still waiting to see Anthony his part :((

Aliza Adnan

Aliza Adnan . 4 weeks ago

that face at 0:55 by Haley really got me like GURL DAMNNNN

Lunar Xo

Lunar Xo . 4 weeks ago

Who is the red head dance in the lead in the first team? I see her alot in these videos and she is amazing

pink babyrose

pink babyrose . 1 month ago

so we’re jus gonna ignore the last girl slayed😍😍😍😍😍

Kora Diamond

Kora Diamond . 1 month ago

can someone please tell me who the black haired girl at 2:54 and if she has instagram or anything? she slays


printedtea . 1 month ago

Only came for Shannon×Hugh

Water Melon

Water Melon . 1 month ago

yuliana is goals tbh 💕

Chris Martinez

Chris Martinez . 1 month ago

haley…… whoas wha!!!!!!!!!!!!!! marry me

Norma guichard

Norma guichard . 1 month ago

It amazed me the fact that I'm questioning my sexuality with every dancer it shows up like... DAMN You sexy Af PEOPLE and choreo on point! That's the power of good art

Hr Cass

Hr Cass . 2 months ago

tfw when ur last to go and westlake and hugh are at the back critiquing u

Yellobelly27 Yolow

Yellobelly27 Yolow . 2 months ago

I officially suck

Yağmur Ersoy

Yağmur Ersoy . 2 months ago


Yna Choi

Yna Choi . 2 months ago

So, okay. i'm back at this video (again... AGAIN for the Nth time) and I'm still wondering.. "Where the fck is the video of Anthony "What's up guys?" Westlake's group? Kyleeeeee. WE NEED ANSWERS, y'know. 😂😭

Carlo Mejico

Carlo Mejico . 2 months ago


ashley hallman

ashley hallman . 2 months ago

Lord I swear I can't stop watching this bcuz of Haley. She makes this shit look so freaking easy. UGH!!! She's so prefect.

Um Pouco Sobre Tudo

Um Pouco Sobre Tudo . 2 months ago

0:10 Anthony😍

Gerhardine Roman

Gerhardine Roman . 2 months ago

amazing people👌👌👍

bang chans bih

bang chans bih . 2 months ago

HOLY FUK MADDISON KILLED ITTT im shook people werent screamin their heads off

Space Science Videos

Space Science Videos . 2 months ago

In my opinion, Yuliana does the best performance of the best choreography currently on youtube.

Anaiah Bonner

Anaiah Bonner . 2 months ago

Love me.


crazymus10 . 2 months ago

Woah woah woah

Ariana Rivera

Ariana Rivera . 2 months ago

I have the biggest crush on the guy in the second performance on the left!!!!!!

Emily P

Emily P . 2 months ago

If this video was just Haley's hair with everything else blurred out, I'd still watch it every day

emma jean

emma jean . 2 months ago

the one in the middle in the beginning really got it


BlackrocaYT . 2 months ago

Hayley you look better wearing a cap heheh love you tho

zarine 03

zarine 03 . 2 months ago

The guy in the 4th group was on fire...his moves were modified in some steps and they were so up to the point ...wow luved it....10/10...

Elizabeth Sayer

Elizabeth Sayer . 2 months ago

Haley you KILL me

Kendra French

Kendra French . 2 months ago

I have just watched every single group do their performance to this song and yours was the BEST by FAR!!!!

ashley hallman

ashley hallman . 2 months ago

Ok so i just watched all groups & I'm not saying this just bcuz I looove Haley so much but her movement just flows. She makes this look so effortless & flawless.

Brian Thompson

Brian Thompson . 2 months ago

Great dancing. Too much crotch grabbing.

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