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Published on 11 years ago


Music video by Kiss performing Rock & Roll All Nite. (C) 1975 The Island Def Jam Music Group

#KISS #RockandRollAllNite #Remastered #Vevo

Comments :


dovahkiin . 7 hours ago

"Isso é coisa do diabo" ~minha vó, em algum ano


Aygo . 11 hours ago

I want that doorbell

christina decourcy

christina decourcy . 2 days ago

You keep on shouting love that bit


A.M. . 2 days ago


Why Worry

Why Worry . 4 days ago

Green Day

Guruh Rizaldi

Guruh Rizaldi . 5 days ago

Came here after hearing Green Day mega tour 🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻

sho kusakabe

sho kusakabe . 5 days ago

Lois:And have a wonderful time

Eduardo Sobrinho

Eduardo Sobrinho . 6 days ago

In love kiss

DiamondDepth YT

DiamondDepth YT . 7 days ago

Seeing them today!

Osbaldo Hernandez

Osbaldo Hernandez . 7 days ago

I’m not into kiss but I must admit this is a good catchy song

Yusef Azzouni Meghari

Yusef Azzouni Meghari . 1 week ago

You STILL got it!!!

Михалыч Рулит

Михалыч Рулит . 1 week ago


Tim Ramsay

Tim Ramsay . 1 week ago

Thank you for posting God Bless you All and all your loved ones all over the fucking planet (PERIOD!)🍾👮‍♀️👩‍🚒👮‍♂️👨‍🚒🍻🥂🌈

Aarush Arora

Aarush Arora . 1 week ago

"I have lost faith in mankind" "music is dead to me now" only legends will get the context of this lines xD


Cyribiri0300 . 1 week ago

Lifts my mood everytime. Amazing


hokkay . 2 weeks ago

guitar hero 3

GRey Jedi

GRey Jedi . 2 weeks ago

I hear this masterpiece when I was about 12 years old on the Fairy Oddparents on nickelodeon, and I used to play this in a guitar game, now I'm 20

A g u s

A g u s . 2 weeks ago

"I wanna rock and roll all night and party every day" This a rock 🤟🏼♥


leandro . 2 weeks ago

this is music


Luffykun298 . 2 weeks ago


James Sowell

James Sowell . 2 weeks ago

I finally understand what this song really means...

Oneida Ferreira

Oneida Ferreira . 2 weeks ago



specie44 . 2 weeks ago

Soooo many STDs

Franco Peña Vargas

Franco Peña Vargas . 2 weeks ago

Gene Simmons sacares me more whitout his makeup

Nikolas stragas

Nikolas stragas . 3 weeks ago

This should be the rock and roll anthem

daniel quiceno

daniel quiceno . 3 weeks ago

I love rock and i love kiss


perishima21 . 3 weeks ago

Jajdjajsa yo tenía 4 años cuando publicaron este vídeo xd

fernando mares

fernando mares . 3 weeks ago

i am eternal just with kizzzzzzz

Edison Andrade

Edison Andrade . 3 weeks ago


Itsuka Shido :3

Itsuka Shido :3 . 3 weeks ago

The rock Will never die


Fabián . 3 weeks ago

I love the music of the Kiss

Juana Flores

Juana Flores . 3 weeks ago

I LOVE THEM !!!!!!

Ed Young

Ed Young . 3 weeks ago

Playing in Atlanta this weekend. My 1st concert over 45 years ago and you don't hear much about them in awhile. Don't even know who's still around or if anyone has passed. But wish my friend who I was with for our first show could be here from Detroit with me and go to this show together. 🤘 Peace Love & Rock & Roll and party every day

Bryan Mcwhite

Bryan Mcwhite . 3 weeks ago

2021 Rules forever I'm Gene Simmons of kiss and billy Ray Cyrus and all the country singer s they play on 102.9 the wolf 🐺 forever promise to god. Wade's Paul Stanley forever jerrys ace freely and tom thayer forever. Charlie wood s Peter criss And Eric singer forever. Steve Fikes James hetfeild of Metallica and Slipknot and Slayer and Vince Neil of motley Crue and all the rock n roll singer s they play on Kool 108 forever promise to god. I'm Elvis Presley and all oldie but goodie singer s they play on cool 103.5 forever promise to god. Only Rock n roll I'll always Love is Elvis Presley Bryan Adams kiss u2 journey and beach boys and Christopher cross and queen and Tina Turner Michael Jackson otherwise country forever 👍. My wife San Francisco 49es and country music forever 👍. Happy birthday 🎂 tomorrow 🎂 August 25th to Gene Simmons same as as my mom . This year for Halloween 💀💀👍 I'm Gene Simmons of kiss my wife Shirley carpenter Mcwhite s Kathy Baker my mom's Minnie pearl my dog 🐕 Gracie s hee haw donkey Wade's Roy Clark Jerry's buck Owen s Charlie woods string bean. And Steve Fikes Joe Biden since we don't like him. Happy 72nd birthday 🎂 tomorrow Gene Simmons you rule forever party on dude 👍 kiss forever as well 👍.

Jazmín Mur

Jazmín Mur . 4 weeks ago


Edi Mantovani

Edi Mantovani . 4 weeks ago

Troppo forti e come dicono loro "Rock and roll all night"

Primum Mobile Oficial

Primum Mobile Oficial . 4 weeks ago

Mais uma música do Primum Mobile disponível nas plataformas!📲 Essa teve participação especial do Leandro Campanari(Tolerância 0/Hamata) 🎸🎧 Bora prestigiar? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lKfGe21up5I

Mary Ann Black

Mary Ann Black . 4 weeks ago

Wait for the sexual assault charges.

Ralph melvin

Ralph melvin . 4 weeks ago

I like it better with their makeup on

Waco Paco

Waco Paco . 1 month ago

Kiss had a lot of problems, in fighting, and all the problems that come with being one of the biggest bands ever. But in songs like this, you realize that when they all fired 100% on all cylinders, Paul, Gene, Ace and Peter become KISS, the hottest band in the world.


TheYoubook . 1 month ago

I heard this song while watching the women's weightlifting 55 Kg category of the Tokyo 2020 Olympics. They play this while the Uzbek is preparing for her 3rd attempt. 🏋️


XxExtremexX . 1 month ago

Here i am, Listening to this wonderful band 🤘🏻❤

Yago Marques

Yago Marques . 1 month ago


PSC Arsa

PSC Arsa . 1 month ago

Great song

Mr Mike

Mr Mike . 1 month ago

If anyone was wondering, the thumbnail is i stole your love live from the love gun tour in Huston 1977. Its just after paul starts singing the song


jaydenmercado . 1 month ago

We will miss you Eric


jaydenmercado . 1 month ago

The blood solos 😩

bernardo libarino

bernardo libarino . 1 month ago


today you gon die

today you gon die . 1 month ago


Linda Brewton

Linda Brewton . 1 month ago


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