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Danny Kim

Danny Kim

Published on 4 days ago

Comments :


Edwin . 30 minutes ago


Alma Reyes

Alma Reyes . 1 hour ago

DAAAAMNNNNNNN marry me lmaoo


Kilo . 1 hour ago

Nah really bro it tastes like chick fill a??😰

Luke D

Luke D . 1 hour ago

Looks ass af

poke predator07

poke predator07 . 1 hour ago

This man kept the cheese and left the Mac 😑


𝕯𝖊𝖒𝖔𝖓𝖆𝖑 . 2 hours ago

The voice of the chef

Jesus Flores

Jesus Flores . 2 hours ago

Wtf no

Luis com S

Luis com S . 3 hours ago

He sounds so professional


KevStar13 . 3 hours ago

“Tastes just like chick fil a” Gee I wonder why


Buddha . 3 hours ago

The voice ..... I need to copy That

Aaron Aguilar

Aaron Aguilar . 3 hours ago



thatonebigguy12 . 3 hours ago

He should cook on the show Chopped!

vinvin _2lit

vinvin _2lit . 4 hours ago

That can’t be good

Mommy Kuratcha

Mommy Kuratcha . 4 hours ago

His food was so good it changed his hair

cj wood

cj wood . 4 hours ago

That’s the whitest enchilada ever bruh wtf😂


CornBoyzFTW . 4 hours ago

You can polish a turd, but it's still a piece of shit

Xinbo Lyu

Xinbo Lyu . 5 hours ago

Casually has a chef in his kitchen

Parkers Back up email

Parkers Back up email . 5 hours ago

Is it just me or does he sound like Vin Diesel


Requiem . 5 hours ago

Props to the guy giving him the food without eating it on the way back

Loren Blackledge

Loren Blackledge . 5 hours ago

Ruined some good Chick-fil-A😭

Montana Snowman

Montana Snowman . 5 hours ago

That chef definitely smokes chronic.

potatoslayer 8992

potatoslayer 8992 . 5 hours ago

Chick fila is the most overrated fucking fast food joint


Maxpwns . 6 hours ago

My pleasure

Kingston Tyler

Kingston Tyler . 6 hours ago

“It taste just like chick fil a” nah fuccN duh


james . 6 hours ago

He does an amazing job. Hope we keep seeing him

magnum plays FN

magnum plays FN . 6 hours ago

you know good and well nobody doing all that

Timothy Sooknanan

Timothy Sooknanan . 6 hours ago

The dude said at the end, this tastes just like chick fil a, so what is the point🤣🤣🤣

Kyle Chudy

Kyle Chudy . 6 hours ago

“tHis TasTEs JuSt LIke cHick fIL a” Yeah no shit

Roger Sepeda

Roger Sepeda . 6 hours ago

I know this would’ve looked like an abomination if I tried turning this into an enchilada lol .

Ryan Fulton

Ryan Fulton . 6 hours ago

By these definitions im a gourmet chef . . . Sweet


Gav1nH3ndr!cks0n77 . 7 hours ago

The meal looks so yummy

steve Ortiz

steve Ortiz . 7 hours ago

Ima do what chic fil a can't do. Ima make it taste like chicken👍

Kiasame Hoshigaki

Kiasame Hoshigaki . 7 hours ago

I fear no man but this thing it scares me

Shalanda Ali

Shalanda Ali . 7 hours ago

Disgusting 🤢

Xylia Moonlight

Xylia Moonlight . 7 hours ago

Your chef needs to speak up bruh

Corrie Young

Corrie Young . 7 hours ago

Leave it to the Mexicans to destroy chick fil a…..looks horrible

space reaper

space reaper . 8 hours ago

What's your favourite color: family What's your favorite food: family What's most important to you: family Like if you got the reference


jakkeday1 . 8 hours ago


DreamieAgh Shorts

DreamieAgh Shorts . 8 hours ago

Not water...

DeVonte Berthea

DeVonte Berthea . 9 hours ago

WTF take my money 💰

Commentary Guy

Commentary Guy . 9 hours ago

That looks fucking 🤮

kingdom 40 dhdhxjs

kingdom 40 dhdhxjs . 9 hours ago

Why does he sound like Dom Toretto

TuPut AhMadre

TuPut AhMadre . 10 hours ago

Fried enchiladas? Wtf


B S . 10 hours ago

Id rather have the chic fil a

Bruce Reilly

Bruce Reilly . 10 hours ago

You are a genius! Your wife the luckiest woman on earth.

Max Ramirez

Max Ramirez . 10 hours ago

What kind of chef uses a stainless steel spoon on a nonstick pan???


Ghostarst . 10 hours ago

Um no……………………..just stick with original chick-fil-a

Jackj Gonsoulin

Jackj Gonsoulin . 10 hours ago

Never mess with chick fil a

Christ Caballero

Christ Caballero . 10 hours ago

That’s not an enchilada my guy 😒

Marcos Modernliving

Marcos Modernliving . 10 hours ago

The Lords chicken is gourmet 🤦‍♂️

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