Wayne & Si Roberts

Wayne & Si Roberts

Published on 2 years ago

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ASO PERU . 1 week ago

Tiffany. Te envío la fuerza y energía desde mis montañas,en Cuzco Perú. Larga vida y que siempre mantengas esa sonrisa.

cristian medina

cristian medina . 2 weeks ago

genial ricaaaaaa desde chileeeee

Listen Up

Listen Up . 3 weeks ago

She should try to get in shape before performing in front of people

Armando Carricaburu

Armando Carricaburu . 1 month ago

Holly shit and the moves WOW!!!!

Armando Carricaburu

Armando Carricaburu . 1 month ago

Please God give me a time machine so i can go back to the FREAKING 80'S. She LOOKS, SOUNDS, BEAUTIFUL. She's still got it

Andrew Denley

Andrew Denley . 1 month ago

She still got it. Her voice has even improved.


L S . 1 month ago

*Tiffany is so beautiful, inside and out.*

NewsCam 603

NewsCam 603 . 1 month ago

She loves her audience and loves her craft. So many at that stage just phone it in but this lady rocks - and still smokin' too.

Vincent Camporeale

Vincent Camporeale . 1 month ago

She looks good still

Hector Alonso

Hector Alonso . 2 months ago


christopher carlos

christopher carlos . 2 months ago



むねゆき星人 . 2 months ago


nelson janeiro

nelson janeiro . 2 months ago

Shes still have a great voice love it tiffany i remember when first she came out💖👍

Erick Seifert

Erick Seifert . 2 months ago

Omg she is still amazing

john wagner soriano palomino

john wagner soriano palomino . 2 months ago


Johnny Appleseed

Johnny Appleseed . 3 months ago

Big fatty now

George Sheard

George Sheard . 3 months ago

Very wobbly performance. The crowd saved this one. She still has energy, though, I'll give her that.

Charles Kania

Charles Kania . 3 months ago

She can still kick ass live truly one of the greastest of all time in my eyes I love u tiff rock on

John Butler

John Butler . 3 months ago



むねゆき星人 . 3 months ago



小林貴美 . 3 months ago

ティファニーの歌声 大好きです!

Alvaro Larrain

Alvaro Larrain . 3 months ago

Primero una adolescente pop, ahora una pop milf.


R R . 4 months ago

Tiffany needs another hit song...she's still got it, love her voice. Obviously it's matured over the years but sounds great live...

andrew worrall

andrew worrall . 4 months ago

she's still damn hot if not hotter

George Alfonso

George Alfonso . 4 months ago

She still nailed it....

Marty SR K

Marty SR K . 5 months ago

Saw her perform three days ago and danced with her! Loved Tiffany for 30 years ❤️

Andy ziczac

Andy ziczac . 5 months ago

she's still looking great beautiful and hot

Alexis Moral

Alexis Moral . 5 months ago

Yeah tiffany love yah darling,,god bless you


Valfodr666 . 5 months ago

et le bassiste se fait chier un peu non?


Valfodr666 . 5 months ago

she is preignant?

emma gallagher

emma gallagher . 5 months ago

is she pregnant?

Wilson De paula

Wilson De paula . 6 months ago

Essa cantora Tiffany ficou conhecida aqui no Brazil por volta de setembro 2019 ,quando povo assistiu filme Ted 1 e 2


MCRDNBSALFORD . 6 months ago

Milf + Filth = I LIKE


Angel MAS NAQUI . 7 months ago

The singer woman douldnt to have children is the reason at fat... Jym MOrrison did have reason at died


Angel MAS NAQUI . 7 months ago

what happen her? Abuela saurio


TTinmann1 . 7 months ago

Still would


anjeroxjp . 8 months ago

Yes we all age, but somethings you just shouldn't wear lol, great voice though

Kymalitov Br

Kymalitov Br . 8 months ago


John Patriot

John Patriot . 8 months ago

And yeah....I still love it!!!!

Dawn Fitch And Abercrombie

Dawn Fitch And Abercrombie . 8 months ago

Hi Tif and Teri, sending much happiness from you friend at 1368 Kristin lane, ElCajon, be well and record one of my songs, so I can have an income.. ReverbNation and cdbaby have several, dawn Fitch and Abercrombie 7/25/19


luanmame . 8 months ago

Fuck she is a big heffa now.. Tiffany you're a unit...

Greg ybarra

Greg ybarra . 9 months ago

she is still hot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jean Nadal

Jean Nadal . 9 months ago

Youre still the BEST!!!!2019.

Angela Noble

Angela Noble . 9 months ago

She rocks.... she rules ..... pure star power 😘💃


steph . 9 months ago

Hot legs lol.


steph . 9 months ago

This song os from 1967 Gosh it was a reboot in 1987.

Black Iron Man

Black Iron Man . 9 months ago

She's hot compare to her back up singers😂

soren schjodt

soren schjodt . 9 months ago

one hit wonder nothing special


舩阪晃弌 . 10 months ago


famousmonster369 Beetlegeuse

famousmonster369 Beetlegeuse . 10 months ago

she needs her bad ass blue jean jacket!

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