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Paramount Pictures

Paramount Pictures

Published on 3 days ago

Forever young and still funny in the head. Check out the NEW trailer for #JackassForever and see our big dumb movie in theaters everywhere October 22, 2021.

Celebrating the joy of being back together with your best friends and a perfectly executed shot to the dingdong, the original jackass crew return for another round of hilarious, wildly absurd, and often dangerous displays of comedy with a little help from some exciting new cast. Johnny and the team push the envelope even further on October 22 in jackass forever.


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Comments :

zyan kali

zyan kali . 17 seconds ago

just don't want to get old 😆😆

Kenz B

Kenz B . 52 seconds ago

I hope party boy makes an appearance


FUGGle . 1 minute ago

They got paychecks until they die...in one of these sequels....one by one....until it's just bam and wee man sucking each other off for a straight to conscious-stream-format, csf, release that makes them 60 Bitcoin each.

Ryan B

Ryan B . 4 minutes ago

No Bam? Then it's not Jackass. Period.

Tequila Tango

Tequila Tango . 6 minutes ago

I almost died from laughter from just the trailer🤣🤣🤣

Hossameldin Elzallouy

Hossameldin Elzallouy . 8 minutes ago

To and from White ppl


R H . 9 minutes ago

They are still strong enough.

shagg_S Khati

shagg_S Khati . 12 minutes ago

I just pissed my pants after watching the trailer , definitely gonna shit after watching the movie

Sean Patrick

Sean Patrick . 15 minutes ago

Where's Bam?

The south will rise again! 2020

The south will rise again! 2020 . 18 minutes ago

The lack of Ryan Dunn and bam is disrespectful in the old video clips I mean

Rat Fink

Rat Fink . 20 minutes ago



Stodderkonge . 23 minutes ago

#FullSend Faaawking awesome to see these badasses back.

Justin Hicks

Justin Hicks . 23 minutes ago

Let's see if he knew the bear was there in on the stunt lmao

Romero Britto

Romero Britto . 23 minutes ago

Eh pegadinha garai?!


infoslinger . 26 minutes ago

That dude on the bike running into the painting of the ramp..... genius hollywood prank shit right there.

Ryan Nuth

Ryan Nuth . 27 minutes ago

No bam?

Tony Rocky Horror G

Tony Rocky Horror G . 28 minutes ago

Where is bam Margera?

Kyle mac

Kyle mac . 30 minutes ago


Lemontree 119

Lemontree 119 . 30 minutes ago

This bring me back 20 years. What a hell of a ride.


sheezll . 30 minutes ago

This is fucking awesome

matteo pillon

matteo pillon . 33 minutes ago

Would be super if Bam and Dunn will here togheter with you guys, unique reunion

Flappy Goose

Flappy Goose . 34 minutes ago

Hi I'm Johny Knoxville and today I'm getting an experimental vaccine for no reason.


Shawn . 34 minutes ago

Miss bam!

Saul Rubalcava

Saul Rubalcava . 37 minutes ago

Bam 😔

Andrew Zhang

Andrew Zhang . 37 minutes ago

Waiting long time

Aleksandar Lukic

Aleksandar Lukic . 37 minutes ago

everything i saw in this trailer is insane

Intergalactic Spacecanoe

Intergalactic Spacecanoe . 42 minutes ago

I'm happy they had to replace uncle drunky with an actual jackass, Mr Andre. He is such a good fit


songer121 . 43 minutes ago

Finally a movie worth actually going back to the movies for! I cant wait!


Brooklyn . 43 minutes ago

This is gonna be epic can't wait


Jay . 45 minutes ago

Needed Bam

DGAFinated Daily

DGAFinated Daily . 48 minutes ago

We miss you RYAN DUNN

Eyoel Teshome

Eyoel Teshome . 49 minutes ago

It looks like Johnny is trying to do that “george clooney” look…but it’s not working.


CHUCKK 2 FUEGO . 50 minutes ago

They weren’t really there for Bam he needed them and they left him dry ever since Ryan passed shit got weird with bam and he got depressed af. They left him high and dry with no friends and family just alcohol and drugs. How’d you think you’d turn out if your day ones turned they back on you because you needed help. Steve-O got support, when wee man said he was homeless he got help smh… they want to put a bad light on my buy bam smh.

J.T. Cooper

J.T. Cooper . 53 minutes ago


surfing nerd621

surfing nerd621 . 53 minutes ago

RIP Ryan Dunn

Dr. Sunchaser

Dr. Sunchaser . 54 minutes ago

Where is bam?

varun ghosh

varun ghosh . 58 minutes ago

Can't believe these guys were child hood heros

Ma tt

Ma tt . 1 hour ago

Nope. Can’t capture the fun of the original.

Joshua Stamps

Joshua Stamps . 1 hour ago

That’s the first trailer I’ve seen in a few years that gets me pumped! I remember leaving high school early with friends to go watch the second jack ass!


NiGHTS . 1 hour ago

I saw this in the 90s and theyre still going at it

Sophonnara Chea

Sophonnara Chea . 1 hour ago

my teenage years so many good memories

One Dark Martian

One Dark Martian . 1 hour ago

This is just what I need after that shit show of a year.

Leon Ramkumar

Leon Ramkumar . 1 hour ago

Yeah, I'm booking a babysitter literally right now!


fenixmaker . 1 hour ago

This is getting old now.

Gavin House

Gavin House . 1 hour ago

Even jackass has to be woke now. They've clearly had the diversity memo.

Ethan Yo

Ethan Yo . 1 hour ago

You know my hole life I'm wondering how these guys are still alive

Op Code

Op Code . 1 hour ago

CKY forever!

Forrest Williamson

Forrest Williamson . 1 hour ago

Bam margera realized what dico realized 20 years before this: Corporate monsters like Paramount and useful idiots like Jeff Tremaine and Jonny Knoxville will use you and your talents and will throw you away if you no longer benefit them and their sociopathic desires. Disgusting.

kamel coles

kamel coles . 1 hour ago

Eric Andre yessss

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