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Dido - Loveless Hearts (Audio)



Published on 2 years ago

Music video by Dido performing Loveless Hearts (Audio). (C) 2013 Sony Music Entertainment UK Limited


Comments :

William Figueroa Peombo

William Figueroa Peombo . 4 months ago

Amo tanto, tanto, esta canción! Me hubiera encantado un videoclip de ella... Y una versión remix!!!

Norwegain 35

Norwegain 35 . 6 months ago

Me. I love ❤️you Dido me ::: thank you


Milton2k . 6 months ago

Was not aware of this, my bad, Dido still got it. One has to love her.

Ctrl Alt Delete

Ctrl Alt Delete . 8 months ago


Michael Morrison

Michael Morrison . 10 months ago

Back in 1998, I was 18 and you were so beautiful... 2019, I'm 39 and you still are amazingly sexy! Your aging beyond gracefully.

Hadley D

Hadley D . 10 months ago

When released, I played this album non-f'ing-stop !!!

Natureal Borne Aleienz

Natureal Borne Aleienz . 1 year ago

I thought I would leave a comment I'm 37

Brandi McCarty

Brandi McCarty . 2 years ago

Welcome back dido. Missed you!!! Voice of a angel.

Delon Zeroone

Delon Zeroone . 2 years ago

I love you very much

Cliasta Huntington

Cliasta Huntington . 2 years ago

Welcome back dido :)

Mynor Obando

Mynor Obando . 2 years ago

Dido 💯😍 Es imposible deje de escuchar estas joyas de canciones 💖

Pam Braga

Pam Braga . 2 years ago

Ai meu deus, será que estou sonhando ?

Rudi,Albert Lehnert

Rudi,Albert Lehnert . 2 years ago

Hello Dido WE all hope you as well and have good time ever with you family too 👍🌹! I had the same question, when you are back in stage and yes we love you ♥️♥️♥️ ! So many 🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹 also to you!

Artur Silva Muniz Junior

Artur Silva Muniz Junior . 2 years ago

Why i keep receiving notifications from this channel? I ain't subscribed. I ain't interested, I already told youtube i don't wanna it.


LUIS ECHEVARRIA . 2 years ago

Dido ❤ Me encantan todas tus canciones hasta la muerte 2060 !!!!

Александр Скорик

Александр Скорик . 2 years ago


Hani Kapani

Hani Kapani . 2 years ago

Then Just Come Back We Miss U 💔

Fabio Tito Montefinale

Fabio Tito Montefinale . 2 years ago

Fantástico!! Gracias mi preciosa Dido <3 <3 <3 :))

Bigi Slan

Bigi Slan . 2 years ago

Que voz tan hermosa *.*


TheLivingLegend . 2 years ago


Cris Trejo

Cris Trejo . 2 years ago

I love you music, and I love you voice, and I love I love the stories that make me remember

Marcos Torres

Marcos Torres . 2 years ago

As músicas dela são únicas

Margo Bramlett

Margo Bramlett . 2 years ago

Dido's voice ripped me up no woman can match her voice

Call me Crimi

Call me Crimi . 2 years ago


amine moukhliss

amine moukhliss . 2 years ago

We miss your amazing voice

Lucas Branco

Lucas Branco . 2 years ago

Bela canção!

insomnia axl

insomnia axl . 2 years ago

This is the problem

Nagato Pain

Nagato Pain . 2 years ago

One Best of Best Singer that i like too much........... Good and quiet song #Dido_Armstrong


Yugvijay . 2 years ago

Yes Dido! You hinting us for new work!! <3 we miss you

Eder Luis Dias Rocha

Eder Luis Dias Rocha . 2 years ago

Valeu ✌❤

axejedi ROCK3T

axejedi ROCK3T . 2 years ago


Pournima G

Pournima G . 2 years ago


Denisa B

Denisa B . 2 years ago

#Loveless hearts ♥️♥️♥️


AARON . 2 years ago


Michel zenitud

Michel zenitud . 2 years ago

J'adore 👍🌹🌹🌹💞😚🌹🌹🌹🌹

jose caro

jose caro . 2 years ago

When you are going to return?

Derrick Seruyange

Derrick Seruyange . 2 years ago

she does fade but yet we keep waiting for those songs Dido please release more


jumpfart666 . 2 years ago


Michael Dowdy

Michael Dowdy . 2 years ago

A very solid favorite of mine!

Attila Breglovics

Attila Breglovics . 2 years ago



Gerard . 2 years ago

We love u <3

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