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Dude Perfect

Dude Perfect

Published on 5 days ago

TOUR EDITION! A super tiny TV, a hilarious Wheel Unfortunate, a messy Games With Consequences & a sneak peak of our tour! Thanks to Nickelodeon All Star Brawl for sponsoring this video! Click HERE to get the game! https://nickelodeonallstarbrawl.com/

Be on the lookout for the Nerf Legends game launching November 9th!!!

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Comments :

Dude Perfect

Dude Perfect . 5 days ago

NEXT UP! ๐Ÿ›ถ Build a Raft Battle ๐Ÿชƒ Boomerang Trick Shots 2 ๐ŸงŠ Bucket List: Alaska

Garron Griffitts

Garron Griffitts . 3 minutes ago



JakeyBoyYT . 14 minutes ago

im still waiting for ping pong trick shots 6

Corey j

Corey j . 47 minutes ago

I love the guy holding the wheel hahahaha

Kate Sedgley

Kate Sedgley . 57 minutes ago

Wow you guys aresoooo amazing my friend showed this channel to me and I love it

OG Clear

OG Clear . 1 hour ago

Is that pnc arena lol I built all that Iโ€™m a local crew stagehand

chris tiakanas

chris tiakanas . 2 hours ago

wheel unfortunate. before the second spin. HANDS WHOS HANDS ARE THEY. WHY ARE THEY THERE

Cipher Jay

Cipher Jay . 2 hours ago

I want to the tour, it was awesome! I even got a pic with Cory!

Just A Book Nerd

Just A Book Nerd . 3 hours ago

Ned: Mom always said to take chances and make mistakes Me: Is your Mom Ms. Frizzle?


Christian.L . 3 hours ago

Iโ€™m a big fan love your videos keep it up

Gracie Ringering

Gracie Ringering . 4 hours ago

The hand drone is super cool. I would not eat the cricket with the ketchup popsicle.

2superboys mom

2superboys mom . 4 hours ago

I feel sorry for poor Cory

Jeffrey Campbell

Jeffrey Campbell . 4 hours ago

How many times has Cory been on wheel itโ€™s over 20 isnโ€™t it


MD . 4 hours ago


Thurston See

Thurston See . 5 hours ago

Cory yroC

Collin Ferguson

Collin Ferguson . 7 hours ago

Hey has anyone ever noticed that Tyler looks just like Ryan O'Reilly

Kyoka jiro

Kyoka jiro . 8 hours ago

i went to get tickets for tacoma but is the same day i have to go to disney on ice which sucks


SRJT16 . 8 hours ago

dp isnโ€™t a palindrome; itโ€™s an ambigram

ConnorAndthe chocolateFactory

ConnorAndthe chocolateFactory . 9 hours ago

I dont like that the videos they post aren't doing as well

Light Speed art

Light Speed art . 9 hours ago

So basically your being sponsored by a smash bros knock off. Lol

Adam Deverell

Adam Deverell . 9 hours ago

Ok I love u guys but every time I watch a video you can see garrot just doesnโ€™t want to be there


StratzXRQ101! . 10 hours ago

dP isnโ€™t a palindrome, itโ€™s the same upside-down and upside-up, not forwards and backwards. Tyler Nathan Tony (aka TT) was in fact wrong

Daniel W

Daniel W . 11 hours ago

When will ty ever use his bubble gum septor?

carlous pranks

carlous pranks . 11 hours ago

Can I get a shout out please and thanks ๐Ÿ˜Š I will really appreciate it


Ben . 11 hours ago

one of the worst wheel unfortunates yet...

Flawlles LoL

Flawlles LoL . 11 hours ago

"Congratulations to everyone who was early and who found this comment"

Gotham Scott

Gotham Scott . 11 hours ago

hands behind the spin wheel ๐Ÿ‘€


hajime99 . 12 hours ago

just won games with consequences,got unfortunate again with the wheel of unfortunate,and battle rod backfires here's a air hug

DBE Trick Masters

DBE Trick Masters . 12 hours ago

Plz come to Cape Town South Africa

Jeffrey DeFrances

Jeffrey DeFrances . 12 hours ago

Yโ€™all have the best vids


RD . 12 hours ago



Maran_92 . 12 hours ago

Smash bros but nick characters

Neil Obaรฑa

Neil Obaรฑa . 13 hours ago

remember when this series first premiered. i miss my days.


Nelson_121 . 13 hours ago



Every_Inter_Mix . 13 hours ago

I greet you from Azerbaijan


Every_Inter_Mix . 13 hours ago

Hello you have a perfect family

Savar Kaushal

Savar Kaushal . 13 hours ago

Does anyone see the feet behind the wheel

Amber Schwartz

Amber Schwartz . 14 hours ago

I love the OT series, DP should make a Forth of July stereotypes!


Safaah . 14 hours ago

Do they just bring the desk wherever they go or what?

galaxy gamer

galaxy gamer . 14 hours ago

great live show!! i was there i enjoyed the toilet cleaner in cool not cool! lol

Logan Schrock

Logan Schrock . 14 hours ago

I felt bad for Alex and Abram at the tour on wheel unfortunate


MUHAMAD RIZKI KIKI . 14 hours ago

Im sure that Cory didnt eat the cricket for real

Braylon Sherman

Braylon Sherman . 14 hours ago

Was I the only person who saw the guy under the wheel


Feoxer . 14 hours ago


mikoy huio

mikoy huio . 15 hours ago

Iโ€™m so excited for the tour!


Lockdown . 15 hours ago

I got a 75itch TV


Mingus . 15 hours ago

Whereโ€™s all sports golf 5

Evan Russo

Evan Russo . 16 hours ago

Halloween stereotypes was 1 year ago ๐Ÿ˜ฏ

Evan Russo

Evan Russo . 16 hours ago

OT before Covid ๐Ÿ˜ณ


SSR . 16 hours ago

*May Allah protect them*

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