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Ryland vlogs

Ryland vlogs

Published on 3 days ago

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Comments :

Heidi A. Thomson BSc Biology & Life Coach

Heidi A. Thomson BSc Biology & Life Coach . 1 minute ago

I really enjoyed visiting Colorado. Would love more time to explore the geology. *Hey, I don't get all the one-time use of plastics in the US. Can't you bring your own, on brand, cup to coffee places? Drinks are cheaper when you do where I live.*

Click Bait

Click Bait . 2 minutes ago

Shane come back we Miss you none of us are perfect and as long as you changed from racist ways we forgive u come back

Viktoria Kuladzhyan

Viktoria Kuladzhyan . 7 minutes ago

The way Shane said tv on ahhhh sooo adorable

Click Bait

Click Bait . 15 minutes ago

i dunno Morgan’s mom seems annoyed by her interruptions sorry i noticed

Click Bait

Click Bait . 21 minutes ago

shane i also suffer from self deprecating humor everyone around me feels u comfortable

Tina Putauskiene

Tina Putauskiene . 22 minutes ago

I love Colorado SO much 🥺🥰

Jane Doe

Jane Doe . 52 minutes ago

still waiting on that apology to trayv0n martins family

Miika Kotaluoto

Miika Kotaluoto . 53 minutes ago

Wtf shane looks so healthy😳

Savannah Ewing

Savannah Ewing . 1 hour ago

Kinda sad cause shane said this is his dream house and he can't imagine ever moving he was so happy when he first moved 🥲

Genesis Mercado

Genesis Mercado . 1 hour ago

Ion know how to feel abt dis

Kaylee Niven

Kaylee Niven . 2 hours ago

Move to Hebron


Aleks . 2 hours ago

Is shane sick or something

Tiphanie McKenna

Tiphanie McKenna . 2 hours ago

Shane’s look healthy :)

Mattie Parker

Mattie Parker . 2 hours ago

colorado is a great state i grew up here and I'm never leaving

Lexie Jackson

Lexie Jackson . 2 hours ago

I hope you find a house you like in Colorado!! But I’m kinda worried about Shane’s mom, she doing okay? We haven’t seen her lately either… I hope your happier now, Shane!!! Happy Belated Birthday Shane and Ryland’s Mom!!

Haley Montesinos

Haley Montesinos . 2 hours ago

How would the PODCAST WORK??????

Shannen P.

Shannen P. . 3 hours ago

Honestly I love this for them and their family. ♥️♥️♥️


AVL8DY Anna . 3 hours ago

I've counted 6 TV's in that hotel room so far......WTF. I wanna go stay at it now. LOL

Ashley Tilton

Ashley Tilton . 3 hours ago

I need the next video nowwww 😭🤣😭🤣

Mishka Allen

Mishka Allen . 3 hours ago

Love your family so adorable and your nan 🥰

Mishka Allen

Mishka Allen . 3 hours ago

With Casinos the house always wins! Xxxxxx

Linn Soltwedel

Linn Soltwedel . 3 hours ago

Somone must have put a O to many when ordering TV`s and the order not being able for return :P

Anjelica Dutchover

Anjelica Dutchover . 3 hours ago

is trinity and Morgan still friends ?:( i haven’t seen her in any videos since Morgan is moving to Colorado 🥲


Kaley . 3 hours ago

As someone who moved from California to Colorado, it was the best decision I have ever made! So much cleaner, lovelier energy!

Linn Soltwedel

Linn Soltwedel . 3 hours ago

Village In looks like Dennys! :P Is that offensive?

Linn Soltwedel

Linn Soltwedel . 3 hours ago

I just love your grandma! :D

Mishka Allen

Mishka Allen . 3 hours ago

Miss you Shane 🧡


jocelyn . 3 hours ago


Becca Lynn

Becca Lynn . 4 hours ago

I love Shane so much!!

Jonathan Gomolka

Jonathan Gomolka . 4 hours ago


Mobfe O

Mobfe O . 4 hours ago

did you guys take the rv to colorado?? im so curious if that all worked with the doggos


Tastykake83 . 4 hours ago

Tell Shane he is loved & missed 💖💖💖


Lex . 4 hours ago

I would rate them 10 stars if they have room service🥰

Nicole Drozda

Nicole Drozda . 4 hours ago

Shane was the first youtuber i watched when i was just 12. Now at 22 im so happy to see him filming again with ryland 🥺 i will always love shane regardless of the hate he gets ❤️

koala covers

koala covers . 5 hours ago

Shane, your comeback is NOT welcome. Stay off the internet.


Disnella . 6 hours ago

Can’t wait to see the next blog of the home! & as always I love that you get Shane in your videos! Good to see that you guys are doing well !! 💕✨


kalimanka . 6 hours ago

LA is so over-everything...

The Healthy Hippie Kitchen

The Healthy Hippie Kitchen . 6 hours ago

Shane! Oh Shane I love you!!!!!!❤️😘💕 is

dolita windo

dolita windo . 6 hours ago

I understand that Ryland wants to move closer to his family, but wont shane then move from his?

Cierra Volkert

Cierra Volkert . 6 hours ago

Why does Morgan look so hot in braids and a bass pro shop hat?

Blue Doggo Book

Blue Doggo Book . 6 hours ago

Being near your family is great

Krystle love & light

Krystle love & light . 7 hours ago

Stop wearing masks.. they do nothing but break out your face. Let people see your beautiful smiling face. It's good for your soul and the souls around you. That's how we as humans connect.

A cuppa tea with Lucy

A cuppa tea with Lucy . 10 hours ago

Please please do more of these vlogs woth shane in them 👨‍❤️‍👨


🌿Nessa🌷 . 10 hours ago

why does it sound like every comment is a bot.😭

Julian X Dunbar

Julian X Dunbar . 10 hours ago

Remember there black face phase? I wonder how much they made. I do it every day for free…

E Is_swaggy

E Is_swaggy . 11 hours ago

I’m so happy too see Shane again especially cause I’ve been watching Shane sense I was five so that’s 7yrs he’s been a big part of my life and got me through dark times I’m so happy to see Shane and Ryland so happy together

Jonathan Gavia

Jonathan Gavia . 11 hours ago

And y'all should be reviewing suites

Jonathan Gavia

Jonathan Gavia . 11 hours ago


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