The Milwaukee Bucks completed their comeback against the Phoenix Suns last night, winning their fourth in a row to win their second championship and first since 1971. After trailing by 5 at halftime, the Bucks outscored the Suns by 12 in the second half. Giannis Antetokounmpo took home the MVP after dropping 50 points, 14 rebounds and 5 blocks. Hear what Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe have to say about Giannis and the Milwaukee Bucks winning the 2021 NBA title.

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Giannis drops 50 in GM 6 to win 2021 Championship for the Bucks — Skip & Shannon | NBA | UNDISPUTED

Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED

Comments :

Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED

Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED . 2 days ago

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NEMASIS . 9 minutes ago

Wait till all the Warriors aren't hurt.


GIOVAHNNI GUCCI . 27 minutes ago

I’m was sad because I wanted Chris Paul to win his 1st ring. CP3 got money, he need to take a pay cut and join the Lakers. Lakers need to have A. Davis stay healthy, and have Melo take a pay cut and join Lakers and CP3 will win his 1st Ring.


GIOVAHNNI GUCCI . 31 minutes ago

That’s ridiculous how Skeeyyup didn’t mention VanFleet when talking about the Toronto Raptors.

Terence Wright

Terence Wright . 46 minutes ago

Giannis dropped a 50 piece on the Suns!!

King Michael Coy

King Michael Coy . 57 minutes ago

Some one get skip a tissue


ponypower8 . 2 hours ago

G FORCE. I'm thinking about it. Giannis now "is who Yao Ming could have become in the NBA" only IF Yao attacked the opponent's defense as relentlessly as Giannis is doing in this era. And Yao is 7'4", longer and heavier, too.

MarloSoBalJr Gaming

MarloSoBalJr Gaming . 2 hours ago

Not sure where Skip was going with that topic... in the end, the Suns foresaw their fate yet they went back and spread their legs opens to Giannis & company.

Alastair Royston Lickbottom IV

Alastair Royston Lickbottom IV . 3 hours ago

No one GAVE Giannis 50 and 15 you fool. He went and took them and no one could stop him.

Joe McGrane

Joe McGrane . 3 hours ago

When Skip starts talking, I start checking the comments section

Jam Wick

Jam Wick . 4 hours ago

And people are keep telling that the game play of bulls will not win on todays NBA game. Tsk tsk. WRONG. MJ and bulls can dominate this decade.


Miami.Knight9 . 4 hours ago



Bxrry . 4 hours ago



123453057 . 4 hours ago

When Skip starts talking, I start checking the comments section

NoJustice5 0NoPeace

NoJustice5 0NoPeace . 4 hours ago

Freaky Friday ✔️ Giannis played the best game I’ve ever seen in game six.

Jah Tillah

Jah Tillah . 5 hours ago

Giannis in 2k22 gonna be broken af everyone gonna be playing with them bucks Giannis gonna have all types of hof badges in the paint

Mike Frost

Mike Frost . 5 hours ago

I will say that my Bucks got Super lucky in the Nets series; and I will always maintain that; but even if they got lucky they stilled played out of their damn minds to get the ring:



Just send them two bottles of vinager with the bucks logo on them hahahahahahaha

Tonja Bowman

Tonja Bowman . 5 hours ago

Six months ago Shannon just said Giannis was a regular season player and he couldn't get it done just like Lamar now he talking out the other side of his neck as usual , Shannon looking crazy once again.


mrjones422 . 5 hours ago

Lets give Giannis respect for stepping up and hitting free throws in that game 6. He shot 36% in game 5 and came back in game 6 and made 17/19. That was super clutch.

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* Instagram B0t with L0w Price * . 5 hours ago

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C. Satia

C. Satia . 6 hours ago

Hes long athletic and got the eurostep down.

C. Satia

C. Satia . 6 hours ago

I'm glad someone called out Ayton... he's softer than a marshmellow

Mark Joe Flores

Mark Joe Flores . 6 hours ago

Love skip and shannon debate


DKV . 6 hours ago

The 1st one is always remembered, the Best can be replaced...

Jeff Lawrence

Jeff Lawrence . 6 hours ago

His accomplishments at his age is a testament of his greatness.✅

John Ron

John Ron . 6 hours ago

Evil sick Communists: "It's "wraysiss" to require people of color to obtain IDs to vote, even though most people of color SUPPORT requiring voter ID!" Also Communists: "It's not "wraysiss" at all to require people of color to get experimental vaccines and obtain COVID passports that they will be required to carry at all times!" Also, Biden can send teams door-to-door to make sure people of color got their death vaccine, but he can't send teams door-to-door to help them get voter IDs????🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣,,,,.,..,.,

John Ron

John Ron . 6 hours ago

BLM just pledged support for the Communist Cuban government that is shooting unarmed protesters in the street, which makes it 100% clear what they actually are: a Communist terrorist organization.  It's no different than when the "founder" of BLM, Patrisse Cullors, spent tens of millions of dollars in BLM donations on mansions for herself rather than putting that money into black communities.  It's all just a Communist conquest.  They say they're against "police brutality," but then support police brutality against innocent protesters in Cuba.  COMMUNIST HYPOCRISY.,,.,..,.,.,

Blue Hunnids

Blue Hunnids . 7 hours ago

Really Shannon how u gone crown Giannis as best after 1 series or game but don't wanna crown KD after a history of playoff dominance and dat crazy 50 point game he had against da bucks which performance was more impressive??? Durants or Giannis 🤔.. yea

shani yan

shani yan . 7 hours ago

give big credit to Jrue for that defense yall we’re talkin about


kfc667 . 7 hours ago

lmao @ Shannon. Giannis > LeBron

True Crime Queen TV

True Crime Queen TV . 7 hours ago

Love these kinds of videos 🙏🏾❤️ 🙏🏾 Stay safe everyone

kornilios js

kornilios js . 7 hours ago

These analysts need to realize the wall doesn't work anymore. The heat tried the wall in the first round and got swept. Every time a team tried the wall against Giannis, he got 25 10 10. You either make him get 30-40 15 5 or you build a wall and he gets 25 10 10. Either way you ain't gonna win

S. Posey

S. Posey . 10 hours ago

correction skipper....probably why gilligan got stuck on an island: milwaukee is a city not a town.

theReal JayZ

theReal JayZ . 10 hours ago

6:11 that’s not Chris Paul, that’s Donald Trump

Star Badger

Star Badger . 10 hours ago

Giannis 1 ring is more valuable than both of KDs

Frosted Fakes

Frosted Fakes . 10 hours ago

Do they realize that biggest reason the "Wall" defense even worked for the Raptors and Heat was because of Bledsoe? The man shot 29.4 FG% and 17.2 3P% against the Raptors and 33.3 FG% and 21.4 3P% against the Heat so they dared him to shoot

Tyrice Lewis

Tyrice Lewis . 10 hours ago

I'm from Milwaukee and Giannis Antetokounmpo is a freak!!!! 🥳🥳♥️♥️💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥


Esco . 11 hours ago

Ayton really wast ready, there were a couple plays when he spun away from the basket it became blatant. Ayton carried the Suns until l Bucks series he has alot to learn on defense


Esco . 11 hours ago

Stop mentioning KD toe, he had overtime to win that game also. GA earned everything straight up, he wears the #34 well


霧風零 . 12 hours ago

Giannis had such a legendary performance with 50 points.

Igor Begovic

Igor Begovic . 12 hours ago

Everybody 22 gets a pass But not luka Skip luka is 22

javious thicklen

javious thicklen . 12 hours ago

Fym town folks we a whole city you tweaking stop playin

TeJaY DaNG !

TeJaY DaNG ! . 12 hours ago

Wilts finger roll ? Kareems hook? Or Giannis euro?

TeJaY DaNG !

TeJaY DaNG ! . 12 hours ago

Giannis could beat Wilts 100 in reg season, cant believe im even sayin that, but if he wanted to, he would 💯

Ela Pascua

Ela Pascua . 12 hours ago

Giannis had such a legendary performance with 50 points.

Austin Figueroa

Austin Figueroa . 12 hours ago

The Ayton slander needs to stop man. The kid is 22 and his coach put him on an island against one of the most prolific paint scorers of the last 10 years.

Trap Soul

Trap Soul . 13 hours ago

Giannis had the power of God inside him that performance was almost non human.

Parsa Rathernotsay

Parsa Rathernotsay . 13 hours ago

Giannis got his ring, and he would've got it earlier if he didn't match up against one of the best defences in league history in 2019 Seeing how LeBron's age is indeed getting to him, I was waiting for someone else to announce themselves as THE worldbeater. Earlier on I thought it might be Kawhi, but nah after those finals it's so clearly Giannis

Glenn and Edna

Glenn and Edna . 13 hours ago

No need to compare players, who is good and who is not. Giannis is a man with a mission last night, and he won it. But I 100% appreciate Giannis of not leaving the Bucks, to chase for the ring. He did it for the same team. The Bucks played wonderfully as a team. Giannis is superb!

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