Published on 5 months ago

You're watching the official music video for Ramones - "Do You Remember Rock and Roll Radio?" from the album 'End Of The Century' (1979)

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Comments :

Kosovo Blues

Kosovo Blues . 3 days ago

Do you remember Jerry Lee ,John Lennon ,T. Rex and Joey Ramone......

Doca Gonzaga

Doca Gonzaga . 2 weeks ago


Douglas Fabiani

Douglas Fabiani . 2 weeks ago

Ramones Γ© tudo de bom !!!

sKull_ Alexx

sKull_ Alexx . 3 weeks ago

Like si estas aqui por fernando


soxfan801 . 3 weeks ago

I grew up on The Ramones!

Juan Martinez

Juan Martinez . 4 weeks ago

The live shows are just a whole different feeling

Andy Albert

Andy Albert . 4 weeks ago

Sorry for the Ramones fanboys but...what a crap!

Doca Gonzaga

Doca Gonzaga . 4 weeks ago


Doca Gonzaga

Doca Gonzaga . 4 weeks ago

Punk Rocker!

akira. T

akira. T . 1 month ago


Next Day

Next Day . 1 month ago

RAMONES Forever !!


brainawayfilms . 1 month ago

I love all things that shouldn't exist - and yet somehow still do, despite the odds. At the top of that list is the Ramones.


S K G . 1 month ago

This song is so relevent today


genedenhardj1 . 1 month ago

greatest underated band in history

Igor Monteiro

Igor Monteiro . 1 month ago


jeff e

jeff e . 1 month ago

so great!!miss them days for sure

Larry Stevens

Larry Stevens . 1 month ago

I would like to kick radio in the teeth for not playing this music at the time it came out. Everyone I new had Ramones records at the time they came out from 1976 (?). Never heard it on the radio. This was in British Columbia Canada. I was playing this stuff in the early eighties in Art School thinking it was classic music...

grimble grumble

grimble grumble . 2 months ago

Here it's πŸ”©

Sandra Bosso

Sandra Bosso . 2 months ago

Come erano sexy.....ramones li adoro

Lucio Schiavi

Lucio Schiavi . 2 months ago

I saw Dee Dee when he lived in Argentina. I will always like the Ramones

leo alex

leo alex . 2 months ago

Lada Edmund jr. 1:15?

Wahnfried Duke

Wahnfried Duke . 2 months ago

What’s the name of the band with the black hats?

Gene Clark

Gene Clark . 2 months ago

I think Joey and Dee Dee would have liked President trump. Just sayin.

Gene Clark

Gene Clark . 2 months ago

I am 51 now, seen the Ramones 14 times....got kicked out of the Hollywood palladium for crowd surfing twise,,,wasn't my fault.

Cyriel Dinnematin

Cyriel Dinnematin . 2 months ago

Please who's the band at 2.04 m? :)

g man tramp

g man tramp . 2 months ago

Good ol pop punk!!

harry Wyatt

harry Wyatt . 2 months ago

Love this song!!

Roger Logado

Roger Logado . 2 months ago

Dee Dee Ramone noiado

Michael Cody

Michael Cody . 2 months ago

40 years old and still sounds great


insanedb . 2 months ago

So much fun


EmanuelRock06 . 3 months ago

Ramones. πŸ‡¦πŸ‡· πŸ“ΊπŸ”ŒπŸš«

Frag Out, Fire in the Hole!

Frag Out, Fire in the Hole! . 3 months ago

Ramones rock n roll radio is badass

Anatoly Levskoy

Anatoly Levskoy . 3 months ago

The fact that The Undertakers were featured in this video making me happy. Guys deserve way more attention than they got

Clayton Burch

Clayton Burch . 3 months ago



Devlin . 3 months ago

"We need change, we need it fast Before rock's just part of the past 'Cause lately it all sounds the same to me" More true now than ever!

Adrian Garcia

Adrian Garcia . 3 months ago

Seen this video countless times on MTV rock block but never found it on YouTube

Jarmo Minkkinen

Jarmo Minkkinen . 4 months ago

Love The Ramones What a great band day War!RIP Ramones!🌷β™₯️

David Huber

David Huber . 4 months ago

I bet this was one of the first music videos in history

Paulo Rafael Viana

Paulo Rafael Viana . 4 months ago


George Texas

George Texas . 4 months ago

End of the Century, 40th anniversary... 1980-2020

Wes Fuz

Wes Fuz . 4 months ago

Rock and Roll %/*Radio In Video IS IN A T.V.!.RAMONES EDGES!,, u don't got Rock u don't knoW!!!.,


xg6hpyk . 4 months ago

The lyrics of this song are so prophetic

Paula C

Paula C . 4 months ago

Eu amo essa música com todas as minhas forças

Frank Mccormick

Frank Mccormick . 4 months ago

Ripped off from the golden age of Rock n roll by Mott the Hoople


AncientRunesMusic . 4 months ago

Holy gum. What is this video. I keep cumming in my pants. Instant subscribe.

Ashra Tempel

Ashra Tempel . 4 months ago

Never gets old.

Karola Voss

Karola Voss . 4 months ago

Echt hammergeil πŸ”₯πŸ˜‰ πŸ”₯

Yanuar Indra

Yanuar Indra . 5 months ago

Rancid: We make many MV for our songs. Ramones: Hold my Salami.

Yanuar Indra

Yanuar Indra . 5 months ago

The MV is exactly what I had imagined long before watching it.


GIULIO MUCCIACITO . 5 months ago

Eh i bei vestiti di una volta

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