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Louie's Life

Louie's Life

Published on 4 days ago

Can't believe this is happening! For this video I have two of my favs and of course I am making them try SPICY FOOD OBVI!!! We went ahead and got some of the spiciest snacks we could find to test them out! We also answered some questions to give you guys some chisme!! Hope you guys enjoyed the video!!
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Comments :

Louie's Life

Louie's Life . 4 days ago

Who’s had those 🦗?!😭 don’t lie to me!!! Did you like them?😖

Christina Hernandez

Christina Hernandez . 12 minutes ago

Manny face the whole time had me dying 😂😂😂

Ohema Monay

Ohema Monay . 45 minutes ago

We would have had to cut filming after the cricket I would have died laughing at you and manny 😂😂😂😂

Claudia Moore

Claudia Moore . 1 hour ago

The way Manny screamed the cricket out of his mouth 😂😂😂

Dria B

Dria B . 2 hours ago

Give me 👅✂️ 😂😂😂

Dria B

Dria B . 2 hours ago

Manny said he is gonna 💩 himself lol 😂

Cristina Maturino

Cristina Maturino . 2 hours ago

honestly I love this, I mean he went from listening to her music a young teen, hoping to one day see her, and I this video its litterly like they’ve been bestfriends since fucking birth ! 🤎 love this !!!

Lizzy's Life

Lizzy's Life . 3 hours ago

Not me answering the questions too 🤭💀

candy reyes

candy reyes . 6 hours ago

Me laughing like Becky when Manny said it wasn’t the spice he gave a fuck but the actual chapulín 😂😂

Fuck Off

Fuck Off . 6 hours ago

I forgot about her omg 😭

Simrat Thind

Simrat Thind . 9 hours ago

3 icons in a video is iconic

Vanessa Ramos

Vanessa Ramos . 10 hours ago

Loved all of you together, this was too funny! 💕

Breanna C.

Breanna C. . 10 hours ago

23:13 Becky said “I’d want to be a real model rather than a role model” I love that so much. She’s such a beautiful person inside and out.

Sandra Aucancela

Sandra Aucancela . 10 hours ago

When I tell y’all, I CRIED 😂😂💀💀 omg I almost died of laughter


S M . 11 hours ago

Is Becky g second gen or third gen in this country? Like were her parents born in Mexico or were they born here and then she was born? Just curious I don’t know too much about her and her families history. She’s sooo cute and charismatic

Liliana Aguilera

Liliana Aguilera . 11 hours ago

I genuinely enjoyed the three of you 🥰 such beautiful vibess 💖

Adriana Bolanos

Adriana Bolanos . 13 hours ago

Why did Manny pick Da bomb sauce and thought he was going to do better than with the other option

Elideth Uvalle

Elideth Uvalle . 13 hours ago

I LIVEEEEE for the fact that they are both so chill with Becky like if they were friends for life! 😭 I would be freaking out! Lol

Aide Garcia

Aide Garcia . 13 hours ago

love becky g music fan

Michelle Lee Montalvo

Michelle Lee Montalvo . 15 hours ago

Omg I was screaming at the screen like NO MANNY DONT DO IT!!

Michelle Lee Montalvo

Michelle Lee Montalvo . 15 hours ago

Omg watching manny prefer the bomb hot sauce has me shaking, he’s clearly never seen hot ones 😂😂😂

Valeria Barajas

Valeria Barajas . 15 hours ago

is it me only being hispanic or like if you had a gap in your teeth they would call you Becky G-

leslie ortiz

leslie ortiz . 17 hours ago

Mannys faces are priceless love you three. 🥰


Y H . 17 hours ago

I swear Manny is me😂😂😂

asioe kiou

asioe kiou . 18 hours ago


Kathy Hoyos

Kathy Hoyos . 1 day ago

A collab I didn’t know we needed❤️‍🔥

Alexa Guillen

Alexa Guillen . 1 day ago

When beckys uncle is your dads co worker

luis sunset

luis sunset . 1 day ago


Laisha Garcia

Laisha Garcia . 1 day ago

This video literally made my day I love watch all 3 of them so much they r a huge inspiration❤️💯

Amy. Softly

Amy. Softly . 1 day ago

wow i never excepted for becky g to be ere but wow im shooked

Hailey Venegas

Hailey Venegas . 1 day ago

When Louie said 🤮 with the cricket 🦗🤣

Emily aventuras

Emily aventuras . 1 day ago

Hey tu sobrina is camila tellez


Cynthia . 1 day ago

Manny noooo! Lol don’t you watch Hot Ones, that sauce ain’t no joke!! Lmao


Jami . 1 day ago

You made get up and my pica pica 😂 I’m over eating with y’all ❤️

Mitzy Duran

Mitzy Duran . 1 day ago

Woah, idk who i like better becky g or la perra

Veronica Terry

Veronica Terry . 1 day ago

becky: y’all are weak sauce manny: of course i am lmfao 😹😹❤️

Elayne Flores

Elayne Flores . 1 day ago

Manny over there dying over the spicy food has me rolling 🤣


Jiapsi . 1 day ago

i just love manny 😍♥️

Juan Bustamante

Juan Bustamante . 1 day ago

Omg love ❤️❤️ the collaboration love all of you❤️❤️❤️❤️💓💓💓


Alexandra . 1 day ago

what this is so crazy for me she like has a song with jhope 😀

Alexis Rivera

Alexis Rivera . 1 day ago

I love mannny he’s so funny lol

Samantha Martinez

Samantha Martinez . 1 day ago

She did pick 3! CHIPS tent and machete loll 😂😂

Tammy’s Vlogs

Tammy’s Vlogs . 2 days ago

Manny’s scream is everything 😂😂 definitely loved this trio

Jasmine Rødriguez

Jasmine Rødriguez . 2 days ago

LMAO HE SAID "give me scissors" 😂😂😂


LifewithLiss . 2 days ago

Manny is ME 😭🤣🤣

Leti g

Leti g . 2 days ago

Becky G is la tia that always says, “ no pica, es okay” love you Becky 😂❤️

Melisa Suarez

Melisa Suarez . 2 days ago

Manny 🤢🥴

Great American Homestead

Great American Homestead . 2 days ago

Manny actually died 🤣🤣😂🤣 loved this video so much!!

Julianne Manuelito

Julianne Manuelito . 2 days ago

Beck g a gangster for eating the whole bug like nothing

Valeria Castillo

Valeria Castillo . 2 days ago

this was beckys video not louies 😅 lol loved it.

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