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Published on 3 months ago

You're watching the official music video for Todd Rundgren - "Time Heals" from the album 'Healing' (1981)

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Comments :


BungalowMo . 4 weeks ago

I bought this album when it was new. Then I bought another because I wore out #1. Then the cd came out. I’ve owned about 6 copies of that. One was stolen out of my truck, others I gave away because this masterpiece needed to be shared. Happy 40th Birthday, Healing. You are my go-to inspirational, uplifting music. 🎁🎶🎵🎧🎻🎤🥁🎸

Testarossa Sosa

Testarossa Sosa . 1 month ago

I wish RHINO would've Remastered the audio 😑

brother thor

brother thor . 1 month ago

Great! Musical genius!


liljared711 . 2 months ago

Great after break up song

melissa violo

melissa violo . 2 months ago

This hits different after the 7gs of shrooms


rodstartube . 2 months ago

weird song

Roger Nilsson

Roger Nilsson . 2 months ago

His best song!

Jesse 80

Jesse 80 . 2 months ago

Sing this right after Todd sings "Time heals the wounds" "No , it fuckin don't!" Sing it with me now ! TIME HEALS THE WOUNDS ...NO THE FUCK IT DON'T ! LOL jk


juju0128 . 2 months ago

Such a wonderful lyricist and singer. Also, he's always had the most beautiful hands. My hands turned to shit with age.


StopFear . 2 months ago

I fully understand how for many people this is nostalgia, but come on, this is g a very good song and not a very good video. I mean just using a bunch of poorly projected paintings in the background? Also the song almost has no melody.

S Lewis

S Lewis . 2 months ago

A mesmerising blend of playfulness, poignancy and artistry...Todd is a unique talent.

Jack Johnson

Jack Johnson . 3 months ago

But there's one thing you must believe...Bad video quality is all they have.


Skelecrine . 3 months ago

Here's to one of the greatest musicians of all time!

Scowl Farm

Scowl Farm . 3 months ago

Da Da Dali🕉️✌️


Samus . 3 months ago

1981 year i was born , listening to it since my ears got used to that : )


D G . 3 months ago


Jose Acevedo

Jose Acevedo . 3 months ago

8th-ever music video on MTV.

Nick Thomas

Nick Thomas . 3 months ago


cesar gomes

cesar gomes . 3 months ago


Dale Intorf

Dale Intorf . 3 months ago

...Much Love Todd ! ....thanx Rhino

amour yvette

amour yvette . 3 months ago

Times heal wounds I agree, but love someone and it’s over these wounds never heals🌹💕😭😇🤟

William Riley

William Riley . 3 months ago

Shrooms with Todd anyone??? Appreciate the artist and his artistic talent not for the content!!!! Those who have zero talent but ridicule just to get 5 minutes of fame can never appreciate the 40 years of music this guy has shared; a wizard, a true Star ⭐⭐⭐

Peter Jongsma

Peter Jongsma . 3 months ago

Every one's Got an Algorithm. Gimme Roadhouse Blues With Gorgeous Miley Cyrus. Yummy and Not Obese.

David Antonio

David Antonio . 3 months ago

Grows on ya


OÄKTA DOPBOK . 3 months ago

The steam train in the fireplace is "Time Transfixed" By Renee Magritte

Dan Phillips

Dan Phillips . 3 months ago

2nd video shown on MTV!


donamick . 3 months ago


Merlin Wizard

Merlin Wizard . 3 months ago



matty . 3 months ago

that thumbnail scared the shit out of me

Frederick Detzer Jr

Frederick Detzer Jr . 3 months ago

He had a few good songs but this song really sucks


푸루깽깽 . 3 months ago

It's so wonderful and beautiful music!

Jordan Coggburn

Jordan Coggburn . 3 months ago

Its not doing it for me.

Zack F

Zack F . 3 months ago

One of the first music videos to air on MTV.

Tha Shiznit

Tha Shiznit . 3 months ago

Time does heal

⭐ Pinie 2021 ⭐

⭐ Pinie 2021 ⭐ . 3 months ago


higherlivingPJW Last

higherlivingPJW Last . 3 months ago

I saw him on a talk show long long ago and he said he was the first one to put music to a video and had predicted that format would take off, which we all know it did. You can see from this video that the music videos have come a long way.

Carla Santana

Carla Santana . 3 months ago

I love all things Todd Rundgren ! These lyrics still apply today ❤

Sabit Farabi

Sabit Farabi . 3 months ago

First To Comment

Edison Mustaine Thrash 666

Edison Mustaine Thrash 666 . 3 months ago

*-First, Thanks Rhyno Me Love It And Missing The 80's😊.*


RHINO . 3 months ago

"But there's one thing you must believe...time heals the wounds no one can see" 🎶

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