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Total War

Total War

Published on 4 months ago

One seeks the destruction of Chaos, while the other dedicates himself to it - decimating everything in his path...

Pre-purchase on Steam: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1556110/Total_War_WARHAMMER_II__The_Silence__The_Fury/

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Comments :

Christopher Marroquin

Christopher Marroquin . 6 days ago

Technically got give credit to the metal dude. Only one of his faction to attempt a lure and trap against lizardmen. Sad thing is he picked the one dude who can see in the future and clearly knew he was walking into a trap. Sad hours.

Noah Kenney

Noah Kenney . 2 weeks ago

Is no one talking about how amazing the music is after the jaberslythe shows up

Guilherme Zubatch

Guilherme Zubatch . 2 weeks ago



A.D.I. . 4 weeks ago


Make Romania great again

Make Romania great again . 1 month ago

I don't think a small dart will do much against that beast

Amna’s Channel

Amna’s Channel . 1 month ago

Dear ca, here are some heroes which I think should be lords, because they have the strength and power of a lord: Ariel, the green knight and skink oracle. Don’t forget of course the oracle of the sacred plaques, the unique skink oracle

Mad Mike

Mad Mike . 3 months ago

now they just have to do one with the Vampires and Dwarves

D Will

D Will . 3 months ago

The backflip into tha 360 no scope did it for me.

Amna’s Channel

Amna’s Channel . 3 months ago

Taurox: literally made of metal Oxyotl: haha I have poison stick Jabberslythe: reptilian manticore Ghorgon: four armed giant buffalo Troglodon: blind Dino Coatl: flying snake wit a beak Chameleon stalkers: explosive chameleon skinks Doombull: I am da bull lord hahahaha Skink oracle: level 100 skink priest Wargor: budget beastlord Tuskgor chariots: organic razorgors Greater bray shaman: baby malagor with no wings

Kirk Patriquin

Kirk Patriquin . 3 months ago

Prince of macedon🙌🙌🙌

krispy killer

krispy killer . 3 months ago

that lizzardman is chill af


sXe4life . 3 months ago

Yo CA. We still waiting for Medieval 3!


NEETLE TEETLE . 3 months ago


Rodrigo Eidt

Rodrigo Eidt . 3 months ago

It's funny that both lords don't speak (at least nothing humans understand), so there is no line of dialogue in this trailer.


strike . 3 months ago

es nervt das die zeit nicht eingehalten wird wann es raus kommt

James Roper

James Roper . 3 months ago

Sooo can you just realese it now over 1 hour late ....

Reinaldo Hernandez

Reinaldo Hernandez . 3 months ago


Reinaldo Hernandez

Reinaldo Hernandez . 3 months ago


Reinaldo Hernandez

Reinaldo Hernandez . 3 months ago


bobby hernandez

bobby hernandez . 3 months ago



Warrior758 . 3 months ago

Since you like total war games you may like this channel as well. here is link to historical title however I am going to be doing a Oxyotl campaign @

Sr Souka

Sr Souka . 3 months ago



Gundisalvus . 3 months ago

Pre ordered the day it was announced! Can't wait to play it!

The Fantastic Levitating Somalian Tea Factory

The Fantastic Levitating Somalian Tea Factory . 3 months ago

Another DLC of a petty faction that should have been in the original...

Sanguinius on vacation

Sanguinius on vacation . 3 months ago

Sneaky skink go " whoosh"

Grim Gent

Grim Gent . 3 months ago

I will always comment on this and I will keep doing so. Warhammer's DLC is always worth it. The game itself has the best replayability regardless of DLC. The DLC does add a lot and sure enough, and it's worth every penny in my eyes.

solo weeb

solo weeb . 3 months ago

I already bought this, here take my money

Doomsday ツ

Doomsday ツ . 3 months ago

just wish Wh3 trailers and news had the same quality of Wh2

Game King

Game King . 3 months ago

Dang bro, it's furries vs scalies


A W . 3 months ago

Bio engineering VS Bio diversity


Futonrevolution . 3 months ago

C'mon, CA. It's either "All Sound, No Fury" or "Silent but Deadly" Pick one.

Joseph Quinn Swolin

Joseph Quinn Swolin . 3 months ago

No one commenting about the drums synching with the blow pipes

bilishu aliss

bilishu aliss . 3 months ago

CA went all out on this one they knew they had to redeem the beastmen damn


R . 3 months ago

Yay, more reskins!

abbsnn cose

abbsnn cose . 3 months ago

The animation on the jabberslythe is amazing. Look at him jiggle! I love Oxy's cheeky little grin when Taurox sees him. So many details!


UltimoPlayer . 3 months ago

01:38 Love that confident smile, like "Oh you think you are scary huh?"

Swamp croc

Swamp croc . 3 months ago

Don’t get me wrong, it’s an awesome trailer, and an awesome contrast of powers. But man I’d love to see Nakai going toe to toe with the brass bull. Their fight would be legendary!

SpaceWolf 917

SpaceWolf 917 . 3 months ago

I keep telling myself “no more dlc” but whenever more comes out I buy it immediately 😂


Bloodhaze101 . 3 months ago

The only thing they fear is all of lustria

dolita windo

dolita windo . 3 months ago

I cannot believe how good this looks. Like, I was already hyped and I am still blown away.

Mister AltF4

Mister AltF4 . 3 months ago

Hey, Can you add skill reset for confederated Legendary lords and relocable capital? Mods are fine but we want achievements.

Bigoun Big

Bigoun Big . 3 months ago

where is the blood ?

frankcisco Velazquez

frankcisco Velazquez . 3 months ago

Just waiting now

Smattonellus 83

Smattonellus 83 . 3 months ago

Waiting for Mandalore to review this one


warhawk9566 . 3 months ago

WAIT I JUST NOTICED The beastmens breath frosts in the cold air but the lizardmen's don't. That's because the beastmen are warm blooded and their breath is warmer than the temperature of the air while the lizardmen's breath should be at the same temperature cause they're cold blooded. That's such a cool detail!

Yehia Huzayyin

Yehia Huzayyin . 3 months ago

All right, what's with all the Charlemagne references?

nijuo joing

nijuo joing . 3 months ago

chicken. This game just keeps getting better and better each time a new DLC comes around. Love it.

Taurox the Brass Bull

Taurox the Brass Bull . 3 months ago

Taurox is the coolest lord

Gerythion Argarys

Gerythion Argarys . 3 months ago

Nice, now if only I had the space on my harddrive to reinstall for the new content.

Павел Юсов

Павел Юсов . 3 months ago

How long can we be fed the same thing? Do the Second World world total var!

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