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Published on 12 years ago

Music video by C & C Music Factory performing Here We Go Let's Rock & Roll. (C) 1990 SONY BMG MUSIC ENTERTAINMENT

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Tavo Ruiz Piñera

Tavo Ruiz Piñera . 14 hours ago

En la esquina del barrio con los rufianes de la calle, bailando con una grabadora de doble cassettera y con 4 bocinas y luces. 😎☠️🍻

Zafnat Paneaj

Zafnat Paneaj . 2 days ago

The full album is a full non stop dancing...!!! F.... awesome!!!


Cujo . 2 days ago

Such intensity!


THEONE666 THEONE666 . 2 days ago



Ackza𒀖 . 1 week ago

80s 90s American factories ... this is actually what Trump was fever dreaming when he said Make America Great Again.... he was just watching these old nostalgic 80s music videos lol build back right and quickly

Atu Lasitani

Atu Lasitani . 1 week ago

Yeah, hit me!!

pallav mishra

pallav mishra . 2 weeks ago

RIP David Cole..

James Davison

James Davison . 2 weeks ago

Played the HELL outta this early and mid 90s

noche te ipsum

noche te ipsum . 2 weeks ago

Damn! Gotta be a Top Ten forever!

Василий Лаврик

Василий Лаврик . 2 weeks ago

По поводу России свободной 'Боюсь что нет' клип просто жесть 'кланяюсь режиссёру в пояс мастер' подача супер моя молодость где ты '


MrAleks1978 . 2 weeks ago

Hi from Russia, 90s the best


Dorade . 2 weeks ago



Dorade . 2 weeks ago

Liebe ich 😘

Balu Balu

Balu Balu . 3 weeks ago

YouTube mbelabl TV show founded good bore ho


Ackza𒀖 . 3 weeks ago



Elwolfer . 3 weeks ago

Los jovenes de ahora no saben de musica, escuchan cualquier tonteria, esto es musica!!

doug Miller

doug Miller . 4 weeks ago

Another desert storm era hit. Dancing to this in a base bar. Good times

Dexter Taylor

Dexter Taylor . 4 weeks ago

He Sounds like Ice T


fortytwolizards . 4 weeks ago

can somebody make a gif of that wiggle at 2:34 please

Steven Lawrence

Steven Lawrence . 4 weeks ago

I’m 72 years old now, but, I just love this music, am I crazy?

Ahmaak Sirach

Ahmaak Sirach . 1 month ago

Freedom was hard body on this track!!

Carioca X

Carioca X . 1 month ago

Zélma Davis and Freedom Show!!!

Joe Hinojosa

Joe Hinojosa . 1 month ago

Madonna ripped this off VOGUE

handan afacan

handan afacan . 1 month ago

Dans grubunuza hayran kaldim..1 numara 👍💖💖

BRAd From The Valley Bradley Turnham

BRAd From The Valley Bradley Turnham . 1 month ago

does this factory still operate are they hiring kibil the bitz kibbitz yall mosseltoff

D Frese

D Frese . 1 month ago

Black and Whure Power.

Celino Rodrigues

Celino Rodrigues . 1 month ago

Eita! muito dançante,rolava nos bailes aqui do Brasil,muito boa.


PopOff! . 1 month ago

Back you knew every bakcup dancer in the video was straight up day. LOL! That's my people!

Miodrag Blagojević

Miodrag Blagojević . 1 month ago

Bruklin fridom

Qunnie lo

Qunnie lo . 1 month ago

Can't believe David Cole has been dead for 26 year's..... Where has the time gone? 😔


miata350 . 1 month ago

The director of this video was so talented. Better than a lot of film directors.


coltergful . 1 month ago

Freedom Williams gets my vote for best abs in the 90's. Lol!

Cecilia Brown

Cecilia Brown . 2 months ago

I love 💕💕💕 this song sooo much, and the clip is exciting electrictrifying every time man😇😁😎😷😍 blessed be

Unity Master

Unity Master . 2 months ago


Nathalie Lemaitre

Nathalie Lemaitre . 2 months ago

OMG! Totaly forgot about this one!!!

Cecilia Brown

Cecilia Brown . 2 months ago

😳😲🤓 like ummm Mmmm gooo boy you look good Mmmm grooveing, yeah babe move lol, 🤣🤣🤣 blessed be

jorge gonzalez

jorge gonzalez . 2 months ago

Only.. The Best.. Awesome.. 🤙🤙🤙🎛️🎙️🎶🎼

handan afacan

handan afacan . 2 months ago

Bu gün e kadar izlediğim en muhteşem dans gurubu..çocuklar 1 numarasınız..turkiyeden sevgiler..👍👍👍❤


tamonettX500 . 2 months ago

Omg I used to be so in love with Freedom! First time I saw him was in a soda commercial


Toco . 2 months ago

Show D+, agito em 90 em BH Sparta, Fênix, Hipodromo só no agito Uhu

Cecilia Brown

Cecilia Brown . 2 months ago

WOW 😳😲 man, sexy man Mmmm look at that bod, and it sings tooo lol, blessed be

Stanley Castaneda

Stanley Castaneda . 2 months ago

foeedom williams good jod

Dermaine Dibbins

Dermaine Dibbins . 2 months ago

Too bad they did Martha dirty on 1st song. Her voice would have sounded so much better on this song.

deanna spencer

deanna spencer . 2 months ago

🧐☝️🙄😬😬💯💯💯😏😏😏☝️🥺🥺🙄🙄☝️🖐️🖐️😘😘😘😘😘😬🙄😏🧐 Go,go ,Let's Rock & Roll 😆😆😆 get up ,get up up & dance 🙄😬😬😱👁️👁️

Débora Ferreira

Débora Ferreira . 2 months ago

Meus filhos tem inveja de mim!!!!😜 inveja boa. Claro!😜💕😍

Débora Ferreira

Débora Ferreira . 2 months ago

Inesquecível!!!💕 É só eu ouvir e meus pés já se posicionam... Pés e braços!!!❤️ Eu era feliz e não sabia!¡!

Leah Howell

Leah Howell . 2 months ago

My soul moved.

Fernanda Roberta Veríssimo

Fernanda Roberta Veríssimo . 2 months ago

4,1mil que não viveram intensamente. Lamento. Época de ouro das danceterias.

Julius Espolong

Julius Espolong . 2 months ago

I'm 46 but still rocken Hehehehe here we go

behzad khorramshahi

behzad khorramshahi . 2 months ago


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