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Clevver Style

Clevver Style

Published on 2 months ago

We try the UK fan favorite store, BOOHOO, in today's episode of Retail Ratings! Is it worth the hype? Then, watch as we try Forever 21's Juicy Couture collab! That's hot! ►► https://www.apiyoutube.com/watch/L1xH98rO2i8
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What We Wore!
Cropped Utility Hooded Tracksuit - https://fave.co/2UMPGC0
Tape Trim Body Contour Active Biker Short - https://fave.co/3sJv7CY
Tape Trim Funnel Neck Active Top With Gloves - https://fave.co/3mzaE2D
Fit Contouring Seamless Long Sleeve Crop Top - https://fave.co/3Dhjh84
Premium Ofcl Ribbed Gym Shorts - https://fave.co/3ybWl6h
Satin Chain Print Twist Shift Dress - https://fave.co/3Dd7gjZ
Organza Sleeve Button Detail Blazer Dress - https://fave.co/3yaeQbb
Color Block Hoodie Dress - https://fave.co/3yedtZk
Ribbed Sleeveless Bodysuit & Jogger Set - https://fave.co/3jdr6na
Bleached High Waist Boyfriend Jean - https://fave.co/2WnVB0R
Puff Sleeve Knot Front Tube Top - https://fave.co/38a0RHR
Petite Double Layer Slinky Bodysuit - https://fave.co/3je5sPL
Petite Raw Edge Denim Mini Skirt - https://fave.co/3guCNUQ
Slinky Unitard - https://fave.co/3B91bDb
Off The Shoulder Floral Print Cullotte Jumpsuit - https://fave.co/3DiVcxM
Ombre Seam Free Unitard - https://fave.co/3kgQIPk
Plisse Oversized Shirt Bralet And Shorts - https://fave.co/3mw3Enm
Check Spliced Oversize Blazer Dress - https://fave.co/3Dg5dLN
Funnel Neck Gilet - https://fave.co/3Ba1b5X
Tall Asymmetric Straight Leg Jeans - https://fave.co/3gvQUsP
High Neck Long Sleeve Two Pack - https://fave.co/2WozKpN
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We do a #boohoo #haul for the first time!

FTC Disclaimer: Clevver Style participates in various affiliate marketing programs, which means we may get paid commissions on products purchased through our links to retailer sites.

Comments :

Clevver Style

Clevver Style . 2 months ago

What's your favorite piece we tried on?!

Emma McNeil Cowie

Emma McNeil Cowie . 2 weeks ago

Ooooh plz do MissGuided next 😍😍😍 xx

Loa Lane

Loa Lane . 4 weeks ago

I just said that treat Jackab and John leason tanner yea I will came party with you bbf cleaver my name is heather ha

Riana Sunflower

Riana Sunflower . 1 month ago

Where's Lauren been??

Tammie F.

Tammie F. . 1 month ago

Active wear #3 : Looks like an outfit before they cut it out of the fabric or like they forgot the balls to make a PlayStation game lol

Drea Mendez

Drea Mendez . 1 month ago

What ever happened to Loren ?

Miranda Hughes

Miranda Hughes . 1 month ago

Ok but this new girl acts to extra


Bec . 1 month ago

In real life their sizing is really off. I have a pair of pants I really like from them; BUT I got them because my aunt who is a solid 6 sizes smaller than I am got them and they are WAY TOO BIG for her. I'm like an 18 and she was a 12 at her biggest MAYBE. I don't know how that happened but she just gave them to me. They are nice though.

Katrina G

Katrina G . 2 months ago

Boohoo is where I shop for a lot of my stuff! The sizing can be hard to figure out because of the UK to US difference


Just_Ess . 2 months ago

boohoo evening dresses/cocktail dresses/ gowns

Jade Love

Jade Love . 2 months ago

Bras help with the shaping of tops. Just saying. And Leah no that green jumpsuit doesn’t make the girls look good. Sad that the chemistry is so wack now and sponsored videos feel super inauthentic. A large fits like a small……k so I’m a true large and am NOT cool with it fitting like a small.


mc23243 . 2 months ago

Where is Loryn?


Hannah . 2 months ago

Are you able to order your US size or only UK ?

Nancy Snider

Nancy Snider . 2 months ago

Well, let me try this again. The talent all look good. Leah's first outfit has markings like a butcher's cut lines and the fit is nice. .Not being negative just sharing the mental image it gave me.

Bontle Tlakula

Bontle Tlakula . 2 months ago

lol have you noticed most times they say the quality's nice everybody reach in to touch the clothing

Ellie McKay

Ellie McKay . 2 months ago

Anyone else been seeing Sinead in adverts for 'Ruggable'?


rdthompson3 . 2 months ago

Sinead looks like J-Lo in that turtleneck body suit

Jessie H

Jessie H . 2 months ago

The fact Madeline is wearing a large top in the first round, no


Jwill_24 . 2 months ago

Love clevver! But it be nice to see more mature style, work wear, more high end brands. This reminds me of things teenagers wear. I’m school administrator (28) I’m not wearing thing like this on a regular bases lol.

Hannah Tew

Hannah Tew . 2 months ago

I noticed sinead is wearing a ring on her left ring finger… does she always do that or is that new

Ashlee Lynd

Ashlee Lynd . 2 months ago

Question, where is Lauren??

;-Pimmy 〈3

;-Pimmy 〈3 . 2 months ago

Y’all remember beauty break😢


BananVapnet . 2 months ago

I wanna see Sineads dress styled with those high heel boots she has, the black ones 😀👌🏻

꧁Ms Wilson꧂

꧁Ms Wilson꧂ . 2 months ago

I’m getting backup dancer for The Black Eyed Peas vibes from Sinead’s turtleneck and sweats outfit. 💖

Cassandra Sara

Cassandra Sara . 2 months ago



Tash . 2 months ago

The Clevver crew should try AMI ClubWear.. it’s like a cross between Wish and Fashion Nova!

Corrin Floyd

Corrin Floyd . 2 months ago

Am I the only one that doesn’t like Sinead’s tan jogger set? It seriously looks like her pants are falling off of her.

Julie C

Julie C . 2 months ago

Leah is always acting like she’s hosting a dinner party in Connecticut

Ashley Russell

Ashley Russell . 2 months ago

What happened to loryn. Is she not with clevver anymore

Katy Lowe Gibson

Katy Lowe Gibson . 2 months ago

I’ve gotten some amazing things from boohoo! My favorite work-like black dress is boohoo

Rita Ivory

Rita Ivory . 2 months ago

Leah is getting so much hate. Like yeah her vibe is different than what we used to but chill. Like I miss Lo but I’ll go support her individual work then.

Lori Ballesteros

Lori Ballesteros . 2 months ago

No offense Leah but where's Loryn!? And lily and emil and joslyn!? Clevver we miss them too!

makeup_by_kailani 25

makeup_by_kailani 25 . 2 months ago

Over the new girl

Lexie R

Lexie R . 2 months ago

I love watching these videos even though I would never buy from these brands because they don't have stuff for full body women lol


Val . 2 months ago

Tell me it’s sponsor without telling me is sponsored lol… Sinead usually destroys brands when it’s not up to her standards. Overall still enjoyed it, boohoo sizing is off in my experience but I’m also 5’11” 💁🏻‍♀️


kozaq . 2 months ago

rating boohoo 5 for quality is… kinda strange imo? unless sth changed since i last ordered from them


GhostWrighter . 2 months ago


bethany walker

bethany walker . 2 months ago

The background music 😂😂😂😂 I work in a casino and that’s one of our songs that plays when you hit a jackpot….

Debbie Smith

Debbie Smith . 2 months ago

As a person with a large chest my tip to Leah is to get a sweater back clip. That way things that fit in the chest but are loose in the waist can be cinched

Kimberly Farmer

Kimberly Farmer . 2 months ago

Anyone else wondering why Lauren hasn’t been on here is a long time?

Isabella Young

Isabella Young . 2 months ago

Where did Loren go?

Mandy Heart

Mandy Heart . 2 months ago

Petite sizes differ from regular sizes ONLY in the length of garment measurements. Petite items are meant for shorter women - it has nothing to do with “width” measurements. For example, a size 6 petite skirt would be different from a 6 regular ONLY in the length of the skirt. The waist and hip measurements would be the same. Petite pants are shorter than regular, dresses are shorter/shorter waisted and tops are shorter in length with shorter sleeves. Waist, bust, hip, shoulder measurements - ALL WIDTH measurements, will be the same. So if the 6 P skirt didn’t fit Madeline in the waist and hips, the 6R wouldn’t either.

Liz Maturin

Liz Maturin . 2 months ago

Sineads tan outfit makes her look like J Lo circa 2002…. And I’m all for it.


AlleenLoveHope . 2 months ago

Any site that doesnt allow ratings/reviews is a red flag. My experience with BooHoo was not great. Got two swimsuits in the same size (based off their given measurements); one of the bottoms fit perfectly. The other was about two sizes too big. I pulled on one of the tops and the underbust elastic completely stretched out and never went back like a pair of sweats you've owned and dried in the dryer for years. Their return policy sucks and customer service is lacking. Bottom line: BooHoo's quality and sizing is very inconsistent. Dont spend more there than you're willing to gamble away.

Lanka Stols

Lanka Stols . 2 months ago

I'm not a huge fan of Leah (yet), she's just not my cup of tea BUT neither was Madeline when she first started on Clevver, I thought she was awkward and has no chemistry with the others, but I gave her a chance to grow on me and now I like her and feels she fits in nicely. So I'm going to do the same with Leah and I urge those who say they don't like Leah to do the same - give the lady a chance, man! I also miss Loryn, but that doesn't mean Leah sucks just because she's not Loryn - she's her own person. How would you feel if you were her and read all of these comments? I would be heartbroken. So just give her a friggin FAIR chance before you just say she sucks or whatever. Love all the Clevver Gals 🧡 much love from South Africa ✌

Andjela Rakic

Andjela Rakic . 2 months ago

It kinda annoys me how they don't like the pattern and take down points for it when they literally picked their own outfits and saw the pattern.🙄

Elisabeth Bialosky

Elisabeth Bialosky . 2 months ago

Hi! On earth day Clevver Style said that they would be using and trying way less fast fashion brands, but almost everything has been fast fashion brands since then. Do you think you could try deterring away from these stores given their bad impacts on the environment and horrible labor ethics? I know its inconvenient but when we support unethical companies, it's being complacent in those ethics as well.

riley andersenn

riley andersenn . 2 months ago

leah reminds me of meghan for the og’s who remember the original clever. bring jocelyn lilly meghan and erin back!

Barksy xo

Barksy xo . 2 months ago

Most important thing about boohoo is wait for a sale and/or code because things cycle through sales very often you can get pretty much anything for 60/80 percent off

Stewart MacDonald

Stewart MacDonald . 2 months ago

Omg I get all my clothes from here!!

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