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Jaclyn Hill

Jaclyn Hill

Published on 2 weeks ago



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Comments :

Jaclyn Hill

Jaclyn Hill . 2 weeks ago

What should I name this series?!?

Stephany Giraldo

Stephany Giraldo . 21 minutes ago


The Mia & Rose Beauty Channel

The Mia & Rose Beauty Channel . 1 hour ago

I am a teacher and mother of 5. I am super stressed and depressed and I am diabetic. I have struggled just to loose the last 20pounds for years. I just have not motivation :(

Miss Farr

Miss Farr . 2 hours ago

You can do it!!!! Keep on trucking!!!

Megan O'Neal

Megan O'Neal . 2 hours ago

Congratulations on starting this fresh change! I pray you keep motivated, & feel better after all the hard work you're going to do, & I pray He keeps you feeling self-love throughout this journey <3 because you're beautiful, regardless of your outer shell. Keep it up girly! We're rooting for you!!

Margarita Ramirez

Margarita Ramirez . 3 hours ago

You should make a new channel, a vlog channel where could share your day to day, where you can be raw and feel free to share whatever you want. I don’t follow you in here because I’m not into makeup anymore but I would totally follow you in your new channel.


TiffanyLovesJesus! . 5 hours ago

I can't wait for Jaclyn to be a mommy!!!🤗🤗🤗💟💟💟


Janelle . 6 hours ago

This is so inspiring! I’m on a constant health journey too, and I love to watch along with your videos. You’re so real with it! It’s refreshing 🙏


Münzevî . 9 hours ago

You will die, and they [too] will die (Zumar /30 ) QURAN..

Jessica jessica

Jessica jessica . 11 hours ago

I’m starting my journey as well, glad i have someone like you to go through this together with!

Ashley Blocher

Ashley Blocher . 12 hours ago

So excited for you. Taking your life back and feeling amazing will be the best thing you’ve ever done. I did it and then I fell off cause I lost weight and felt great and now I’m worse than before so stick to it! I do have some tips because honestly I needed a scare for it to take effect

Katie Base

Katie Base . 12 hours ago

Getting back to Jacqulyn

Kara Terzano

Kara Terzano . 14 hours ago

I suggest meal prepping so that you don’t have to make a last minute bad food decision, I ate nuggets cuz I forgot make a something so shit happens haha

Kara Terzano

Kara Terzano . 14 hours ago

This makes me so happy to see I am finally working on myself as awesome. My sister and mother are skinny legends and are giving me all the jelly I could ever need. I don’t add salt to my food and I stay away from super salty things most days and I’m already almost dairy free but I bitch loves cheese. We got this

Amber Lynn

Amber Lynn . 23 hours ago

“Back on track W/ Jac! “

Alicia Chavez

Alicia Chavez . 24 hours ago

You can do it. It’s just you have to think of it as a lifestyle not a diet. Meal prep and plan your exercises for the week. It will all come together.


aslgemmill . 24 hours ago

Jaclyn’s Health Journey👏🏼


TheCaitling . 24 hours ago

I feel sure you can make your own guac and salsa super healthy, those things aren't bad to begin with really; its real food and not processed crap!

Josie LeBlanc

Josie LeBlanc . 24 hours ago

I know you said you can’t ditch dairy, however I just want to point out that dairy products cause sooo much inflammation!! And meat is also bad for your cardiovascular health!! Just my 2 cents. Love you so much Jaclyn, you GOT this 💪🏻 ❤️

Joy Malou

Joy Malou . 1 day ago

💭 I've been waiting for life with Jaclyn. all my support & love to you!! I'm so happy, as long as your personality comes along & blooms I'm all in. thank you! 💌💘💝💖💗💓💞💕💟❣️❤️🧡💛💚💙💜🤎🖤🤍

Libby Mejia

Libby Mejia . 1 day ago

Yay!! I hope you can motivate me to do better ❤️


Dee . 1 day ago

Her face is so freaking big!!! Like out of proportion to her body

Amanda Woehl

Amanda Woehl . 1 day ago

Getting Jac'd

Devyn Kubley

Devyn Kubley . 1 day ago

I’m gonna do this with you Jac!!!


91geps . 1 day ago

You can do it!

triss gray

triss gray . 1 day ago

Back on track with jack

Tanya Alvarez

Tanya Alvarez . 1 day ago

same vibes with dairy I just cannot cut it lol love this for you girl good luck!! gonna do this with ya <3


Chrissy1970 . 1 day ago

Inspirational Journal, maybe?

Nat Divaz

Nat Divaz . 2 days ago

Jac's Journey of Wellness

Jazmin Kristine

Jazmin Kristine . 2 days ago

Life with Jaclyn

MarketTab Reviews

MarketTab Reviews . 2 days ago

Jac’n Around :D with Jaclyn

Melinda Hicks

Melinda Hicks . 2 days ago

Love this for you!

Ali Winne

Ali Winne . 2 days ago

I’m in the same situation and the same age and finally feeling ready to start taking care of myself again. Thank you for sharing! Ignore the haters and you got this! ❤️

a brannon

a brannon . 2 days ago

Name idea: Hill Health? love this series!!

Dana Uttal

Dana Uttal . 3 days ago

Such a good attitude—you got this! I’m also on a feel good journey & struggle with dieting or limiting certain types of food intake (ive also been struggling with ibs). Portion control has really helped allow me to have some of the salty, sweet or dairy in moderation, though i find it most helpful to just not buy it. My bf & i also started beachbody ondemand last year & i really like the variety that offers

Sydney Kobesky

Sydney Kobesky . 3 days ago

I haven’t been watching YouTube videos as much as I used to years ago… I came on the app and saw your other video after this one now I’m here. I am so excited for this series and I love this side of you! You got this 💪🏻

Adrienne Marcz

Adrienne Marcz . 3 days ago

How about Dear Jaclyn.!!

Adrienne Marcz

Adrienne Marcz . 3 days ago

I don’t think you should make such a public effort in this situation. You are going to get so much unneeded negativity. I only want the best for you and support whatever you choose to do. Just don’t be so hard on yourself. It’s not what’s BEST, it’s what’s BETTER! U r an icon. Don’t forget it.. ; )

Chayle McFaull

Chayle McFaull . 3 days ago

Just turned 32 and I’m suffering the same things after I lost my fiancé. I’m gonna try to start this when I’m ready but inflammation is TERRIBLe. Especially when you eat something and an hour later you feel like you’re in labor lol. Good luck, you deserve this❤️

Sunny Days

Sunny Days . 3 days ago

I am doing this with you.

Angela D'Antonio

Angela D'Antonio . 3 days ago

TOTALLY throwing away anything that rhymes or has alliteration at all, I think it should pertain to a lifestyle change. Because that is what this IS. That is what this should ALWAYS BE. It's not a diet, it's not a fitness challenge, it's LIFE. So I'm just gonna say... Jaclyn's Beautiful Lifestyle Journey

Sarah Mccall

Sarah Mccall . 4 days ago

Aren’t you always changing your life I’ve loved you for years but now I think you just love drama lol you create your own drama


Vavaviolet . 4 days ago

We love a comeback Queen! Listen, we all make mistakes and the lipsticks was just that. So happy you feel like you again, you didn't deserve all that hate now so slay !!!

Jennifer Cate

Jennifer Cate . 4 days ago

You’re so brave... thank you for showing us the truth.

Liz N

Liz N . 4 days ago

Uphill with Jaclyn Hill!

Tiffany Gomez

Tiffany Gomez . 4 days ago

This is the Jaclyn I loved from long time ago! I’m here for this and I’m going to start with you

Diana Longoria-Jones

Diana Longoria-Jones . 4 days ago

But the trailer is raw! I need to join you! I want to feel good before i consider another baby


Rachel . 4 days ago

I am doing the same thing!! 2 weeks in and almost 10 lbs down. I still enjoy the things I love in moderation. The other day I fell but ITS OK. I just started again the next day. Love it and you got this girl!!!!

Rebecca Gibbs

Rebecca Gibbs . 4 days ago

Just came back to this video because I needed a little extra motivation to do my last workout of the week. Love you J!

Tayler Underwood

Tayler Underwood . 4 days ago

Lord knows you and Jordan will be cooking some DOPE A$$ HEALTHY STUFF! 🖤

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