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Taking Up Space | Yale University | Netflix


Published on 1 year ago

Shows like Dear White People - Show matter because they're based on real-life experiences. Here's what it looks like off-screen when Black folk take it upon themselves to create community despite being one of a few.

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Taking Up Space | Yale University | Netflix

Comments :

Monika Bailey

Monika Bailey . 4 weeks ago

I can’t wait to watch this!!!!

Salvatore Lanzieri

Salvatore Lanzieri . 2 months ago

The most fucking liberal school in the world ,by far !! Wtf wre these people talking about? You get a fucking prize if your all black,queer,or a hermaphrodite.

Hammerclap Soprano

Hammerclap Soprano . 5 months ago

Black this. Black that! You guys wanna be included in everything yet separate yourselves at the same time with creating black spaces. Being a racist and a "victim" seems to be the way to get ahead for blacks now. Congratulations.


Thomas . 6 months ago

she caught the college "woke" syndrome.

Simão Filipe

Simão Filipe . 6 months ago

This video is to my surprise actually good, I 100% agree with everything, except the email incident, I really think people and especially this students need to just reflect a bit more about the "email issue" because I believe anyone with common sense could tell that the reaction the students had was really extremely exaggerated.

Louis Cyfear

Louis Cyfear . 8 months ago

Snowflake..none of these things involved her.

Katherine Ramirez

Katherine Ramirez . 8 months ago


Ragga Chat

Ragga Chat . 8 months ago

My friend Jermane would look to shoot your next documentary. 8624009302


Aintzane . 10 months ago

The Halloween email thing is simply not true. I go to Yale. It's funny how people can twist things.


Behave . 11 months ago

Being intelligent is exhausting. So much to do and think about. On top of syllabus

Pharoah M

Pharoah M . 12 months ago

Damn she overdiction everything "I attends yales universitys... I thoughts the norths... woulds be betters"

gillian owens

gillian owens . 1 year ago

That is horrible everyone should been loved


Prim . 1 year ago

l love how she says "police need to receive training in how you should respond to certain situations"...That's true most police do need such training or at list just being aware.

Venus Infinity

Venus Infinity . 1 year ago

She is so beautiful

Catharine Schreiber

Catharine Schreiber . 1 year ago

these women are going to be running the world one day. And who the hell would say that her hair is anything other then amazing


ellakruz . 1 year ago

Love love that this is being made!! However, one of the instances she talked about in the beginning, the email from the faculty saying people can wearing what Halloween costumes they want regardless of appropriation... I know she didn’t seem involved, but that was a really conflated incident which targeted the professor who sent the email (which was more a reactionary email saying Yale shouldn’t police police what students wear unless it’s dramatically offensive) and her family. Protestors were going to their home and chalking it and yelling at them in their face as they left home for errands. I think the reaction was mishandled and disproportionate to the crime. The email writers husband grew up with many multi-racial adopted siblings and he tried to calmly dissipate the situation, and they kept referring to him as an active white supremacist with no evidence. I encourage people to look into that. :/ super disappointing.

Gabrielle John

Gabrielle John . 1 year ago

She’s so amazing

sofie andersen

sofie andersen . 1 year ago

theres the thing that SAE is the target of a nother documentary about sexual assault and girls know that because girls calls it sexual assualt expected

Raimot Oni

Raimot Oni . 1 year ago

She's quite articulate. She will have a fantastic career as a narrator.

Cardion Don

Cardion Don . 1 year ago

Loved. Loved. Loved this.

Jac Wilson

Jac Wilson . 1 year ago

Wow! So proud 😁👍🏾


Nes232 . 1 year ago

This is still pathologic, it is still tribalism. It's just the other side of the other extreme.

nicole x

nicole x . 1 year ago

She’s getting her bachelors and masters at the same time? My hero wow

B. Araba 🇬🇭

B. Araba 🇬🇭 . 1 year ago

Loving this! It needs to continue to be talked about. #sharing #takingupspace

Ashley Obasi

Ashley Obasi . 1 year ago

This is soooo important! Thank you Netflix for creating this type of content. It's so important to highlight the experience black students face at PWI's. This is the first step to change, the institutions that be can no longer hide their flaws. They must address the racial bias on campus and provide resources to change them.

Dogs Ye

Dogs Ye . 1 year ago

I love her glasses

The Afro Math

The Afro Math . 1 year ago

She looks just like issa❤️

Erik Osbjörn

Erik Osbjörn . 1 year ago

this is SUCH BULSHIT!! I was a Freshman at Yale when those "events" took place and the students were out of their fucking minds. I don't think i have ever seen so many self-entitled privileged people protesting for something that was just not there... What the email said was that it shouldn't be the administration's job to tell students what they should and shouldn't wear, and that students should be allowed, given that they are adults, to make those decisions (or confront smo in they felt offended) on their own. And those accusations on the sorority were NEVER reported, some girl posted them on her fb status...but people acted like they were 100% true. And i doubt than in this day and age someone would have the GUTS to say that on two black girls' faces. EVERYONE that goes to Yale is privileged, including minority students. And the people that were screaming that 'they were dying' at the professor for literally expresing a different opinion than them (so much for freedom of speach) were coming from affluent suburban neighborhoods, so I doubt how much "opressed" they were... I suggest if anyone wants to see what went down to see these videos here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kMc8pczn-hs&pbjreload=10 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JGoT7jurRF8 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xK4MBzp5YwM

Migi Muis

Migi Muis . 1 year ago


Kane Big Bi

Kane Big Bi . 1 year ago

I spent my college life just taking exams and sleeping. I'm amazed how much these students are able to do.

Wendy Crawford

Wendy Crawford . 1 year ago

Can we get rid of trump ????..half of all racial issues will go away.

Tyrone biggums

Tyrone biggums . 1 year ago

so to all white people who are triggered by this video of black people talking about racism A strong advice, if you are not a racist then it's not about and you don't have to worry about. But if black people just talking about racism is unnerving to you, then take a long hard look at yourself. why are you so worried and scared of strong minority voices?


G . 1 year ago

For those of you who think racism is a thing of the past....have a look at these comments...

Katrina Das

Katrina Das . 1 year ago

Her braids r so cute

Vanessa Attah

Vanessa Attah . 1 year ago

she's beautiful!

Vanessa Attah

Vanessa Attah . 1 year ago

being black at a PWI is making me much 'blacker' too. from my hair, to my style, to my friends.

humming bird

humming bird . 1 year ago

She has not experienced racial atrocities. Wrong use of word. Racial atrocities ware what the slaves experienced. But, she seems like a very intelligent and poised young lady. So i hope she does not dwell on racial crap. As long as no one blocks you into class or do anything to impede your ability to get an education then who cares how others feel about you?

Tai Time

Tai Time . 1 year ago

This was pretty beautiful, Black folk never cease to amaze me. I love my people !

Anton Slizzardhands

Anton Slizzardhands . 1 year ago

Women like her belong in office. I'm with Ashtan.

Kalesha Knight

Kalesha Knight . 1 year ago

Loved the short doc and I loved the spirit of all the youth! Ashtan’s voice is amazing! Keep rising!

Riva The Diva

Riva The Diva . 1 year ago

Def lookin forward to seeing this

Tristian’s Vlogs

Tristian’s Vlogs . 1 year ago

Omg America is so racist

Erica M

Erica M . 1 year ago


Arlene V

Arlene V . 1 year ago

Meanwhile I’m failing math and social studies 🤦🏻‍♀️

Laura Hoke

Laura Hoke . 1 year ago

Yeah, go watch the video where they are screaming at that professor. Those students didn't treat him with dignity or respect. While screaming and throwing a tantrum he calmly explained his position and the values of anti censorship and freedom for all students of the university which were originally fought to be had by minority students. Now they want to live in pure fascism and censorship because any costume they find offensive is emotionally painful and should be banned? These students complaing, showing a lack of respect and tolerance for others is what is truly disgusting. They are the priviliged ones going to an ivy league!

Don't Worry

Don't Worry . 1 year ago

The costume thing was pure evil by the students.

African Chai

African Chai . 1 year ago

She’s so well spoken. I’m crying because I could never 😭😭


Elim YEUNG . 1 year ago

Race shouldn't be a factor in choosing anything, if you treat ppl with respect, ppl will treat u back equally, if not then their just botches

Vivek Patel

Vivek Patel . 1 year ago

So much of the allure of Ivy League schools comes from the amount of exclusion they exhibit. If any Ivy tripled their enrollment within the next few years, the current students would be outraged.

Chris Quimbly

Chris Quimbly . 1 year ago

this why u go to an hbcu if u black 😂 pwi aint made for the black community

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