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Published on 4 days ago

Poppy Playtime is a horror game where you enter a toy factory to encounter friendly toys that want to give you a hug. Video has Chapter 1 A Tight Squeeze

Game Info: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1721470/Poppy_Playtime/


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Comments :


ManlyBadassHero . 4 days ago

Welcome to the I'll Give A Hug To Only The Lucky Few Comments Club, how I'll Give A Hug To Only The Lucky Few Comments are ya?

Роман Иванов

Роман Иванов . 5 minutes ago

6:24 *Me, playing Half-Life 2 the first time ever


Lily . 9 minutes ago

Would you be so kind as to play games in the future with subtitles if there is an option? I am having a lot of trouble understanding what they are saying because your voice is way louder than theirs I had to turn the volume down

Kirk Q.

Kirk Q. . 9 minutes ago

Holy Sh*t! Huggy is staring right at Manly at 14:02!!! It took a couple of rewatching to catch that! Can't wait for more!

Ben Frank

Ben Frank . 29 minutes ago

I can't believe he didn't die once in the Vent Chase scene. Manly is such a protagonist.

Glam Ex

Glam Ex . 30 minutes ago

why do you kinda sound like retro like my oce is the same size as huggy wuggy

Vincent Paul

Vincent Paul . 32 minutes ago

I hate scary games but idk why I enjoy watching your videos. Tbh, I mostly hid the video behind my switch. The chase scene really freaked me out haha.

RazorFire Strats

RazorFire Strats . 55 minutes ago

This is animated to be extremely lifelike and that makes it HORRIFYING to watch that thing move


Jamvously . 1 hour ago

Holy Crap that Vent Scene deserves Gold in Horror Games.


WheresThaHate . 1 hour ago

i watched a bunch of letsplayers play this and so far manly is the only one that survived the huggywuggy chase xD

Asdan Games

Asdan Games . 1 hour ago

That chase scene is literally terrifying oh my gosh

Asdan Games

Asdan Games . 2 hours ago

WARNING: Candy Cat™ is not made of real candy. Do not eat Candy Cat™.

Fredbear plush

Fredbear plush . 2 hours ago


Cath Joie

Cath Joie . 2 hours ago



J D . 3 hours ago

I noped at “I’m a real girl, just like you” Maybe tomorrow


Washiro . 3 hours ago

I just wanna say that before this I got an ad and watched a cute monkey eat a donut, and it really set the tone.


『S͓̽o͓̽l͓̽』 . 3 hours ago

I request someone time stamp these jump scares.


SIR JEFFERS . 3 hours ago

How many shots from a trench gun do ya think it would take for that thing? My guess three at most.

Wolf DragonNinja

Wolf DragonNinja . 3 hours ago

Maybe the reason huggy wuggy bleed that's why the employee's because they will kill them and turn them into toys

Andy Zhang

Andy Zhang . 4 hours ago

That chasing animation in the vents crinkles my bones…

Ian Crone

Ian Crone . 4 hours ago

I hope Chubbyemu replies with "MBH, reporting to the emergency room"

Jarell Powell

Jarell Powell . 4 hours ago

Only youtuber I know who didn't die the first time in the vents

Canadian WaffenWaffle

Canadian WaffenWaffle . 4 hours ago

"huggy wuggy" *ah sht*

Panda Killa

Panda Killa . 5 hours ago

4:13 *subnautica noises intensify*


Phobialunatic . 5 hours ago

"Don't turn around" *turns around 5 times the entire chase*


Gametistic . 5 hours ago

Finally, jumpscares that lead to good chases (sorry Resident Evil Fetus)

Frances Russell

Frances Russell . 5 hours ago

son i c


Arclyon . 5 hours ago

You missed a huggy sighting right before you get the red arm, his head pokes out of one of the door gates on the right, then he hides when you're in view

Aladite Crystal

Aladite Crystal . 5 hours ago

11:40 Remember to take breaks! breaks longer than 10 minutes are not permitted Now that had me rolling


Dante . 5 hours ago

This was actually super interesting

Darth Frosty

Darth Frosty . 6 hours ago

This is an actually really good game. Cant wait to see where they take it

Tatum Fowler

Tatum Fowler . 6 hours ago

this guy is really cool, all the gameplay of poppy playtime has been really over the top cept for this

Galvanized Dreamer

Galvanized Dreamer . 6 hours ago

Does anybody have the text of white text box of the "Adopt an Orphan" poster?

Elysium Emerald

Elysium Emerald . 6 hours ago

this is worst then my worst nightmare called Mr. Hopp's playhouse. Monokuma! Can you make the toys kill each other!?


InvaderXan . 7 hours ago

Wait... This isn't Sonic...


froggi🐸 . 7 hours ago

ith thlammed myth penith inth theth carth doorth

Jorge Do O'da Silva

Jorge Do O'da Silva . 7 hours ago

That puppet is animated toooooooooooooo real


rennie . 7 hours ago

my bf called me to show me this game and we both don't get scared that easily (or at least we pretend we don't lol) but the chase scene in the vents both scared the absolute SHIT out of both of us it was literally terrifying??? This game looks so good so far, we were both super impressed with it and can't wait to see more !!!


impliqued . 8 hours ago

Please do chapter two when its out!

gloomy bear

gloomy bear . 8 hours ago

I've never screamed at a horror game until this one. damn.


Davebits . 8 hours ago

Holy shit is it just me or is robin (xycron) voice acting in this game?

tide pods

tide pods . 8 hours ago

Omg the most famous game rn! But still glad to see you upload today! (Even though you upload everyday)

Beppe il Mangia Crostate

Beppe il Mangia Crostate . 9 hours ago

Simple solutions chapter 1: Bring a gun

Câlli vain

Câlli vain . 9 hours ago

Im stunned by how good the animation on the monster is. Many horror games have these stock animations that look like the monster is "sliding" because the speed is faster than the walk animation, but this one felt really well paced. It has this Bendy and the Ink Machine vibe without being a clone or rip-off, and theres an actually interesting story happening. Was expecting a kinda "no plot" experience but this hits just the spot, I think. Im digging this!


alarkhar . 9 hours ago

Wouldn't it be interesting if Poppy turned out NOT to be the big bad - but rather one of the big bad's many victims?

seu rn

seu rn . 9 hours ago

13:58 The blue thing near that small entrance thing is Huggy Wuggy 14:02 Huggy Wuggy staring at you

Blaine Tate

Blaine Tate . 9 hours ago

Nice how you somehow avoided getting butchered until _after_ the ending of the only available chapter as of mid-October.

Moto Robo

Moto Robo . 9 hours ago

Oh shit a YouTuber that doesn’t use all caps on a video


Kamina11 . 10 hours ago

This looked amazing. Cant wait to see the whole thing!

lance more

lance more . 10 hours ago

Huggy wuggy, Mr. huggy wuggy Has a hug for everybody and a special one for you. He's so fluffy, he's your fluffy buddy Won't you be his buddy too? Huggy wuggy, Mr. huggy wuggy Has a rumble in his tummy He's asks "what sound good to you?" You give him gummies to put in his tummy But he just stairs at you. (⊙⊙) (⊙ww⊙) ( ww )

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