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Joyner Lucas - Will (ADHD)

Joyner Lucas

Joyner Lucas

Published on 1 week ago

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Comments :

Mpumi Xulu

Mpumi Xulu . 20 seconds ago

Wonder how long it took to make this vid😩. So cool

Zachary Pupchek

Zachary Pupchek . 41 seconds ago

That was done as fuck I loved how he used His movies to rap

hollyhonest RadioOfficial

hollyhonest RadioOfficial . 4 minutes ago

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Keiran . 5 minutes ago

Joyner Lucas is the underrated legend of the US scene


Elite鬱 . 11 minutes ago


Mamadou Gueye

Mamadou Gueye . 16 minutes ago

You Are forget Ali

Camband OG

Camband OG . 18 minutes ago

All most the most inspirational ever for me


LimitlessCXIVI . 22 minutes ago

Now tell me being an asshole gets you respect. Being a Man does.

Matej Čillik

Matej Čillik . 26 minutes ago

I don't like ADHD at all but this song slaps

rn _mt101

rn _mt101 . 32 minutes ago

This was awesome. Surprised there was no Hancock reference, then again, not much of a lyric you could use that title for.

Rico Brinson

Rico Brinson . 33 minutes ago


rebellious & un4given

rebellious & un4given . 36 minutes ago

This is the dopest track I've heard in while. An award is due for this one.


21bnk . 36 minutes ago

Wow🤝 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

Peter Patar

Peter Patar . 38 minutes ago

Who's here waiting Will to comment? . . .

Maximillian Fredriksson

Maximillian Fredriksson . 40 minutes ago

this is probably the dopest shiiiet ive ever heard :O

Nativ Alhilal

Nativ Alhilal . 44 minutes ago

We love you will Smith

dolimi jotoo

dolimi jotoo . 46 minutes ago

This video is a masterpiece. Will Smith is definitely a legend. Dope he paid tribute to him like this!

The lit Squad

The lit Squad . 49 minutes ago


Sir Vibal

Sir Vibal . 50 minutes ago

dude. this is fire. you deserve all this attention and more. if you dont win a damn trophy , fuck the grammies fr xD


Micronet . 51 minutes ago

get this comment to 100k likes to pay respect to all the legends we lost this year

RyRy Jenn

RyRy Jenn . 54 minutes ago

This is sooooo tuff 🔥

Jasmine Bolden

Jasmine Bolden . 1 hour ago

He Bodied this Hoe!


jour'nee . 1 hour ago

no hancock???

Itz Deluge

Itz Deluge . 1 hour ago

that was legit one of the best tracks good shit

gerson Menendez

gerson Menendez . 1 hour ago

Obra de Arte

Logan Kandel

Logan Kandel . 1 hour ago

Anyone else think Joyner's music videos deserve a lot of praise. This and ADHD are award-worthy videos, and the rest of them are just consistently great

Mason Ruacho

Mason Ruacho . 1 hour ago

Why are rappers making songs about actors recently


wommohawk . 1 hour ago


Charles Wilson

Charles Wilson . 1 hour ago

Where's Hancock at lmao

Vuyo Mkhomantzi

Vuyo Mkhomantzi . 1 hour ago

Damnnn nigga's flow is too much 🔥🔥


M B . 1 hour ago


MB Films

MB Films . 1 hour ago

Was hoping to see Hanckok

Yogesh Dhavale

Yogesh Dhavale . 1 hour ago

Damn this track is 🔥🔥

Alexander Phillips

Alexander Phillips . 2 hours ago

No Independence Day? Thats one his best movies

Just Some Stormtrooper With Internet access

Just Some Stormtrooper With Internet access . 2 hours ago

This song is so fire that my neighbors called the whole fire department

Jubilee Shonfelt

Jubilee Shonfelt . 2 hours ago

My only criticism... No Independence Day?

Marquita C

Marquita C . 2 hours ago


Ok Then

Ok Then . 2 hours ago

I think a million of these views might be mine . This song is perfection

Boomerang Beatz

Boomerang Beatz . 2 hours ago



goonie . 2 hours ago

This is legend! Will Smith is a great role model!

Brandon Grant-Petley

Brandon Grant-Petley . 2 hours ago

The line that got me was we look up to it like we use to look up to Phil from prince of bel air


TigerMTB BKLYN . 2 hours ago

Notice he had every hair cut on point

Paul Winslow

Paul Winslow . 2 hours ago

Will sent me here.

Cedric Geingob

Cedric Geingob . 2 hours ago

Great track and exquisite video love it ...big ups to Joyner Lucas

Mpulsive Minds

Mpulsive Minds . 2 hours ago

He killed this!


2210cali11 . 2 hours ago

Dammm he killed it on this one... a great way to start thanking and show who touched us in our memories... rest in peace to the other legends that are gone..

Luis Santiago

Luis Santiago . 2 hours ago

I think the deep face (3:30) would've been better with the corridor digital team

Asuni Archie

Asuni Archie . 2 hours ago

Underrated as one of the best lyricist In the game Td

Rafael Temple

Rafael Temple . 2 hours ago

Where Gemini man at?

Jazzy J

Jazzy J . 2 hours ago


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