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Published on 2 days ago

Khalid - "New Normal" // Out Now!
Listen Here // https://smarturl.it/KhalidNewNormal

Listen to Khalid: https://Khalid.lnk.to/listenYD

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Production Company: Off Site Films
Director: Andy Hines
Executive Producer: Olivia Hines
Executive Producer / Producer: Nic Neary
Producer: Peter Williams
Editor: Joe Calardo
Executive Assistant: Jessica Knight
Production Supervisor: Jeremiah Zazueta
Production Coordinator: Luke Gilbert
Office PA: JD Dominguez

1st Assistant Director: Clenet Verdi Rose
2nd Assistant Director: Ben Bywater
Director of Photography: Gaul Porat
Steadicam Operator:Eric Catelan
1st AC: Javier Santos
2nd AC: William Hayes

Techno Crane Head Tech: Gabriel Camacho
Techno Crane Tech: Jake Poole
DIT: Scott Beckley
Gaffer: Nghia "NB" Khuu
Light Designer/Board Op: Darien Koop
Best Boy Electric: John Woodside
Electric: Miles Bibb
Electric: Stephan Henderson
Electric: Alan Morier
Electric: Sam Orefice
Key Grip: Brendan Riel
Best Boy Grip: Michael Moore
Grip: Daniel Kusenda
Grip: Connor Colby
Grip: Edward Rodriguez
Grip: Eric Fowler

Production Designer: Ron Beach
Art Coordinator: Moana Hom
Set Decorator: Cindy Epping
Leadman: Cheney LaRue
Construction: Eric Thorne
Greens: Sarah Fernando
Set Dresser: Reno Benedetti
Set Dresser: Jeff Tomas
Set Dresser: Joel Thanos
Set Dresser / Strike: Ricky Martin
Set Dresser / Strike: John Collins

Prop master: Mark White
Prop Assist: Jeremy Glaholt
Art PA: Kennedy Trawick
Key Wardrobe: Ade Samuel
Wardrobe Agent: Samantha Tyler
Wardrobe Assistant: Daver Campbell
Tailor: Anait Mkrtchian
HMU: Jacque Piotrowski
HMU: Angelina Butera
VTR: Micah Lashbrook
Sound Mixer / Sound Designer: Jack Goodman
Music Playback: Justin Johnson
Script Supervisor: Anna Asher
Bradbury Rep: Jackie Mezquita
Caterer: Jose Angel
Lead PA: Alina Verenich
Production Assistant: Vince Barrucco
Production Assistant: Steven Almanza
Production Assistant: Adrien Morales
Production Assistant: Erin Taylor
Covid Officer: Brandon Cuarisma
Covid Cleaner: Breanne Banuelos
Covid Cleaner: Jennifer Flatebo
Set Medic: Hollywood Medics
Craft Service: Manny Lizso
Assistant Editor: Robyn Lee Couch
Directors Assistant: John Isaacs

VFX: We Are Covert
Executive Producer: Toby Wheeler
Producer: Max Murphy
VFX Supervisor Pavan Balagam
Compositor: Ivan Hryhorjuk
Compositor: Oscar Barrera
Animation/UI: Roberto Rodriguez
Texturing/modelling/lighting: Eduardo Armbrust

#Khalid #NewNormal #EverythingIsChanging

Comments :


KhalidVEVO . 1 day ago

This one is really special to me. No matter what life throws your way, it’ll only be just a season. Always remain hopeful! What does your new normal look like?

_._.Shanii ._._

_._.Shanii ._._ . 5 minutes ago

My new anthem

فايز بن سعيد gmcrider1 l

فايز بن سعيد gmcrider1 l . 6 minutes ago

I can see that he was workin out and lost some weight 👏🏽

Melissa Gitau

Melissa Gitau . 6 minutes ago

Couldn't listen to this at a better time💆.

Princess Quist

Princess Quist . 7 minutes ago

His little dance 😊

Wholesome Melody

Wholesome Melody . 16 minutes ago

I started my channel with this song today ❤️love you Khalid

Ruben R.Santacruz

Ruben R.Santacruz . 20 minutes ago

this man's voice <3

Sharon Lerato

Sharon Lerato . 33 minutes ago

This is so Therapeutic.


OneApple . 35 minutes ago

Am here for the beautiful voice

Lidmarien Peña

Lidmarien Peña . 37 minutes ago

You are the best one

Lynn Nyemba

Lynn Nyemba . 41 minutes ago


Gideon Jager

Gideon Jager . 41 minutes ago

Great song... super boring video... take a page outta lil nas x's book brodie... no one really wants to see you making these strange movements lol come on man...

bett Fancy

bett Fancy . 47 minutes ago

My "new normal" is really tough 😭 Sometimes i even feel like ending it but by listening to this kind of a hit and seeing that am not the only going through this makes me feel better and keep trying/fighting ✨

simphiwe nduduzo

simphiwe nduduzo . 52 minutes ago

Thanks [email protected] Khalid😭🔥it’s not a sad song but it got me so emotional because it’s sooo good.

Lexi Candy

Lexi Candy . 57 minutes ago

This shit to tough!!


Jalen WALKER . 1 hour ago


Kyle Lopez

Kyle Lopez . 1 hour ago

Beautiful ❤️👍

Iandra Roberta Borgquist

Iandra Roberta Borgquist . 2 hours ago

You are PERFECT 💕

Rasya Arsa channel

Rasya Arsa channel . 2 hours ago

good voice.... 🙏

Michelle Omamo

Michelle Omamo . 2 hours ago

Love this🥺🥺

Jaime Gonzalez

Jaime Gonzalez . 2 hours ago

Stay strong 💪 we are all beautiful in our own perfect way

Jaime Gonzalez

Jaime Gonzalez . 2 hours ago

His voice is perfect ,have a blessed day ladies and gentlemen

Ashish Panwar

Ashish Panwar . 2 hours ago

khalid songs gives inner peace😌

Helen De La Torre

Helen De La Torre . 2 hours ago

This song led me to "Angels" yesterday and I fell in love with both! 😇💜😇

Iago Silva

Iago Silva . 2 hours ago

His songs makes me want sleep and sing to the moon all night, at the same time, owww

Monce Boston

Monce Boston . 2 hours ago


Kimberlina Jolie-Coeur

Kimberlina Jolie-Coeur . 3 hours ago

WoW 🙏🤍🦅

Mehdi Dib

Mehdi Dib . 3 hours ago

Machi ge3 mli7a

Ken Ramos

Ken Ramos . 3 hours ago

Khalid be like: hmmmm ahhhhmmm fhahhh


Nothando💕 . 3 hours ago

Highkey feeling this song on a whole different level 🤞🏼🖤

Safiya Henry

Safiya Henry . 3 hours ago

This is facts no lie everything is changing 🥺


Mujeeb . 3 hours ago

Lyrics bitchesssss 😈😈 You found your way but it's never enough And though it's been tough for you Losing touch But ah, summer has its end sometimes And although I can't promise you much You'll be fine, you'll be fine Saw you make your bed up, somewhere in the darkness Its hittin' you the hardest Oh, no one predicted how far we came It's not what you wanted How fast the time goes? Living in the moment (Yeah) Taking you for granted It's a new normal, it's up to us to live in it And to understand it You found your way but it's never enough And though it's been tough for you Losing touch But ah, summer has its end somеtimes (Yeah) Although I can't promise you much You'll bе fine, you'll be fine You don't pick your pages Its how the story goes In this life, its what you making It's out of your control It's almost like you're screaming But no one hears your voice 'Cause everything is changing (Oh) (You found your way and it's never enough) 'Cause everything is changing (Changing) And I can't stop a thing (You found your way and it's never enough) 'Cause everything is changing, yeah It's just a season, it's just a season It's just a season, just a (Go back to the start) It's just a season (Just a), it's just a season It's just a season, just a You found your way and it's never enough And though it's been tough for you Losing touch Oh I, summer has its end sometimes, sometimes

rudyjai3 bell

rudyjai3 bell . 4 hours ago

Love this voice....Khalid is so.moving. No matter what I'm doing, when I hear Khalid, it's impossible not to start moving to the music, such a sensual man, love him moving

Apple Music Channel

Apple Music Channel . 4 hours ago

this is a good song💝


Official.Khethelo15_ . 4 hours ago

You never disappoint I've been a fan from day one

Chelsea Olivia

Chelsea Olivia . 4 hours ago


Cindy jessie Jorgensen

Cindy jessie Jorgensen . 4 hours ago

Okay now am down!!

Willy Orvil

Willy Orvil . 4 hours ago

I can relate 😔🔥

Atu Amor Khambule

Atu Amor Khambule . 4 hours ago

😭😭😭I'm all emotional...❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

Ertre Ella

Ertre Ella . 4 hours ago

I just saw this song now. While playing it I have goosebump. It's very timely and have a heart.

Sebastian Mjsmjs

Sebastian Mjsmjs . 5 hours ago

Khalid's voice is so beautiful! ❤️

Rose Larquet

Rose Larquet . 5 hours ago

This is beautiful Khalid 😍❤

Samantha North

Samantha North . 5 hours ago

Omg, I want that wall of plants!!!! Love this song.

Caesar T

Caesar T . 5 hours ago

Him and Willow would kill a song

Janetlynn Paschall

Janetlynn Paschall . 5 hours ago

Its your time!🔥⭐🌟⭐☀🌠

mikea hiooi

mikea hiooi . 5 hours ago

His voice and delivery is so smooth and peaceful in this song. It’s like a beautiful sunset.

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