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Hikaru Utada & Skrillex - Face My Fears [Official Video]



Published on 1 year ago

The official video for Hikaru Utada & Skrillex - Face My Fears
Opening Theme for Kingdom Hearts III

Out now via Sony Music Masterworks/Epic Japan

Stream/download Hikaru Utada & Skrillex - Face My Fears:
English version: http://smarturl.it/FaceMyFears_Skrillex
Japanese version: http://smarturl.it/FaceMyFearsSkrillexJ

Song composed as the opening theme song for the video game, Kingdom Hearts III (Square Enix Ltd./Disney) - available now

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Buy Kingdom Hearts III: https://www.kingdomhearts.com/3/us/buy/

Edit: Liam Underwood

Breath, should I take a deep?
Faith, should I take a leap?
Taste, what a bittersweet
All my, all my life

Let me face, let me face, let me face my fears
Oh, let me face, let me face, let me face my fears
Won't be long, won't be long, I'm almost here
Watch me cry all my tears

Watch me cry all my tears

Lose, don't have nothing to
Space, this is what I choose
A mile, could you walk in my shoes
All your, all your life

Let me face, let me face, let me face my fears
Oh, let me face, let me face, let me face my fears
Won't be long, won't be long, I'm almost here
Watch me cry all my tears

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Comments :

Evol Waves

Evol Waves . 2 hours ago

well done @skrillex

robert james

robert james . 14 hours ago

Skrillex has got his FUNK ON HERE!!!! HARD !!!!

hamu ayu

hamu ayu . 21 hours ago



nekomarulupin . 22 hours ago

My theme as I go out for supplies.

Elerea Ortiz

Elerea Ortiz . 1 day ago

I love di song

Not Your Cereal

Not Your Cereal . 2 days ago

you are so lucky man im glad you made the opening always loved your work

Victor Rocha

Victor Rocha . 3 days ago

Thanks Skrillex, you've managed to ruin a great song from Utada in the most expected and waited game from KH Saga. What a completely shit and waste of sound you've made there ...


SirJoel . 3 days ago

https://youtu.be/hv6V8Df6cgc I made a piano cover of this song. I can't stop listening to this!!!!! This reminds me of my childhood when I played Kingdom Hearts and jammed to "Simple and Clean!" Hope all of you are staying safe during this pandemic.


Lapinlakka . 3 days ago

so fresh


ozibifu . 4 days ago


fimalix _

fimalix _ . 5 days ago



_PINARELLO Naruko . 5 days ago



JoBurgers . 6 days ago

❤️ nothing compares to this

Golden Waffles

Golden Waffles . 6 days ago

2000 years if modern humanity and nobody has ever made a song this beautiful. Here's to the next 2000.


MUCHO ZETA . 6 days ago


Inanna Enigma

Inanna Enigma . 1 week ago

No matter how many times you listen to it... how many are moved to tears by all of Utada Hikaru’s songs for the Kingdom Hearts series...?

Roxas Wolf

Roxas Wolf . 1 week ago

So Jealous <3 Composing music for the best video game saga EVER!!


Oath . 1 week ago

Happy 18th Anniversary to our Beloved Kingdom Hearts Series 💙

kirby will call the police boi

kirby will call the police boi . 1 week ago

Good thing I'm 12 I can play this game..... wait I don't have a ps4 or Xbox one

Paola Chorro

Paola Chorro . 1 week ago

1 year of hearing this song and at this moment i noticed that glitch moment in the video at 1:36😅


ココちゃん . 1 week ago



REFNECKBASS . 2 weeks ago

dude im in tears...

Ashs Vidz

Ashs Vidz . 2 weeks ago

I heard this song a lot of times, but the first time that i listened the english version i started to cry remembering my childhood, 8 years old, playing my first ps2 game KH1 on a game store. 2 reais the hour ( Brazilian money). Thanks for this Disney and Square Enix.

Wendigo Arts

Wendigo Arts . 2 weeks ago


Surya Tenda

Surya Tenda . 2 weeks ago

I hope we didn't need to wait 15 years for KH4


prod.Nickoncutz . 2 weeks ago

Speed up by 1.25... thank me later

Alma Reyes

Alma Reyes . 3 weeks ago

I loved now i want the game ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

Jarod Marino

Jarod Marino . 3 weeks ago

Thank you Skrillex!


Ima . 3 weeks ago

As disappointing as this game was, it was still fun to play. At least Re:Mind helped a bit.

Amaya Conway

Amaya Conway . 3 weeks ago

Skrillex Hikaru Utada I'm proud I found Hikaru and Skrillex

I like when you fart rainbows

I like when you fart rainbows . 3 weeks ago

It seems like yesterday it said "posted 4 hours ago" Now 1 year ago... time flies

the bogarts

the bogarts . 3 weeks ago

Where's shrek?

the bogarts

the bogarts . 3 weeks ago

Playing kingdom hearts birth by sleep❤❤ and i saw that aqua became evil

Matthew White

Matthew White . 3 weeks ago

You know, when I heard that the same Guy who made "The devil's den" (etc) was making the intro song to KINGDOM FREAKING HEARTS I didn't know what to make of it. Now I can't imagine a universe where it's made by anybody else. Seriously, you blew away every expectation I had, made me feel a way I never thought I could feel over dubstep. Your and hikaru's performance was godly.

Shannon Douse

Shannon Douse . 4 weeks ago

What a brilliant song. Beautiful, catchy and Complex. Thank you, man!!!

harman mann

harman mann . 4 weeks ago

Next is the acoustic version! 🤣

It's AyAt

It's AyAt . 4 weeks ago

Кто из 2020


Talakun . 4 weeks ago

I still get emotional every time I see Axel cry ._.


xXReiBearXx . 4 weeks ago

I dunno how this video got so many dislikes this was an odd collaboration that turned out to be kinda 🔥! Utada’s beautiful vocals and The mix master just did great


Valcrist7A . 4 weeks ago

I knew I liked this song, but I wasn't sure it was my favorite Hikaru Utada, Kingdom Hearts, or Skrillex collab. However, here we are a year later, I keep coming back for more!

Amini Naya

Amini Naya . 4 weeks ago

@Skrillex yes on the happiness. No to the dying.


LuiBei1994 . 4 weeks ago

Skrillex kinda ruins this one a bit but still nice

Unlimited Luck

Unlimited Luck . 1 month ago

Play this at my funeral or else im not dying.

Alhanis Narro

Alhanis Narro . 1 month ago

Este juego es hermoso😍👌🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥


7neodekvat7 . 1 month ago

Best of the Best!!!!!!!

Everton Tiago

Everton Tiago . 1 month ago

1year has passed and I still can't stand this opening music, sorry, I just prefer the original music style for KH ;-;

Кrypton Z

Кrypton Z . 1 month ago

Why you never post face my fears virtual riot remix

Qa W

Qa W . 1 month ago

Tbh i cried a bit watching

Francisco Rojas Arteaga

Francisco Rojas Arteaga . 1 month ago

Damn the dupsteb does not let me enjoy the song


Alone . 1 month ago


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