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Clevver Style

Clevver Style

Published on 2 months ago

Juicy Couture is back, better than ever, and sold at FOREVER 21?! Join us as we try the new collab and live our Y2K dreams. Then, watch as two best friends style each other in 30 minutes for $30! ►► https://www.apiyoutube.com/watch/uDD-jwpCAM8
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What We Wore!
Crown Bucket Hat - https://fave.co/2W4Hvli
Juicy Bucket Hat - https://fave.co/3kam0HE
Tie-Dye Bucket Hat - https://fave.co/3sxLzpX
Graphic Tube Top - https://fave.co/2XDM6uR
Graphic Tee - https://fave.co/2WerIjN
Biker Shorts - https://fave.co/3xZgVXD
Embroidered Juicy Cap - https://fave.co/3sHInrS
Rhinestone Fleece Hoodie - https://fave.co/3j2koA9
Rhinestone Fleece Joggers - https://fave.co/3D4Hcra
Rhinestone Hoops - https://fave.co/3z4ZgPD
Graphic Scrunchie - https://fave.co/3y9poHv
Crop Top - https://fave.co/3mgemhz
Biker Shorts - https://fave.co/3y5P3B8
Charm Necklace - https://fave.co/2UBeAV9
Velour Zip-Up Jacket - https://fave.co/3z5WARI
Velour Joggers - https://fave.co/3D3NEi7
Dog Suit - https://fave.co/3gm3Pxr

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We try #juicycouture x #forever21 collab!

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Comments :

Clevver Style

Clevver Style . 2 months ago

Who was your Y2K icon?!


see.through.these.frames . 4 weeks ago

I remember never being able to afford anything from juicy. All the bitchy girls at my school would coordinate to wear theirs on the same day.

Jasmin Govers

Jasmin Govers . 1 month ago

What is the doggy called?? He's adorable!

Lily Vickers

Lily Vickers . 1 month ago

“Is it yellow, is it brown?” No it’s beige, a mix between the two lmao😂

Teresa Budowska

Teresa Budowska . 1 month ago

I hate it when companies starts to make their clothes worst quality jutro because people love fast fashion and can't collect money to buy something really good


mm0901 . 2 months ago

As a lifelong NJ resident, I just about fell off my chair when Drew broke into her “Jersey” accent 🤣

Julianna Wilson

Julianna Wilson . 2 months ago

There is no such thing as a Jersey accent 😩 people who live in NORTH Jersey are geographically close to New York and they pick up a NEW YORK accent. Central and South Jersey people don’t talk like that.

Bella boomz

Bella boomz . 2 months ago

“I can handle it!! 😃😃” 🤣🤣🤣

Cheyenne Marie

Cheyenne Marie . 2 months ago

That spongebob edit after Sinead said “Hi Mr Mailman!” had me dying😂😂😂

Brittany Nelson

Brittany Nelson . 2 months ago

PLS Madison looks like the mom from mean girls. ESPECIALLY with the pup.

Olivia Bulanda

Olivia Bulanda . 2 months ago

This just brought me back to my younger days... Juicy. ❤❤❤

Hannah Tew

Hannah Tew . 2 months ago

I like the length of the bike shorts!!! Super flattering.

Karena M

Karena M . 2 months ago

I started watching clevver during COVID and the girls standing so close together during the intro makes me feel really anxious lol

Great Red Spot

Great Red Spot . 2 months ago

Sinead's sweatset is latte colored

jessica allen

jessica allen . 2 months ago

DREW that wish upon a start outfit is KILLER


Thritytree . 2 months ago

I hate when the representation of New Jersey is the Jersey Shore show. They not even from NJ 😑


Joelle . 2 months ago

I love my pink tracksuit set 🥰

Laura Hayes

Laura Hayes . 2 months ago

The clothing looks cute but it all looks like knockoffs that you find in a flea market. Surprised they missed the signature details like the J for the zipper.

Marisol Boop

Marisol Boop . 2 months ago

Can you review Shop Ciber 🧶 and sweaters Vets are going to be new coming trending?

I am Gina

I am Gina . 2 months ago

I was never a matching set kinda gal but dam Drew makes that ishhhh look good lmao even the cardigan ones! You so flyyyy


SandraDeeBeauty01 . 2 months ago

Ha ha ha loved this video!!

princess phantom

princess phantom . 2 months ago

I cant find any juicy couture forever 21 collab products online help


Bec . 2 months ago

The thing is.. The Y2k velour tracksuits were like the 1992 tracksuits but reinvented again. So... It's like extra extra extra inceptioned

Cole Allen

Cole Allen . 2 months ago

"Wait for me I got little legs" 🤣🤣 I laughed so hard

Dominique Babang

Dominique Babang . 2 months ago

I really like your channel and I watch almost all of them. So that's why, I'm trying to say this the most polite way and useful way possible but; can you do something about the sound? In every video, every times someone screams, everything peak. I live in an apartment, this stressed me out to get complaints from my neighbor. I would put on headphone but i would be concern for my ears. You need a compressor and some sound ajustment because I want to continue to listen to your video!

Miss Adventure

Miss Adventure . 2 months ago

I definitely thought the ratings were a Baby Phat thing. But I definitely remember them too.

Emely De La Rosa

Emely De La Rosa . 2 months ago

love the vibe madelaine gave with the brown outif, so cute


Paula . 2 months ago

My younger sister had these pants on when she fell one day and all I could do was laugh at the "juicy" pants and her falling face down too embarrassed to get up 🤣

BroWnskin beauty

BroWnskin beauty . 2 months ago

I remember being 18 in Hawaii with my team at the outlets looking at all those girls stand on line waiting for the juicy store to open on Black Friday 🤣😭

Deanna Nunemacher

Deanna Nunemacher . 2 months ago

I was obsessed with JC.... the perfume, the track suits, I had two purses and a wristlet, jewelry.... now I wish I kept most of it lol! Still at least have one of the purses. I did see Juicy stuff at Saks Off Fifth and think it was definitely more traditional/classic Juicy than the Forever 21 line. 💖


alee0382 . 2 months ago

The only thing I owned of this brand was sun glasses that I bought when I worked at Macy’s about 10 years ago.

Nola De la Cruz

Nola De la Cruz . 2 months ago

I really love baby phat clothing😫 I miss that era of fashion

Athena Tan Yi Min

Athena Tan Yi Min . 2 months ago

Can we bring back Drew shouting welcome to Clevver style again? I really miss it 💗


L W . 2 months ago

Nah miss me cause they are continuing with what made the 2000's toxic, constantly excluding pluses size bodies!!!! I wish because as a chubby child I use to dream of being able to wear this stuff. Also I love Drew in her white boots

Claudia Schelle

Claudia Schelle . 2 months ago

omg the ending gives me mean girls vibes! love it all, bring back memories haha

Chelsea Ryder

Chelsea Ryder . 2 months ago

Try Laura Lees clothing line next!

Kelly M

Kelly M . 2 months ago

Juicy C had become a very interesting brand, my mom brought home a cylinder of juicy couture hand sanitizing wipes…

Tricia Kempton

Tricia Kempton . 2 months ago

Y’all should do the women of Supernatural next! That would be awesome.

petite ambassador

petite ambassador . 2 months ago

Omg can you do a part 2 of Liza Koshy’s newest fabletics lineeeee please

Love JoRita

Love JoRita . 2 months ago



Michelle . 2 months ago

In Norway, juicy couture are still expensive and very trendy. I own one velour set in light purple, and three other joggers. I love them even though they're expensive as h*ll

Sara MacFarlane

Sara MacFarlane . 2 months ago

The delivery on the ending was so perfect.

Carissa Micháe

Carissa Micháe . 2 months ago

I’m living for this comeback

Isabel T.

Isabel T. . 2 months ago

This is quite exciting!!! You girls looked great!! 😻 Trying to decide what to purchase now. Lol.

Alicja M

Alicja M . 2 months ago

Perfect, as per usual this is not available in Canada 😑 😒


Umu . 2 months ago

What's the deal with Forever 21 though? Didn't they close down not too long ago? Are they just back now?

Ebby Thayer

Ebby Thayer . 2 months ago

The ending was gold 😂

Shelby Sloan

Shelby Sloan . 2 months ago

Honestly, it looks just as terrible as it did in the 00's. It always looked slightly ridiculous haha

misses elise

misses elise . 2 months ago

this collection is yet another reminder why forever21 went bankrupt


LesNovi . 2 months ago

Walmart? Is that where they sell wall stuff? *ICONIC*

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