The Black Keys

The Black Keys

Published on 4 months ago

Call 1-740-303-ROCK to leave Dan & Pat a voicemail.

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Comments :

Pienk Van Blaugenstein

Pienk Van Blaugenstein . 4 months ago

I wish these legends came to the Netherlands.


maria . 4 months ago

i love this 'promos' sm lmao

Joel Somerville

Joel Somerville . 4 months ago

I also take a shower and listen to y’all. Small world

Ayoub Bechmoum

Ayoub Bechmoum . 4 months ago

Coldplay, the black keys... those bands I see that shame on me if I put their songs in shuffle with other artists❤️❤️❤️


Paranoide . 4 months ago


Elias Bautista

Elias Bautista . 4 months ago

"Sometimes" I listen to them every day

That's right!!!

That's right!!! . 4 months ago

There are 222 likes. I can't disrupt that. I did like this, though. Hehehe

David Lineberry

David Lineberry . 4 months ago


Aqua Gemm

Aqua Gemm . 4 months ago


Aqui Em Marte

Aqui Em Marte . 4 months ago

🔴 I listen to you guys here on Mars 👽🖖

Winged Hussar

Winged Hussar . 4 months ago

Imagine when they discover twitter!

Robert Roberts

Robert Roberts . 4 months ago

A Black Keys indorsed retro style answering machine just like that one with your logo on it.


69_ultra_offnik_69 . 4 months ago

*ставь лайк если Твоя Мама Лучшая* *Ребят новенький на ютюбе оцените мой канал и какая тематика больше заходитВсем спасибо)))*


Austin . 4 months ago

Yes, I also think about The Black Keys in the shower.

paul Waymondo

paul Waymondo . 4 months ago

Man speaks the truth 🤣

Skeptic Toons

Skeptic Toons . 4 months ago

He isn’t wrong. Best band in the world by far

andre7 sivle

andre7 sivle . 4 months ago



HEISENBERG . 4 months ago

Promo# 758 years 2052


ShizzoFaust . 4 months ago


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