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CNET Highlights

Published on 3 days ago

The four Blue Origin astronauts including Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos and aviation legend Wally Funk experienced zero gravity during the company's first crewed spaceflight.

Comments :

janko pandza

janko pandza . 26 minutes ago

hmm...2021 no live feed from a guy going into space...is this some bad cartoon or what ? man o man...2021...how dumb does one have to be to believe this crap ? who ever wants to experience same thing you can come to Croatia and for only 1.500 dollars we can even make you look like you were in what ever space you desire...even a new dimension...might cost a little more though...lets say 2000 dollars max...

Shahzaman Shah

Shahzaman Shah . 54 minutes ago

If they want normal people to travel Richard Branson's flight was more practical. People will feel comfortable sitting in a plane rather than a rocket


Dutch . 1 hour ago

All fun and wauw Blue Origin and virgin galactic shooting toerists into space, till the first one explode, that gonna happen sooner or later.

Ajay tranter

Ajay tranter . 2 hours ago

Just got to space and all they do is play kid games 🙄


NightmareIsStupid . 2 hours ago

Her: he's probably cheating on me Jeff Bezos:


NuttyBuddy . 2 hours ago

So it just hung in place for 10 minutes then fell back down? The earth never moves in the window.

bilinas mini

bilinas mini . 2 hours ago

Everyone acts like a kid in space orbit! ! So cool 😛🙂

Kevlin Fernandes

Kevlin Fernandes . 2 hours ago

Where are the flatearthers at?

Brandon Lamb

Brandon Lamb . 3 hours ago

So fake

Misty Lynn

Misty Lynn . 3 hours ago

Jeff does not pay taxes so he could afford to build a rocket to take a joyride with his rich family and friends. We need those tax dollars for Infrastructure to build a better world. There is no planet B.

Sandra Claire

Sandra Claire . 3 hours ago

When compared with others, Richard Branson’s virgin was far superior.

Goddess Hylia

Goddess Hylia . 4 hours ago

Extra Terrestrial: nice! But try to be on par with us next time will ya?! Lol 😂 👽👽👽🛸🛸🛸

Yankale Golan

Yankale Golan . 4 hours ago

Astronauts my foot. They are space tourists, that is all.

Paul Flusk

Paul Flusk . 5 hours ago

Why couldn’t they have left Lex luthor in space?

Mikel Jackson

Mikel Jackson . 5 hours ago

After the flight - Bezos : Imma flat earther

None Ya

None Ya . 5 hours ago

@1:13 look outside the window! Is that UFO flying outside the window?????

Andy Sell

Andy Sell . 6 hours ago

What a waste of money😒

Sarfaraz Alam

Sarfaraz Alam . 6 hours ago

its not zero gravity,its free fall...ther's a difference

Sarfaraz Alam

Sarfaraz Alam . 6 hours ago

its not zero gravity,its free fall...ther's a difference

A step at a time. kvarn

A step at a time. kvarn . 7 hours ago

No-one is taking pics out the window why why it makes no sense. You can play weightless games on earth again cant get a good real pic of flat or round earth. 😠

A step at a time. kvarn

A step at a time. kvarn . 7 hours ago

I would have spent more time looking at our flat planet.

jonathan eberhart

jonathan eberhart . 8 hours ago

un ovni passe devant une vitre a 1:08 ??

BahagHari Don

BahagHari Don . 8 hours ago

This is only good for the elites, unless you were a astronaut.

sovath bdm 2

sovath bdm 2 . 8 hours ago

Wow! Look joyful at Zero G 🥰🥰🥰


Hindukush . 9 hours ago

Another privileged A Hole burning a hole in the OZone . Thanks Wally how was it looking down on trash planet? Why not be an advocate for eliminating plastic bags. Plastic straws, lids. Cut down on packaging of useless items shipped by Amazon. I would be more impressed with that. I look up to an 84 year old guy Sven Yrvind. Who right now at this writing is sailing the open Ocean in a tiny home built sailboat he can not even stand up in. 5.76 meter long and 1.04 meter wide (beam). He is advocating for smaller and less impact footprint. Wally you just stroked all the impressionable kids into wanting excess.


Awesome . 11 hours ago

All fake just lying to the masses


Awesome . 11 hours ago

Its fake

You Can't See Me

You Can't See Me . 12 hours ago

Fake... It's all graphics. I will make a breakdown video on how fake this is 😡 all green screen stuffs

Jamie Liistro

Jamie Liistro . 14 hours ago

These people aren’t astronauts, if I go on a cruise, am I a sailor?

Mr Yusuf

Mr Yusuf . 14 hours ago

Elon will land in the moon to show whos boss lol

William Peng

William Peng . 14 hours ago

Bruh, people need to stop saying"zero gravity" in orbit. It's zero G

العائلة العراقية

العائلة العراقية . 14 hours ago

Jeff Bezos is a criminal because he is collaborating with the criminal US Army. The US military kills children and women in Yemen

Nicholin V

Nicholin V . 14 hours ago

somebody fart in space


7saany . 15 hours ago

Watching non professionals go to space is like the ratchet version of Nasa

kyle alexander

kyle alexander . 15 hours ago

I don't like jeff Bezos censoring people but my hats off to him for this. I felt pride watching him go up.

Cristian Carvajal

Cristian Carvajal . 15 hours ago

Total Fake fake


Bc . 16 hours ago

First circle jrk in space..congrats bezos

Grumpy Cat

Grumpy Cat . 16 hours ago

Cool….but personally Looks like a Waste of money.

Sil A

Sil A . 16 hours ago

This is quite impressive and I'm glad Bezos went on this endeavour (sort of), but when they pulled out the ping pong balls and were floating, smiling, so engulfed in their experience (as they should), I just couldn't shake the thought of the collapse taking place beneath them; all the suffering, starvation, disease, destruction...all of the unconsidered.


M. KANE . 16 hours ago

All that, for that ?


PhantomMatrix . 17 hours ago

Looks. Like guys sniffing each others butts. 0:58 😂

Schwarzes Herz

Schwarzes Herz . 17 hours ago

Lex Luthor fly to space!


DamiGamerMx-Us . 17 hours ago

Wait until Elon Musk reaches Mars with his Cybertruck

WeAreThe Horses

WeAreThe Horses . 17 hours ago

I'd rather see Bezos pay his fair share of taxes. But thx for using up news time to show us the asStronauts.


Luke . 17 hours ago


Huy Nguyen

Huy Nguyen . 18 hours ago

This is just like skydiving wo the wind.

michael mcdonald

michael mcdonald . 18 hours ago

Man inherently hates man. A brother being a murderer is not far fetched. The world of thought is bigger than our own. The most hurt is done in the sewers whereas the venom is from the head.


301rs . 18 hours ago

Jeff Bezos comes off looking and acting like a dork. His money has gone to his head.


87lamar87 . 18 hours ago

Funk is the only Astronaut . The others are just passengers.

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