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Painting 🎨 iPhone 11’s 📱



Published on 2 weeks ago

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Comments :

Yena Jackson

Yena Jackson . 8 minutes ago

"iPhone entry" "Done" Why: they are so well designed and idek how you do it tot is soo cool and I have never had an iPhone :(


CuzImNele . 18 minutes ago

"iphone entry" "done" Why: Having a broken android sucks.

Coppi Francesca

Coppi Francesca . 1 hour ago

“iPhone entry” “Done” “Why: because I loooove the pink checkered one!! It’s so vintage! And because Have an original item like this it would be so cool for a girl that study design!

fire bird vanguard

fire bird vanguard . 1 hour ago


Sara Quiceno

Sara Quiceno . 2 hours ago

"Phone Entry" "Done" Why: My current iPhone (6s) is really craked and your art is amazing


cilla . 2 hours ago

Did the winners get selected?

Pranav Kumar

Pranav Kumar . 2 hours ago

"Done" "iPad entry" Why:-I have started a gaming YouTube channel named MANI RAJ.Currently I have only 144 subscribers. I don't have a nice device for playing competitive esports.As I am an student,so can't afford an iPhone or iPad... this will surely help me.Moreover it will be perfect for online classes as we struck with covid lockdown. waiting for the miracle.. hoping for the best

Karyme Vasquez

Karyme Vasquez . 2 hours ago

Well i dont know what i missed, I guess ill put it too "Iphone entry" "Done" Why: because ive always wanted an iphone never had one, i got my first phone this year and im 14, i really want an iphone. My parent try to give me the best they can just want to help them out.

Adela Keqa

Adela Keqa . 2 hours ago

Why I need a new phone: to be able to study online :")



IPhone entry Done Why : because this phone that I'm using just works to watch videos only ( luckily I can watch your videos) and because of quarantine I spent my whole birthday bored and mist all my activities...😢😢😢

vincentfloyd Loreno

vincentfloyd Loreno . 2 hours ago


Melanie Uriarte

Melanie Uriarte . 2 hours ago

"IPhone entry" "Done" Why: because I have never have an iPhone and my current phone (which is an android) turns off and is broken, I can only use it if it's charging and it gets really hot Ilu❤ ur designs are so unique



IPhone entry



I want the zebra iPhone soooooo baaadd!!!


samiiixo . 2 hours ago

"iphone entry" "done" why: the designs are reallyyy good 💯


samiiixo . 2 hours ago

"iphone entry" "done" why: of course i want an custom iphone by marko 😎😎

Anisa Zahra

Anisa Zahra . 2 hours ago

"Iphone entry" "Done" Why: Actually it's my second comment here, but my brother had a secondhand iphone 6 and it was broken literally yesterday. The battery would drop from 90% to 10% in just half an hour. It's likely I will give my phone for him so I didn't have any phone right now and didn't have the money to buy a new one. It would be meaningful to actually get a new phone customized by you😭😍

Amalie Madsen

Amalie Madsen . 2 hours ago

“iPhone entry” “Done” My phone is totally cracked and I can’t afford a new one. I’m crossing my fingers🤞🏻

Natasja Isabelle

Natasja Isabelle . 2 hours ago

"iPhone Entry" "Done" WHY : those designs are 🔥🔥🔥 and i have an android and can't afford an iphone


samiiixo . 2 hours ago

"iphone entry" "done" why: im gonna have to spend my bday in quarantine 💀 this is my dream present!

Anthony Martin

Anthony Martin . 2 hours ago

iPhone entry done

Heartat . tech

Heartat . tech . 2 hours ago

Subscribed cause i loved other terrible videos

joão pedro pires

joão pedro pires . 3 hours ago

“iPhone Entry” “Done” Why: Because I from Brazil and for me to buy 1 iphone I have to work 8 months, not spend anything and my phone it's a trash.

Ju Ribeiro

Ju Ribeiro . 3 hours ago

"Phone entry" "Done" Why: my phone got taken away and it was a 6s anyway so yeah

Sharon Interiano

Sharon Interiano . 3 hours ago


JImena Castillo Ramírez

JImena Castillo Ramírez . 3 hours ago

“iPhone entry” “done” why: because I’m a huge fan of your art and I’ll become crazy in love with the phone design


Quyến . 3 hours ago

“Iphone entry” “Done” Why : i have never won any give aways before. I maybe guest my winning percentage but i still wanna try. I believe that have a nice day, the lucky will smile with me. Btw, like many people, i don’t have enought money to buy this. They are my reasons i take part in your give away

Tristian Vlogs

Tristian Vlogs . 3 hours ago

Bruh I need a phone I been on a tablet for the longest 😭😭

Witenthiubo Liangmai

Witenthiubo Liangmai . 3 hours ago

Cn i participate on the contest...?... Nyways bro... That i phones 🤤.... Love the way u customised


samiiixo . 4 hours ago

"iphone entry" "done" why: zebra one is my favv! n my bday is comin up 😭

Sadeed Ahmed

Sadeed Ahmed . 4 hours ago

Who won the first comment Iphone 11 giveaway?


samiiixo . 5 hours ago

"iphone entry" "done" why: will be the best bday quarantine present!


samiiixo . 5 hours ago

"iphone entry" "done" why: bc the designs are so good and this will be the BEST bday present EVER 😂


samiiixo . 5 hours ago

"iphone entry" "done" why: the best birthday present 🎁 also the art is so satisfying 😂


samiiixo . 5 hours ago

"iphone entry" "done" why: ok first of all the designs are amazingggg, ZEBRA ONEEE 😍

BOT Wens

BOT Wens . 5 hours ago

“iPhone entery” “Done” Why? Because my android lags to much and it’s time for. A change

Cameron Savage

Cameron Savage . 6 hours ago

Can I still have it because I don’t got insta

Soraja Farhad

Soraja Farhad . 6 hours ago

Wow so creative!

Hatoon Hisham

Hatoon Hisham . 6 hours ago

“Iphone entry” “Done” Why:because i want an iPhone and i cant afford it and my parents cant afford it and my phone if crappy asf😭🥺


ivo . 6 hours ago

Nice iPhone the whaaatt


WECANDANCE . 7 hours ago

Love you 😘😘❤️😘♥️

syamil izzul

syamil izzul . 7 hours ago

"Phone entry" "Done" Why:because i've been using this iphone 6 for 6 years and i want a new iphone to work ... i'm not rich enough to buy iphone as a new student and i still try to make money to buy new iphone 11. .. i hope i get it for iphone 11 is because my iphone 6 is old and it is waiting to die

Zwivhuya Mudzunga

Zwivhuya Mudzunga . 7 hours ago

Hey Marko. I would like to get añ iPhone. I liked , followed , subscribed and did the bell. I actually sent u also a dm on insta. Love ur vids. I actually subscribed a long time ago but anyways ya. I would be honoured to have a iPhone for the 1st time and I'm an international subscriber so yea. Phone entry Done Why: 1st first time I'm doing this and I have an android that really suçks and people like make fun me because of that

Custodio Cordova Jr.

Custodio Cordova Jr. . 7 hours ago

"Iphone entry" "Done" Why:because ilove iphone11 😍

Channel Rio

Channel Rio . 8 hours ago

Omg ip 11,my phone ip6 😭

Lachrymosae Domingo

Lachrymosae Domingo . 8 hours ago

Who won the giveaways? No announcement yet?

AP Art & gam!ng

AP Art & gam!ng . 8 hours ago

"IPhone entry" "Done" I have been subscribed since 2 years ago, i love art and your videos, and I don’t have a phone


Helfighter . 9 hours ago

"Phone entry" "done" why: I wanna call with me friends during this quarantaine thing and ow dont send me corona pls

Ava Wildenhaus

Ava Wildenhaus . 9 hours ago

iphone done ily and you’re such an inspiration to me and I’ve always looked up to you and winning this iPhone giveaway would mean the world to me

Lucija Mioč

Lucija Mioč . 11 hours ago

"phone entery" "done" why: i have the old iphone 6 and its broken af and susjedi smo brt daj neku vezu ahhaha🇭🇷🇷🇸

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