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Q ANON: "Answer Q re: SR." ?
JustInformed Talk

JustInformed Talk

Published on 1 year ago

Q ANON: "Answer Q re: SR." ?

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Comments :

Chong Chong

Chong Chong . 1 year ago

Carlsberg iLLumiNati beer do the same changing their logo, since this old short drinking glass ve been expose "The words"Carlsberg" went u seethru with another smooth round bottle fill w water infront of the glass about 2"apart, on eye level n adjust your distance. U can see this *word become a round ball of Skull head wearing King crown with 'left eye socket of "C@ inside n 'right eye is a small g"with long Lower g tail stroke< is aLower Jaw bone, the "skull head nerve will b that reverse small Mashushita sign !


LD QA . 1 year ago

There is no R... New Q confirms

Suzann Kania

Suzann Kania . 1 year ago

Trust the plan!!!!!!

QDeeDra Ældæg

QDeeDra Ældæg . 1 year ago


Dru Rosen

Dru Rosen . 1 year ago

I feel your anger and frustration! Good video!!

Latina ForTrump

Latina ForTrump . 1 year ago

You tell them. I keep getting censored on Twitter. I brought a certain something up about Hussein's spouse and was banned from my original account. So I created another - attacked Strzok and was sent to Twitcatraz for 24 hours. Said something to HRC in RESPONSE to her trolling POTUS and got suspended for a whole week! So that is the packing order HUSSEIN's spouse trumps Hillary!

Sheri Lynn

Sheri Lynn . 1 year ago

Just Informed Talk I am prepared to leave and follow my channels to another platform- you all need to have some discussion and decide on which of the others is a good replacement for youtube- and we all leave en masse.

Andrew Krause

Andrew Krause . 1 year ago

His name was Seth rich, his name was Seth rich, his name was Seth rich!!

Denise Stanton

Denise Stanton . 1 year ago

So sad...he and I shared the same birthday...those involved need to be held accountable and sent off to Getmo !!


Rachel . 1 year ago

😳 just say "no!" to censorship, discrimination, & agenda-based propaganda masquerading as "official" news...

Edward Rapka

Edward Rapka . 1 year ago

For a man who claims to place his faith and trust in God, your prolonged rant against YouTube & Google betrays your victim mentality. Instead of railing against your "enemies" you should adopt the practice of praying for them. Or perhaps, take a lesson from President Trump's approach and issue a succinct Tweet to state your views. And, perhaps most of all, stop relying so heavily on a platform you take such issue with. There are many alternative venues to YouTube these days, and basing your economics on a model that makes you subservient to your "enemy" is not particularly wise...

James Brownmiller

James Brownmiller . 1 year ago

But she will be in Gitmo before then!

Jill Humphrys

Jill Humphrys . 1 year ago

Ive been gone for a few days amd just now watching this. Craig, its like your my child. I can feel it when you're fixing to rant! I LOVE IT! Go Craig! Keep up the good work. I think as long as we speak up and push against their attempts at censorship, and we have leaders who will back us up, we can fight and keep evil at bay. Once that dies, we are sunk.

Bruce Jala

Bruce Jala . 1 year ago

Craig - For the same reasons you find Kavanaugh's nomination by Trump as a positive vis a vis the investigation in the death of Vince Foster, Rand Paul and Judge Napolitano have expressed serious reservations:(http://www.thecommonsenseshow.com/kavanaughs-nomination-must-be-defeated-he-supports-abortion-obamacare-and-the-cover-up-of-vince-fosters-murder/). Napolitano, for whom I have the utmost respect, refers to the nomination as a "Swamp Pick" and "the heart and should of the DC establishment. Couple that with his ties to the Bush family, and his Ivy League background, there is a lot to worry about. As to his pro life credentials, read what Larry Klamen and Chuck Baldwin have to say on this matter:https://chuckbaldwinlive.com/Articles/tabid/109/ID/3764/Trumps-SCOTUS-Pick-More-Of-The-Same.aspx.

Truth Seeker

Truth Seeker . 1 year ago

I have a theory that SR is in witness protection.

Julia Zvaners

Julia Zvaners . 1 year ago

Correction DNC knew on July 5, 2016, They had done a forensic test on DNC computer. Missed it in my proof reading.

Julia Zvaners

Julia Zvaners . 1 year ago

Craig, I don’t believe that Rosenstein knew about Seth Rich. It’s just another rabbit hole we don’t need to go down. As for the two agents I do believe they are the ones who shot Seth Rich and purposely DID NOT KILL HIM BUT MADE IT SO HE WOULD END UP IN HOSPITAL AT MED STAR. The story was that 2 MS 13 gang members shot and killed him in the street at around 4:21 AM. THAT IS A LIE. That one photo of the pant legs told me IN NO WAY WAS IT MS13. So who really shot Seth? But when this guy came out with one being a ATF and the other a DEA agent that made sense……..look at the pants looks more like an officer of some kind straight lines like uniforms. If you just want to cripple a person you don’t hire MS 13, you use corrupt cops whatever agency they belong to. Seth was at a party of IT GUYS WHO WORKEDFOR Debbie Wasserman Schultz. One of the Awan brothers was there. Seth had access to the DNC server as he was adding programs to help increase voter turnout. He was a Bernie supporter and found out how the DNC screwed him over. He also had DWS password to her computer. He was due to testify the following week in Bernie Donors Lawsuit against the DNC. Of course, with the Clintons people often die just before they are to testify. ER Dr. who initially treated Seth says he arrived at the hospital around 4:45 AM. Seth had 3 gun shot wounds and NO LIFE THREATING INJURIES AND IN ICU. Eight hours later ARMED LAW INFORCEMENT UNIT CAME IN AND TOOK OVER. Then Dr. Sava, the Senior Surgical Dr and Director of hospital was called in and he is a Clinton/Podesta donor. It just so happens that DR. SAVA is tied to the Kosovo Yellow house torture place in Albanian where they took Russian prisoners to torture them and CUT UP THEIR BODIES. Google it. ER Doc Who Operated on Seth Rich Says He Was OK Until … , 1639 youtube video by Still Report. Why they ever let this DR into the country is beyond a honest person’s understanding. The reason they didn’t just kill Seth is they wanted to find out who he relayed the stolen DNC emails to. Seth what given them to a courier to take to London and Julian Assange. The courier since was killed too. Why? Because he could have spoiled their THE RUSSIANS HACKED THE DNC so he had to die too. We didn’t know then but do now per Donna Brazile and her book that the DNC knew on July 5, 2018 that it was Seth Rich who WAS THE DNC LEAKER using a USB FLAH CARD TO TRANSFER THE DATA SO FAST. Podesta is the one who would have arranged the hit. She said she thought that she might get killed to but she won’t unless she goes to testify……….too big a person to wack right nowl I will give you a list of doc latter. Julia

Gracie Adams

Gracie Adams . 1 year ago

Don’t worry!! We aren’t going anywhere! Who is on the Lord’s side?? WE ARE!!! WWGOWGA

Jay Lee

Jay Lee . 1 year ago

Here is your infographic: https://imgur.com/NY3gNBb


FenianArch . 1 year ago

enjoy your content until the religious dribble sneaks in. You're limiting your audience to that of a Christian one. Try and be more neutral and lay off the preaching


Thetripletman60 . 1 year ago

It's time! God almighty has had a belly full of this evil.

Steve McLaurin

Steve McLaurin . 1 year ago

Get control Craig they will shut u down. GOD BLESS Craig!!!!!!!

Steve McLaurin

Steve McLaurin . 1 year ago

Hillary's GOON's must have had something to do with Seth Rich.Also with the scholar Rod Rosenstein,why can't the man get help from The Top Law enforcement officer of America Mr. SESSION's all of them need to be LOCKED UP!!!!!!!

Joseph Edmonds

Joseph Edmonds . 1 year ago

Trump didn't win the popular vote? LOL that's hogwash. Go to the NBC Election Night Highlights video and add all the numbers they showed before they stopped as Trump got closer to winning. Trump was winning by a landslide! Then they had that stupid recount that turned up even more votes? The numbers of election fraud prosecutions nationwide? YouTube admin is full of crap !


broandrew . 1 year ago

Youtube is owned by Google. Google works with the deep state and CERN and the AI (D Wave) computer beast in the time of Jacob's Trouble. They need to repent and be broken up by God, Love and Freedom, if we are live any longer on earth. Jeremiah 30:7

Elusive Truth

Elusive Truth . 1 year ago

Crowdsourcethetruth was there as well as at the awan plea...Jason Goodman!


adoracle1 . 1 year ago

They'd better open up an investigation on her if they haven't already,...come to think of it, they have right? Aren't all Russian related questions re: everybody still in play under that general heading? Not sure her plan would work either btw, given she and dnc are the ones who did that very thing to Trump...is still doing it.

Grizzly Bizz

Grizzly Bizz . 1 year ago

She needs to be in Jail BEFORE she has a chance to run again! Or DEAD! I would be surprised that she will survive till then, looking at her health mainly. . . What's happening with the IBOR? Haven't heard lately.


Cenepk101 . 1 year ago

Report YT to your Congressman

Sally Miller

Sally Miller . 1 year ago

Hang in there Craig, they know their days are numbered and their desperation is like wading thru motor oil, Our best bet is to keep in constant prayer.

Jaymes Couture

Jaymes Couture . 1 year ago

BITCHUTE.com <------ open a channel here

Al Lucius

Al Lucius . 1 year ago

CRAIG!!!! Fellow ANONS!!! Please pay attention to this...... Anyone else wondering what “THE GARDENS” is referencing or could mean in previous Q video??? Not just me? After watching this video I was redirected to a similar (safe) video by Jenny Hatch. Discussion based around pizza and podesta... which lead to a photo/comment box with a comment by someone named “Ginny Gresham,” which led me to a woman named Mary Lee Settle... Watch link below... led to Penfaulkner.org Mary Lee Settle, Founder of Penfaulkner.org (just, gross) Search above name, brings search to “American writer” known for.... (DRUM ROLL) “Movies: THE PLEASURE GARDEN” c. 1953ce. Mary Lee Settle stars as “Mme Paganini.” According to Wikipedia, film synopsis is a “poetic ode to desire...” whatever that means... COINCIDENCE???? Q followers should know better... curious to see where this rabbithole leads-on.... Craig, hope you’re seeing this.... hope you can connect to previous Q posts...... WWG1WGA https://youtu.be/OjodkECxTFEt Decide for yourself https://youtu.be/Wnk5yISJQA4

Robert Graham

Robert Graham . 1 year ago

S.R. did the R and D to establish (D) ghost polling cites around the country to direct (D's) to these cites - then have (T) votes switched out for H.C votes - this is the real reason why S.R. was shot - he was making this know to the F.B.I aka (C's) WORKING TO GETHER  - took him out - but that failed - he's in PC safe and sound - this is the dirty secret they don't want you to know - because there all in it together (R and D) - if you find out, you might want your country back - good luck with that - why are you not demanding military tribunals why!

Christine Hassell

Christine Hassell . 1 year ago

0:53 Fine about Kavanaugh attending a Jesuit Highschool as long as he hasn't taken the Jesuit Oath.

Tony Johnson

Tony Johnson . 1 year ago

No I'm not saying that that woman who shot up their Lobby was right but I understand :-)

Randy Sokalofsky

Randy Sokalofsky . 1 year ago

Although fighting to defend constitutional rights is a good fight and noble Craig, "trust in the Lord" for you hope and peace... trust in the Trump/ Q Team to handle Youtube. We can do what we can using the organization, leadership and tools available to us (you are one), and we should... yet don't let it steal your peace. Q and Trump have told us to expect all this. We'll get more guidance and/or direction concerning msm and sm platforms. Ultimately, the future is in the hand of our Lord and that's that. You'r fighting the good fight and I'm encouraged and strengthened by your leadership. Thank you!

Marlin Dailey

Marlin Dailey . 1 year ago

There is a documentary called "Truth Trumps Lies" and it is nearly impossible to find because the videos YT pushes are post about supposed lies they claim Trump has said. Censorship is alive and well here and it will only get worse.

Joyce Sutherland

Joyce Sutherland . 1 year ago

Craig - re: other platforms. Please check out real.video, a site created by Mike Adams. He refers to it during his CounterThink report on Infowars Sun 6/8.

Retro dealer 64#

Retro dealer 64# . 1 year ago

How can we help more how can we get the word out there even more. And explain how they're trying to silence you and other channels talking about the truth. I know we could pray but the government doesn't listen to that because they're all bunch of satanic devil worshippers. I'm going to spread the word as well for now what people guide people to open their eyes God bless take care.

Ozzie Crosby

Ozzie Crosby . 1 year ago

Nobody is going to jail.

Darragh Connolly

Darragh Connolly . 1 year ago

Hey Craig. Great coverage. But listen...we ALL know that YouTube is a totalitarian leftist rag KILLING the truth. That's what we're up against. Why you get so emotional bro? God will see us through. Keep fighting the good fight! Peace.

Ozzie Crosby

Ozzie Crosby . 1 year ago

Don't expect these criminals to be held accountable for their crimes. Did anybody see how Imron Awan was held accountable for his treason? Yeah.... Me either....

Ozzie Crosby

Ozzie Crosby . 1 year ago

What happened to Highimpact?


KARmA KATz . 1 year ago

Good job, liked and shared.


chapbix12158 . 1 year ago

Hillary is positioning herself for supposed immunity to prosecution. It worked for her in 2016.


chapbix12158 . 1 year ago

Stand back and maintain your distance from this psyop (the presser on SR murder). Something stinks about this and it is not rotting fish.

Mud Head

Mud Head . 1 year ago

Forget using google for personal searching on the intrawebs! Explorer? You should have quit using that 25 years ago when MS handed the govt a backdoor. Use DuckDuckgo (at the very least) instead of google, or other non-Microsoft search engines. Firefox, Dolphin, Puffin, Mercury, Opera, etc. for browsers, StartPage for the safest searches. ALL OF THESE are now better options. Research. Spread the word. No value-added anything by using google as your search engine. Just spoon-fed propaganda. Search securely and browse securely. I see more suspicious order problems with DuckDuckGo than in the past, so try different things to see what works for you. All out there and free on many platforms. Firefox, formerly Mozilla, formerly Netscape has many good plugin filters. For browsers invisibility is #1, but you should keep up to date on research as to what’s got everything you want and keeps you most anonymous, even if you use a VPN. I don’t trust safari any more. But it is simple and mindless to use & tempting to fall back on. Browsers are a personal choice, with comfortable look, feel, anonymity, SECURITY and function. Search engines are only about ANONYMITY, performance and ranking logic. It’s time everybody should find alternatives! Tim Cook went to the dark side, where Jobs was pretty much pure with dedication to user security, for the most part. FaceTime is still the most reliable audio video product in the mainstream vs Skype, since Skype was bought way back when by Microsoft. Prior to that it was the #1 encrypted communications that nobody could break. The US government goons begged the original small company who wrote Skype for a back door when it was a small group of very smart ppl in Estonia. They said no. The original Skype, a great solid product, used Napster-like decentralized methods for security-key untraceable encryption, so not even the authors could crack it. The administration couldn’t have that! Microsoft loved the Clinton administration, they talked and then MS bought it. MS promised all the ppl at Skype in Estonia they’d be able to keep their jobs and held good to their promise, though tasks changed. Immediately MS rewrote Skype and gave a barnyard wide back door of users’ computers the gov. Since the moment MS released a Skype “upgrade” that looked the same, no hint of being a MS 100% rewritten product at first, & forced all users to upgrade or it wouldn’t work, deepstate can get ALL your computer’s (or now smartphone’s) data, access your mic & camera whenever, see what color underpants you’re wearing, etc. if you use IE and/or Skype. Thanks Bill Gates, Ballmer and Nadella. Sellouts. (Jobs’ wife isn’t so dedicated to people’s security either, to say the least. She’s a NWO commoncore fanatic YUGE donator, unfortunately. She throws more Jobs “charity” foundation money than countries have GNP at all the wrong causes. Jobs must be turning in his urn.) That’s my story. Correct me where I may be wrong with fact, if you can prove it, but I’m sticking to it. It’s been 100% accurate so far.

Mud Head

Mud Head . 1 year ago

You don’t have to spend time milking it too much after you read the post. Really, don’t spend much time on it.

Mud Head

Mud Head . 1 year ago

Seth rich witness is bs. Check out what an anon wrote after the interview. It was the only thing that makes sense. It doesn’t support the guy’s claim. I had a hard time buying it until I read the post, That post made sense. The interview didn’t.

GodIsAlive God is not dead

GodIsAlive God is not dead . 1 year ago

I wonder if Julian and Seth are related, they look like each other.

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