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Published on 5 days ago

Stream Water & Garri : TiwaSavage.lnk.to/WaterAndGarri

Music video by Tiwa Savage performing Somebody’s Son. Universal Music South Africa (Pty) Ltd; Motown Records; Capitol Records, LLC; © 2021 Universal Music (Pty) Ltd South Africa


Comments :

Tiwa Savage

Tiwa Savage . 4 days ago

This is a special one, may we all find our “somebody’s son” 🥰. Let me know your favorite line in the song.

leya mwanza

leya mwanza . 2 minutes ago

thank you tiwa and brandy the message in this song na be important 👏👏


Prinnncesz . 8 minutes ago

I love the video!!! Yes BLACK LOVE🥺🥺🥺🥺

Loise Machira

Loise Machira . 11 minutes ago

My whole heart is full!


za . 16 minutes ago

It's been on repeat this weekend...beautiful song... beautiful video ..love🇿🇦

oge obidiegwu

oge obidiegwu . 16 minutes ago

tiwa and brandy best combo for this song🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌


techcanyon . 17 minutes ago

Oya make una turn it to prayer all ya single girl's.

Okunola Olamide

Okunola Olamide . 18 minutes ago

Somebody son go love me one day❤️

Mimi’s Trendy Avenue

Mimi’s Trendy Avenue . 21 minutes ago


Osa Aimiuwu

Osa Aimiuwu . 22 minutes ago

This song is epic❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️💋💋💋💋💋🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

Jerica Tf

Jerica Tf . 24 minutes ago

Two queens 😍😍

amanda wallace Wallace

amanda wallace Wallace . 24 minutes ago

This would’ve been great if you could hear Brandy but they autotune her and I didn’t know that it was her if I wasn’t looking at this video but the message is nice

Chassidy Lewis

Chassidy Lewis . 25 minutes ago

Brandy so special

jorge utur

jorge utur . 25 minutes ago

Daughters of Judah...wink wink

Denis Ninkovic

Denis Ninkovic . 28 minutes ago

Beautiful music from the goddess featuring brandy

On Me Oils

On Me Oils . 33 minutes ago

Had to listen to this on repeat

Linda Love

Linda Love . 36 minutes ago

Put Davido on remix for us is fire 🔥

Tiffany Nelson

Tiffany Nelson . 42 minutes ago

I have been listening to this song over and over and I think Somebody Son found me. I will keep you updated

Arielle Anderson

Arielle Anderson . 43 minutes ago

Y’all…. 👑❤️‍🔥🦋😫🥰

candy vert

candy vert . 52 minutes ago

The queen and the queen💯❤️

monray chriswill

monray chriswill . 56 minutes ago

Coming out your doing different songs Brandy you making a Name from all the way to of all your Albums Love you Baby Girl keep up the Good work

Cherisse Tillman

Cherisse Tillman . 58 minutes ago

This song didn't even go past one second and I already loved it. I swear it reminds me of the 90's

Sunny Sunny

Sunny Sunny . 1 hour ago

I love it


MODERN SWAHILI . 1 hour ago

So beautiful 😻

sizakele kubeka

sizakele kubeka . 1 hour ago

Tiwa and Brandy doing the DBN GOGO dance, we see you :) shout out SA


CaroJhb . 1 hour ago

God. Imagine being that colour. Beautiful woman. I'm so white I'm blue.

Virgílio Salomão

Virgílio Salomão . 1 hour ago

Brandy is legend ❤

Leila Robinson

Leila Robinson . 1 hour ago

I love this

Mbokez Mboke

Mbokez Mboke . 1 hour ago

I love this song Soo much.. Simple AMAZING

Soshi Doshi

Soshi Doshi . 1 hour ago

Favorite ❤️

Mercy Deogratius

Mercy Deogratius . 2 hours ago

This is awesome❤ you guys killed it🙌🏻🥰

natasha___ nam

natasha___ nam . 2 hours ago


Stanley Jacob's

Stanley Jacob's . 2 hours ago

That ending is everything, the smile, the hug, the evaluation; mehn. Brandy herself love the fact that she is in this project.


daekonteeb . 2 hours ago

My 2 favorites 😍

Besong Adolphine Agbor

Besong Adolphine Agbor . 2 hours ago

Sorry! I'm not Sorry 😔. Yes I am not sorry. Somebody's son go find me one day❤️❤️

Victor Matters

Victor Matters . 2 hours ago

Somebody's daughter go find me one day....😭

Shirley Jackson

Shirley Jackson . 2 hours ago

The collab I never knew I needed 🙌🏽❤️

Pseudonymph Music

Pseudonymph Music . 2 hours ago

i love full collabs not just the verse for verse, my heart is full with this message of hope. Thank you Tiwa and Brandy.

Jojo El 25-04

Jojo El 25-04 . 2 hours ago

Tiwa, I love you!

Pretty Ladie83

Pretty Ladie83 . 2 hours ago

Ayeeeee🔥🔥 💃 this was too good

Godswill William

Godswill William . 2 hours ago


MOH Rennie

MOH Rennie . 2 hours ago

I'm so much in love with the song and Tiwa Savage ❤️❤️......... One day, somebody's son will find me 😊

Kurt Oliver

Kurt Oliver . 2 hours ago

Brandy said Im not coming for your edges im coming for your Roots by Alex Haley.

Troy Wright

Troy Wright . 2 hours ago


Arnold Mbuya

Arnold Mbuya . 2 hours ago

So brandy doesnt age? huh?


Jalen WALKER . 2 hours ago


Corey Freeman

Corey Freeman . 2 hours ago

Brandy looks like she's just been ""Sitting up in her room"" the whole time. #Ageless

Mack John Official

Mack John Official . 2 hours ago

Brandy i luv u. Tiwa chop kiss 💋

Petagay Henry

Petagay Henry . 3 hours ago

Beautiful Ladies & beautiful song!


jonpo . 3 hours ago

Just love how Brandy hits those notes with ease my oh my Thanks guys Tiwa i love you musically

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