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Total War

Total War

Published on 2 months ago

What has six eyes, four legs, and 126 razor sharp teeth?

It’s Cerberus, the three-headed hound of Hades!

Check out the video to see what he has to offer…

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Comments :

Aidan Stephens

Aidan Stephens . 1 month ago

pet the dog


Lazurkri . 1 month ago

How would I take him down? 275-350 draw weight longbow with razor edged arrows for maximum bleeding potential or a crossbow with a 5 foot span and similar tipped bolts. Ideally I'd be using a Balista with either paralytic or anticoagulant coatings on it and aim center of mass and hope I can do enough bleeding that it bleeds out before it can reach me. If I was allowed modern or semi modern weapons? Puckle gun with grapeshot if I'm stuck to 1800s tech, QFA 2 pounder Pom Pom gun with exploding shells if stuck with 1910s tech, and 20 mm Oerlikon, 40mm bofors, 40mm MK 19 grenade machine gun, or Ma Deuce or 12.7mm KORD/DSHKA if allowed anything from WWII and up.


SilverHorizon . 1 month ago

I love the bony almost skull look all of Cerberus' heads have.


Nikolas . 2 months ago

Doggo xD


R . 2 months ago

It looks nice, I wonder if my LG V20 can run this


Björne . 2 months ago

Yeah, so how about that Warhammer 3 release date?

The Pharaoh's Medjay

The Pharaoh's Medjay . 2 months ago

Hey Total War Can You Guy's Add The Ethiopian Aksum Aksumite Faction Kingdom in Total War Rome 2 they was apart of the Desert kingdom two they was supposed to be apart of the Desert kingdoms But they forgot to Add Them Aksum Aksumite Ethiopia in Total war Rome 2 and During the ancient times Ethiopia Aksum had War with Kush an Beat them Ethiopia Aksumite they are Added to Total War Attila But Not in Total War Rome 2 Can You Guys Add Them Pls They Need to Be Added Ethiopia Aksum Faction Kingdom Pls Pls

Dude-san Dōjō

Dude-san Dōjō . 2 months ago

looks terrible, he looks like a giant rat. Great job CA facepalm


Baleur . 2 months ago

Definetly not as polished creature animations as in Warhammer 2


dancingwholeness . 2 months ago

“How would you take down this dreaded beast?” Ranged units after flanking him with melee meat shields, usually works on towering beasts. The Skaven proved that to me very quickly.

Thomas Daywalt

Thomas Daywalt . 2 months ago

Euphorion of Chalcis (3rd century BC) describes Cerberus as having multiple snake tails,and presumably in connection to his serpentine nature, associates Cerberus with the creation of the poisonous aconite plant. Virgil  has snakes writhe around Cerberus' neck,Ovid's Cerberus has a venomous mouth,necks "vile with snakes",and "hair inwoven with the threatening snake", while Sencea gives Cerberus a mane consisting of snakes, and a single snake tail. At first I thought what were they thinking now that is an authentic cerbusmore than most

Joao Pedro Mechelli

Joao Pedro Mechelli . 2 months ago

Great ideia. Better then before. Not so good narration...


Klebcio . 2 months ago

who to choose cerberus hydra or griffin?


열두핀셋물회 . 2 months ago

My Ajax will adopt him because he is extremely cute.

Suzuki Masato

Suzuki Masato . 2 months ago

Looks trash. The narrator is trash

Jarl Greedo

Jarl Greedo . 2 months ago

We wanted the truth behind the myth. What happen to know DLC for SAGA games? Thrones a Britannia aswell deserving of a DLC before this piece of junk


Moschino&Versace . 2 months ago


Sid Authur

Sid Authur . 2 months ago

So whos the guy at Ca who decided that every unit wears the same outfit? Are you seriously that lazy? I thought it was a racist joke when you did it for Three Kingdoms. But even here? Lazy bastards.


jancibaci007 . 2 months ago

OMG this looks terrible...

Banksy B

Banksy B . 2 months ago

haha no


Spaceknight105 . 2 months ago

archers walks in the underworld

pablo pablo

pablo pablo . 2 months ago

Am I the only one who thinks WH3 will be released next year? We still haven't seen anything really from multiple factions.

Les Marioles

Les Marioles . 2 months ago

Okay.. but where's my Total War Empire 2?

Krongus Blung

Krongus Blung . 2 months ago

*Waiting on tww3*


Codian . 2 months ago

Boycott this shite


6668084747 . 2 months ago

free on Steam when


Robert . 2 months ago

but who is guarding the Gates of Hell while Cerberus is roaming Greece ?...🤔

Commander Bohn

Commander Bohn . 2 months ago

Reminder that Cerberus is a good boy. Hades and Persephone can confirm this.

David Quezada

David Quezada . 2 months ago

Oh man wish this was the Troy I gotten on launch :( double the price

o0oo -_- oo0o

o0oo -_- oo0o . 2 months ago

cool Sega is doing Mythos, but alot of it's assets are from Warhammer, it's like they're trying to build a game that's better.

Pierre Boulanger

Pierre Boulanger . 2 months ago

Who let the dog out


Marcus . 2 months ago

More Hell Storm Rocket Batteries! 😁

Christopher Dragut

Christopher Dragut . 2 months ago

Do you think Cerberus has 3 stomachs since he has 3 heads? Just a random shower thought for today...

NOVA Storm

NOVA Storm . 2 months ago

I feel like the animations for the big monsters could be better. At least from what I've seen so far.


petrovakya . 2 months ago



Arhatu . 2 months ago

Battles were like battles in Shogun and Empire , I miss those good old fighting animations.

Carthago DelendaEst

Carthago DelendaEst . 2 months ago

Take him down with the Head of the Medusa ;)


Maksi . 2 months ago



Ty-adi-mundi . 2 months ago

Luckily Harry Potter taught us we just have to play music to put the dog to sleep

Field Hood Gaming - FHG

Field Hood Gaming - FHG . 2 months ago

AoE Mythology had Egyptian units, will Troy?


A E F T . 2 months ago

"How would you take down this dreaded beast?" With lots of archers?


Fulcrox . 2 months ago

Can You include new animations so troops react when they are hit by Big Entities? It's weird to see them standing like "._. " When their comrades are being masacred by a gigantic Griffin or a Cyclops


HearPain . 2 months ago

Well Ill make sure my troops are unbreakable for sure XD

The Lord Commander

The Lord Commander . 2 months ago

Cerberus wants the smoke bring it Fido

Fahad Aldehani

Fahad Aldehani . 2 months ago


Carson Pettijohn

Carson Pettijohn . 2 months ago

Could we have an expansion to get more creatures and or fight in the gods realms?

Dirt McGert

Dirt McGert . 2 months ago

I never liked how Cerberus is made to appear as an evil entity. He is basically just keeping the good people in heaven, the bad people in hell, and the average people in a reasonably nice place. He probably should be depicted as a three-headed dog with each head reflecting the different afterlives he is securing.

vu duc Thanh

vu duc Thanh . 2 months ago

Troy ! Alway troy ! Im tired for cathay ! Always 😩

Jose Castro

Jose Castro . 2 months ago

New Khorne hounds look fantastic. You all forgot the warhammer 3 electric guitar theme at the end.

Leonard BRAZIL

Leonard BRAZIL . 2 months ago

I really hope that Cerberus means we’ll get karanak in warhammer 3

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