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Total War

Total War

Published on 3 months ago

Almost blind, the fearsome Troglodons use their other senses to stalk their prey and shower them with venomous spit.

Clever girl…

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Comments :

Matt Grandich

Matt Grandich . 4 weeks ago

I want a giant poison-spitting saurian for a pet as well but my girlfriend won’t let me.


alterangel182 . 1 month ago

Mix on this is terrible. I can barely hear her

saint ghost

saint ghost . 2 months ago

just don't make the mistake of adding araby and we are all happy with the game , also if we could dismount mounted units ... its 2021 and we could do that since shogun 2 ffs

Orklord 666

Orklord 666 . 3 months ago

Piss on Warhammer - make Historycal Games - noone needs a Part3 ! I was buying part1 and after 5 Houers i left the Game , part2 no intresst and part3 is same waste of Money. I was a big Total War Fan sice the beginning :Shogun1 but sice Rom2 and the Province-System you destroyd your own Game and Warhammer .....piss on it !


Tormentor . 3 months ago

I love that Troglodyte from first editions has come back in this shape.


Guillaume . 3 months ago

"Known as Pale Death" The design team at CA : So purple and green got it!

Reinaldo Hernandez

Reinaldo Hernandez . 3 months ago


bobby hernandez

bobby hernandez . 3 months ago


klaiken989 x

klaiken989 x . 3 months ago

I am pretty sure they can't use the white version because modders already made the white Troglodon and CA would run into copyright and possible royalty issues if they used a virtualy identical version and the modders rendition!?😞

Jaswant Singh

Jaswant Singh . 3 months ago

Also known as a cursed Spinosaurus


alpacaofthemountain . 3 months ago

Me when I don't brush my teeth.

Ribsy Dibsy

Ribsy Dibsy . 3 months ago


Elai Ng

Elai Ng . 3 months ago

Uh CA you made the Troglodon have horns when in fact they are more like catfish sensor spines. Who approved this rewriting of lore?

Khoiri Yannas

Khoiri Yannas . 3 months ago

Lizardman do ark survival evolution in nutsell

Agent ###

Agent ### . 3 months ago

As a person who loves dinosaurs the lizardmen will always be my favorite faction


StarDog . 3 months ago

I am pumped for this dlc.. Only ttw could get get away with releasing dlcs this close to the next expansion.


Observer . 3 months ago

Welcome. To Jurassic Park.

Angrier every day

Angrier every day . 3 months ago

that's cool and all but can I just get my hands on the dlc now?


srtfrostbite . 3 months ago

It seems the Beastmen should really do more cardio workouts.


KNIGHT OF ENDOR . 3 months ago

1:04 Now that there’s a good noise

The Great Rainman

The Great Rainman . 3 months ago

Why are they green? And not pale

Erick Fausto

Erick Fausto . 3 months ago

A clever girl indeed


Durandurandal . 3 months ago

Love to see this come to the game, though will miss the vestigial eye sockets


R . 3 months ago

Of course the model will "share" the same animation$ with the carnosaur, I expect anything less from CA


Rosa . 3 months ago

why are they known as pale death if they are just green? the mod does it better.

Ronni Arbitiaas

Ronni Arbitiaas . 3 months ago

Is this total war: animal kingdom?


thinkwithurdipstick . 3 months ago

So it just roars into the sky and everyone around it dies? What the...


thinkwithurdipstick . 3 months ago

CA: “Also known as the Pale Death” Also CA: *Dino Hulk*


EchoFreshGaming . 3 months ago

Imma Wait Here Till Total War about the 2 world wars come out


White . 3 months ago

The fact that oracles get this mount instantly should really help lizardmen early game.


Javsco . 3 months ago

0:53 I love that beastman at the front left there just like, "Eeeeeer... I'm having second thoug-" *Dead*

Mister AltF4

Mister AltF4 . 3 months ago

Hey, Can you add skill reset for confederated Legendary lords and relocable capital? Mods are fine but we want achievements.

Jose Silva

Jose Silva . 3 months ago

Wait, dont they have eyes???

Lord Nagis

Lord Nagis . 3 months ago

yes the carnasaur but this time make him slimy.

Hussain Taheri

Hussain Taheri . 3 months ago

Can I add eyes with a mod?

Dna Seb

Dna Seb . 3 months ago

Could you pls make them albino ? They look too much like the other dinos.

Misters Grimly

Misters Grimly . 3 months ago

Does nobody see the similarities and possible trolling? This is Trogdor from Strong bad.

Typical Angry Cuban

Typical Angry Cuban . 3 months ago

Did they just make the Lizardmen even stronger.......

Ray Moonstar

Ray Moonstar . 3 months ago

Basically the more annoying version of Carnosaur 😂👌

Shrimp Of Death

Shrimp Of Death . 3 months ago

How can you not love Warhammer, where a blind dinosaur hunts by spitting at targets from afar and it's far from being something out of the ordinary?

J Julius

J Julius . 3 months ago

19 Troglodon

Apple Jones

Apple Jones . 3 months ago

You ever wonder how christ pratt would do in lustria?

Rudy 85

Rudy 85 . 3 months ago

By sigmar!


LeGriffonDéchaîné . 3 months ago

My favorite unit! <3


ST6 Y3TT1 . 3 months ago

I know what you did there CA that's just the abominus rex from jurassic world

Pascus Rex

Pascus Rex . 3 months ago


Léo. K

Léo. K . 3 months ago

Thanks for your amazing job !


2009Bandman . 3 months ago



Ballagorn . 3 months ago

Army Painter and Faction Maker to Campaing is really required to made for our puppy Troglodons justice and make them actually PALE

Niklas Digréus

Niklas Digréus . 3 months ago

I can't get it out of my head; where them eyes at?

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