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Indigo Is a Stupid Color
Christopher Verdery

Christopher Verdery

Published on 3 years ago

Why ROY G. BIV is a crock and what the real 7th color is.

XKCD Color Survey Results: https://blog.xkcd.com/2010/05/03/color-survey-results/

Basic Color Terms: Their Universality and Evolution: https://books.google.com/books/about/Basic_Color_Terms.html?id=sGDxruwl9OkC

Comments :


ParadoxicallySweet . 5 hours ago

Anytime you have ever heard the term “blurple” ....they meant indigo.

Zachary In Christ

Zachary In Christ . 1 week ago

This video is SO fallacious and confused!

Zachary In Christ

Zachary In Christ . 1 week ago

The color indigo IS what we call today as spectral blue. INDIGO IS NOT BLUE-VIOLET!!! It is what we would call pure spectral blue. What was called as blue back in the day, we today call cyan.

Jason Jase

Jason Jase . 2 weeks ago

Indigo paint is almost impossible to find but indigo is a mix of 2 parts blue to one part red. So basically blue-ish purple

Shema Gamer

Shema Gamer . 2 months ago

I don’t think it’s stupid cause it helps with dogs having nightmares all the time


Rusty . 2 months ago

I don't see how a color can be "stupid" per se. Indigo is definable and recognizable. Best way to look at it is like this: Think of the whole color spectrum, or better still, look at a color wheel. Look at the entire space between blue and red. You could generalize it and just say that that entire space could be called "purple" and that would be fine. But there are indigo flowers and violet flowers. Indigo flowers tend to be all shades of deep blue and bluish-purple. Violet flowers tend to be deep blue, bluish-purple and even almost red, sort of like a hot pink. So think of the purple that's closer to blue as "indigo" and the purple that's closer to red as "violet".

Lps Sprinkles TV

Lps Sprinkles TV . 3 months ago

I love indigo, its a mix of purple and navy blue, also its harf to find that color


Applebeez650 . 3 months ago

Man, I feel bad that this whole comment section is just a bunch of haters. This video was actually pretty interesting. Means it was good

Navy Animations

Navy Animations . 4 months ago

go fuck yourself you low life fucktard

Katherine Manalo

Katherine Manalo . 4 months ago

Hey! My favourite color is indigo


Jeydan . 5 months ago

thank you i needed this video

Taylor Slotkin

Taylor Slotkin . 5 months ago

actually i agree with this... indigo is basically just a combination of blue and purple, and is more of a tertiary color, while the rest of the rainbow is made up of primary and secondary colors. there's no use for it in the rainbow and it annoys me so much that it's included in "roygbiv"

Arshman Hussein

Arshman Hussein . 5 months ago

Why!indigo is my fav colour.🙍😠😠😠😈🙍🙍🙍🙍🙍

Hane Manko

Hane Manko . 6 months ago

Indigo is best color in history and will be always if will be good now you will die in an horrible way!!!!!!!!!!!

Buneary Business

Buneary Business . 7 months ago

Indigo is just the color between blue in purple, I love the indigo/periwinkle hues, along with red, amber and blues...it's not stupid, what a weird video you've made here...


TheVeryDarkFox . 8 months ago

Indego isn't, "stupid" some people love to look at the color indego which calms people and puts them to bed, it's a therapy basically. If indego never existed, there wouldn't be that type of therapy and much harder steps would have to be taken.

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