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Harper's Bazaar UK

Harper's Bazaar UK

Published on 2 weeks ago

This year's Met Gala theme of 'In America: A Lexicon of Fashion' or 'American Independence' gave us one of the most brilliantly creative red carpets to date. From Iman in Harris Reed to Zoë Kravit'z Saint Laurent 'naked' dress, here are our 10 favourite looks from the night.


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Comments :


emmayeet . 2 hours ago

the met gala looks like an anime villains meeting

Cedar, Sweetgrass & Salvia

Cedar, Sweetgrass & Salvia . 6 hours ago

Quannah Chasinghorse actually followed the guidelines and didn't try to turn her dress into a personal expression of outlandishness. She's Native American and this Met was American Independence being held on traditional Native American lands. There should have been more Native designers and models instead of the same old faces


Bugs . 17 hours ago

Please stop complimenting Iman's dress. I'm so tired liking all those comments....

Toy Freyra

Toy Freyra . 18 hours ago

Iman is divine 💖

amriCa ka dalal bc

amriCa ka dalal bc . 1 day ago

Where is james charles?


Mars . 2 days ago

Hmm idkk but tbh I really liked madison beer’s dress

🐶Ashley 🐕

🐶Ashley 🐕 . 2 days ago

lupita and rihanna are my faves!

mona lisa

mona lisa . 2 days ago

okay but where's Billie Eilish ??

Kirana Zaharania

Kirana Zaharania . 2 days ago

Gigi Hadid best...

Humnah Sdq

Humnah Sdq . 3 days ago

Kendall dress was already worn before by Kim It wasn’t anything new to met .


Dirtmaid . 3 days ago

Nero fiddled while Rome burned....

Lina M

Lina M . 3 days ago

Gigi 👑👑👑

neoo k

neoo k . 3 days ago

i didnt know lupita, but DAMN SHE LOOK AMAZING, I am absolutely in love with her.


amsapple . 3 days ago

Iman was my absolute favourite of the night!


KATH DELIGHT . 3 days ago

La robe de Kendall est sublime, celle de Gigi Hadid ne mérite nullement de figurer dans le top 10

M Win

M Win . 3 days ago

Cool outfits but toilet stops be a nightmare. Especially for the ‘older’ celebrities. Incontinence can be a bitch lol y’all gushing about beautiful outfits but it’s ok to be real sometimes.😁

Twinkle Singh

Twinkle Singh . 3 days ago

I didn’t like Zoe’s dress at all!!! It was so more like bikini.. I know in met nothing is practical wearing🤣 it’s extravagant styling but still didn’t like her dress!!!

Smart Fashion

Smart Fashion . 3 days ago

Top 3 summer dress https://youtu.be/CFxR98X5L5g

Thandokazi Lali

Thandokazi Lali . 3 days ago

Rihanna and iman

Rohini M

Rohini M . 4 days ago

Sad that rosé wasn't in this

Edibe Likale

Edibe Likale . 4 days ago

Well....Iman's dress was outstanding but rihanna own was cool, feels with both swag and simple..so comfortable 👌👌✨💖

Naga Sri Sravya nagam

Naga Sri Sravya nagam . 4 days ago

You can't miss Kristen Stewart??!!

1436-Gitesh Sawant

1436-Gitesh Sawant . 4 days ago

Btw how is the winner ?

joejoe buckzz

joejoe buckzz . 4 days ago

REHINNA really wore a hat & we don't give a fuck...I wanted to see her shoes tho like really!!!


bluesky . 4 days ago

The most Beautiful of all is Billie Eilish, Her sweetness and intelligence, surpass any other empty celebrity, who only lives on Status. Billie's costume is Pure and Dazzling Equals her Personality and Talent.

Kktrenia Brown

Kktrenia Brown . 4 days ago

The met gala sucked because Ciara was there who always sucks. Kat Graham taught. Ciara manners

Dhanesh Shetty

Dhanesh Shetty . 5 days ago


marie hone

marie hone . 5 days ago

Somptueux travail de Création .Bravo à tous !

hussein olaywee

hussein olaywee . 5 days ago

What is the name of the music?


honeyhorizons . 5 days ago

Iman's face is flawless. The outfit not so much. I wish she would have gone with something else. The headwear.a bit much. The bottom looked like a hut that needed to be finished around the sides.

The Pursuit Of Happiness

The Pursuit Of Happiness . 5 days ago

Rihanna stunning as always

Allison Hathaway

Allison Hathaway . 5 days ago

Where’s Billie on this list?? 😩

Arisha Chunawala

Arisha Chunawala . 5 days ago

In 2030: all the celebreties are naked

Robin Redbreast

Robin Redbreast . 5 days ago

Iman was the best for the gala.

Leah Rogers

Leah Rogers . 5 days ago

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Monster PedrozkiMusic

Monster PedrozkiMusic . 5 days ago

No hate. But I did not like rhi rhi look

Fabiola Alba

Fabiola Alba . 5 days ago

Not K. Jenner. To transparent.

Pareesa Memon

Pareesa Memon . 5 days ago

I don't get why most of them made it to your list. Most of them weren't innovative, experimental and seemed like a ball gown.

Anita Boodram

Anita Boodram . 5 days ago

Beautiful woman give sume of your money to poor pappy 👌

Fatima Malik

Fatima Malik . 5 days ago

I would say Blondie (Debbie Harry) and Ciara were the most on theme and gorgeously constructed dresses.


A_S_khan_YT . 5 days ago

I love gigi hadid

Mad C.

Mad C. . 6 days ago

Zoe kravitz!

Harshada Patil

Harshada Patil . 6 days ago

Iman 💅💅

Annastasya Kartika

Annastasya Kartika . 6 days ago

What was the theme again?

shruti singh

shruti singh . 6 days ago

Imam looks best

Tala Q

Tala Q . 6 days ago

Humans are weird


Queen_Ecrin👑 . 6 days ago

Rihana amazing👗


LEOesque . 6 days ago

To be honest, most of them did not actually followed the theme

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