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Funniest BAD Hairline Check Tik Toks



Published on 2 weeks ago

Funniest BAD Hairline Check Tik Toks! Today we're looking at some of the best Hey Yo Really Bad Hairline Check on tiktok! Leave a Like if you enjoyed! Watch Lucky People having the best day ever https://www.apiyoutube.com/watch/O4FXhpRzrNc Subscribe to join the Wolf Pack and enable notifications! http://bit.ly/SubSSSniperWolf

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Comments :


SSSniperWolf . 2 weeks ago

hey yo stuck at home check

Kadence House

Kadence House . 12 minutes ago

Why would you say that about jojo Siwa your so mean!!!

Madeline Breedlove

Madeline Breedlove . 13 minutes ago

It doesn’t matter what your forehead looks like but we will aLaws look nice a beautiful

Ariana Emner

Ariana Emner . 25 minutes ago

In 10:57 look likes he have 10000000000 fourhands

Olivia Dobson

Olivia Dobson . 39 minutes ago

I thought the first girl was bald 😂🤣😦😧

eclipse lps33

eclipse lps33 . 47 minutes ago

I have a 5 head

ogun olayiwola

ogun olayiwola . 47 minutes ago

You talk to much

Isabella Prewitt

Isabella Prewitt . 1 hour ago


•հɑթթվ• ʍմɾժҽɾվ.

•հɑթթվ• ʍմɾժҽɾվ. . 1 hour ago

*disrespectful hairline*

Khulan Altangerel

Khulan Altangerel . 1 hour ago

DAMN FAMN thats a LONNNNNG fivehead

Savannah Candlecake

Savannah Candlecake . 1 hour ago

My friend is bald and he glued a wig to his head... we’re in 4th grade

meleah taylor

meleah taylor . 2 hours ago

My head aint yhat big

Ok Bud

Ok Bud . 2 hours ago

Hey, I may be ugly but.. at least my forehead ain't big

IDCandineverwill lps

IDCandineverwill lps . 2 hours ago

im embaressed i have a 6head U_U

Fany Mora

Fany Mora . 3 hours ago

And my dad always wears a hat he not bold

Fany Mora

Fany Mora . 3 hours ago

Cuz if she pulls her hair back that's what happens duh stop hating on her

Angela Ekwaki

Angela Ekwaki . 3 hours ago

Big forehead but u r beautiful

Kalolo Sooalo

Kalolo Sooalo . 4 hours ago

The hair thing is 79% Rare The Beard thing is 40% rare The glasses thing is 99% RARE WOW The wig thing is 70% rare The Finger thing is 100% Rare The hairband thing is 199% Rare because you can shoot it 25 metres away. Also did you know... cancer is 400% rare, because you can be supportive to others and other ones will be supportive to you The Things you do doesn't matter Its 500000000000000% Legendary if you support, Good luck being.. *SUPPORTIVE* *TvT*

Ava Thomson

Ava Thomson . 5 hours ago

I have a five head

the gaming world

the gaming world . 5 hours ago

But.. ur forehead isn’t.,.. that.. bad

Hadja Sesay

Hadja Sesay . 6 hours ago


Mrs Marshmello

Mrs Marshmello . 7 hours ago

Girl: Boy: Random person: Lifrless soul: Sssniperwolf: Dont be shy put some more , put some more James charles : HEY SISTER

RosieThe Bone Cat

RosieThe Bone Cat . 7 hours ago

OMG my forehead can fit my whole hand! IZ SPESHAL

Jennifer Taylor

Jennifer Taylor . 7 hours ago

My second dude be getting the Vagita hairline over here!

Bradley Tomkins

Bradley Tomkins . 9 hours ago

Like if you’re just bald

Savage Umbreon

Savage Umbreon . 10 hours ago

I have a 5 head

Rosie Cutie Unicorn pie

Rosie Cutie Unicorn pie . 11 hours ago

I have a three head

mincraft tv building action

mincraft tv building action . 11 hours ago

Omg poor head line check

Jellybeans Tv

Jellybeans Tv . 12 hours ago

I’m ngl I got the BIGGEST forehead it’s in the family 😃 👁👄👁

Amanda Rose Littlejohn

Amanda Rose Littlejohn . 12 hours ago

I have a 4.5 head

TTVtiltedfe4RR fortnite

TTVtiltedfe4RR fortnite . 13 hours ago

i have 5 head

Alaijah Mylee

Alaijah Mylee . 14 hours ago

I hate JoJo Siwa and my sister loves her. Bad JoJo sister got a better hairline than her.

Kenna Rhule

Kenna Rhule . 14 hours ago

i have a 3 head lol

Serra Hill

Serra Hill . 14 hours ago

no your butifule no matter what SSSniperwolf!

Photo Equipment Store Australia

Photo Equipment Store Australia . 15 hours ago

I have a really big forehead. My grandma has a Chinese song for it. This is my dads acc btw


RyansGucci . 15 hours ago

Bruv legit both y'all foreheads small

Cookiesfor gacha

Cookiesfor gacha . 16 hours ago

i have a my head is a 4 head i’m four

Gabby Stewart

Gabby Stewart . 16 hours ago

omg hi sniper wolf pls answer me fave yter

Butter Cup

Butter Cup . 17 hours ago

My hairline look like a barrette from Paris or Frances, the lil hats

#Unicorns Are Awesome Schoof

#Unicorns Are Awesome Schoof . 17 hours ago

I thought I had a 4 head but nope I have a 3 head

Kay-Ann Wilson

Kay-Ann Wilson . 17 hours ago

Bru I have 5 forehead

Christopher Zehnle

Christopher Zehnle . 17 hours ago

I am stuck at home😭😭

Lindsay McNeal

Lindsay McNeal . 17 hours ago

Mine is perfect

mason ll

mason ll . 17 hours ago

Your for had is Big

unknown channel name

unknown channel name . 18 hours ago

I have a three head

Cali Rae

Cali Rae . 19 hours ago

i have a 3 head.....

Hallelujah Queen

Hallelujah Queen . 20 hours ago

SSSniperWolf SSSniperWolf SSSniperWolf Pin me please


unknown . 20 hours ago

The 2ed to last guy weren't a girl........thats JUST a dude who owns way to many wigs.....

Yaya's Room

Yaya's Room . 20 hours ago

I love your channel and you are so amazing 😝😋

kmoo !!!

kmoo !!! . 21 hours ago

A big forehead for a big imagination

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