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Published on 8 months ago

Sponsored segment Elgato greenscreen:
Eu is banning memes, its time to fight back

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Song: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC3e8EMTOn4g6ZSKggHTnNng

The Oceanator

The Oceanator . 13 hours ago

i lied about my age though im 11 o shit im not 9

Fizzy Potato

Fizzy Potato . 15 hours ago

6:14 this is the fuckin best one I swear 😂

Jakapob P.

Jakapob P. . 1 day ago

Two middle ads, keep trying, good sire.

Mom’s spaghetti

Mom’s spaghetti . 1 day ago

I love how Felix roasts himself after roasting us nine year olds

Joshua Salehrabi

Joshua Salehrabi . 2 days ago

This video was nice and friendly!


Niknikzz25 . 2 days ago

Last week asked I you


alexeskimo . 2 days ago

this video was nice and uhhhh *reads sweaty palm with sharpie written on it* frundly

Regann Draws

Regann Draws . 2 days ago

So nice to watch with my sister

mo ivi

mo ivi . 3 days ago

A got an ad o

Spino RaPt0R

Spino RaPt0R . 3 days ago

7:58 6:13 if I forget these glorious memes


alax1313 . 3 days ago

this is a very nice video! thank you for making my day better

Tom de Whalley

Tom de Whalley . 4 days ago

Nice friendly content watched with family

Just Anne

Just Anne . 5 days ago

this video was so nice and appropriate that me, my sister and my grandma enjoyed it together!

Xander Eickmann

Xander Eickmann . 6 days ago

This video was nice and friendly

lefe storm gamer

lefe storm gamer . 6 days ago

Look at his shirt for his computer also I'm 11 not 9.

Steven Butrym

Steven Butrym . 6 days ago

This video was nice and friendly

Jamila Kzmv

Jamila Kzmv . 7 days ago

This video is so family friendly my 2 year old son showed it to me

tseries arebad

tseries arebad . 1 week ago

2:37 Turn on subtitles English lol also this video was nice and friendly.

Patrick Janjic

Patrick Janjic . 1 week ago

This video was nice and friendly

Alex N

Alex N . 1 week ago

This is amazingly age appropriate I think they’re buying it

Chaitanya Bisht

Chaitanya Bisht . 1 week ago

There is an OK button on Pewds shirt....

Edith Adriana

Edith Adriana . 1 week ago

el gato in spanish :l the cat in english :/

StevieNeu 27

StevieNeu 27 . 1 week ago

Part of his shirt was green so the so it was a part of the background

Blas Villanueva

Blas Villanueva . 1 week ago

“What up my poor people?”😂

Danny Nguyen

Danny Nguyen . 1 week ago

Wow this video is so nice and friendly

GrimRinger 888

GrimRinger 888 . 1 week ago

this video was so sweet and friendly

Carlee Opseth

Carlee Opseth . 2 weeks ago

Anyone else notice the ok button on his shirt around 1:30 to 2:00 ???

Pablo Escobar

Pablo Escobar . 2 weeks ago

If the EU ban memes we need to ban them

molly donohue

molly donohue . 2 weeks ago

really nice family friendly content thanks felix!


Haydinski . 2 weeks ago

I love this family friendly video!

stinky Ass

stinky Ass . 2 weeks ago

This video is good,humble,polite,better,chipotle,chimichanga,buttocks high,elgato,trivago

Katie kat

Katie kat . 2 weeks ago

I'm 13 and I watch these all the way through um :| ok

mr.killer -_-

mr.killer -_- . 2 weeks ago

Tjo om du ser dena kommentar BAJSAR JAG PÅ MIG😍😍😍

Isela Garcia

Isela Garcia . 2 weeks ago

What an educational video👍🏼

Felix S

Felix S . 2 weeks ago

Its nice you can see through pewds tshirt and watch when he changes the background Nice and friendly


XYZScorpion . 2 weeks ago

this video was nice and friendly

Roshni Tamta

Roshni Tamta . 2 weeks ago

My mom play his videos at family dinners. He is so family friendly


thisistotallymyname . 2 weeks ago

such a friendly video


OhCool . 2 weeks ago

Wow! Love this family friendly G-rated content that I can watch with my 2 year old sister and 99 year old grandpa!

Matias Hernandez

Matias Hernandez . 2 weeks ago

elgato xd q chucha


Nightmellow . 3 weeks ago

Lwaiy again

Adam Akhrif

Adam Akhrif . 3 weeks ago

I work at the day care and honestly I show Pewdiepie's video to the 3 year olds. They are all know 30, they became rich and important people to society just because of this video. But then I worked at another day care and showed T-Sereies videos to the 3 yr olds and know they are perverts, suicidical and drug addicts. Delete T-Series channel already!

GoldRush 217

GoldRush 217 . 3 weeks ago

Weird flex but ok


BakedPotato . 3 weeks ago

Thank you for being a family friendly channel!!

Marek Wasik

Marek Wasik . 3 weeks ago

This was very nice and friendly, I let my kids watch this. They learnt the abc 123s and the birds and the bees.

Kay Belcher

Kay Belcher . 3 weeks ago

Loved watching this with my son

Hala Mohammad

Hala Mohammad . 3 weeks ago

wow!!!!11!! i loved the un-boxing of the new Dora the explorer doll! btw i'm 2!!

Caramel Cake

Caramel Cake . 3 weeks ago

This video is nice and friendly

LiteBerry Yt

LiteBerry Yt . 3 weeks ago

Has anyone else noticed that eu flag has same colors as sweden flag?

Harrison Jones

Harrison Jones . 3 weeks ago

Watching the green bits of felix's shirt. 10/10

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