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Go Kart Soccer Battle | Dude Perfect

Dude Perfect

Dude Perfect

Published on 2 years ago

Soccer is WAY more fun in Go Karts!!
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Comments :

Dude Perfect

Dude Perfect . 2 years ago

NEXT VIDEO: Ping Pong Trick Shots 4 COMMENT: Who do you think will win the World Cup?

Lucy and Steve Baker

Lucy and Steve Baker . 2 hours ago


Abdul Kablaoui

Abdul Kablaoui . 4 hours ago


Greg Pike

Greg Pike . 7 hours ago

let's go red team!

Sam Kemp

Sam Kemp . 12 hours ago

Red team will win!!!

Saud AlFarsi

Saud AlFarsi . 12 hours ago

red red

Eddie Grill

Eddie Grill . 13 hours ago

Missed out on a great opportunity to make panda China

david smith

david smith . 1 day ago

team red


Kharnellius . 1 day ago

Boo! Blue team all the way!

MATtribal L

MATtribal L . 2 days ago

France 🇫🇷 si better

Muhammedtaleaah612 Taleaah

Muhammedtaleaah612 Taleaah . 2 days ago

انت تسوق امها

Slayer Siris

Slayer Siris . 3 days ago

Red will win


YoKazu . 3 days ago

I cheer for Poland because that’s where I am from 🇵🇱❤️

Paxton Omasta

Paxton Omasta . 4 days ago


Maxwell McNamara

Maxwell McNamara . 4 days ago

red team win

Sam Baldwin

Sam Baldwin . 4 days ago

team coby

Jason Hogan

Jason Hogan . 4 days ago

More videos with panda 🐼

dillon smith

dillon smith . 4 days ago

WHO IS PANDA????????????????????

Hugo & Peanut

Hugo & Peanut . 4 days ago


VortexIX Gaming

VortexIX Gaming . 5 days ago

panda should have been on China

An Intellectual

An Intellectual . 5 days ago

The twins win less battles because they are French

Harini Lingamaneni

Harini Lingamaneni . 5 days ago

Who is the panda guy

nath 10

nath 10 . 5 days ago

Qui EST francais

autumn gosser

autumn gosser . 5 days ago

team china aka panda

Fuzzy Mango

Fuzzy Mango . 5 days ago

Team coby all the way


MARTIN DEL RIO (Student) . 5 days ago

Quarantine stereotypes!!

shwetansh sri

shwetansh sri . 6 days ago

tyler will win

Muhammed Akif AKITÜRK

Muhammed Akif AKITÜRK . 6 days ago

1:29 world war 3 :)

Bhibhidha Bhubha

Bhibhidha Bhubha . 6 days ago

You are playing some football

Carter Chappell

Carter Chappell . 6 days ago

Who is Coby and who is Cory?😂

Robert Bidleman

Robert Bidleman . 6 days ago


Dino & Demp

Dino & Demp . 6 days ago

How do you think cody knows it's hard to see???

Kellen Mckay

Kellen Mckay . 6 days ago

Like if your watching in 2020

C Woo

C Woo . 6 days ago


Sylvain Chabot

Sylvain Chabot . 7 days ago

I'm french

Furkan Karakus

Furkan Karakus . 7 days ago

Yorumlarda TÜRK var mı diye geldiysen beğen

Joshua King

Joshua King . 7 days ago

Rocket league in real life

Zahid ayub

Zahid ayub . 7 days ago

can you tell me who is panda really

Mohsin Jaffar

Mohsin Jaffar . 1 week ago


Ethan Smith

Ethan Smith . 1 week ago

For every like i get, I am donating a meal to the poor.👍

Neeti Nanda

Neeti Nanda . 1 week ago

Red team

جواد المهتمر

جواد المهتمر . 1 week ago

📲*00212.679.620.248* *whatapps*📲 هـــــذا رقــم الــدكــتــور👨‍⚕️ الإخــتــصــاصــي الــلــي سـاعـدنـــي فــي عــلاج مــشــكــلــتــي😄 لــصــغــر الــقــضــيــب نــقــص الإنــتــصــاب✅ الــقــذف الــســريــع ✅ الــبــرود الــجــنــســي ☑الــمــنــتــجــات مـتـوفـرة فـقـط بـالـسـعـوديـة🇸🇦 وقــطــر🇶🇦 والإمــارات🇦🇪 والـعـراق🇮🇶 ولـبـنـان🇱🇧 والأردن🇯🇴 والــكــويــت🇰🇼 والــبــحــريــن🇧🇭 وسـلـطـنـة عــمــان🇴🇲 أطـــلـــبــــهـــــا الان📲*00212.679.620.248* *whatapps*📲الـدفـع عـنـد الاسـتــلام🤝

Poopy Doopy

Poopy Doopy . 1 week ago


XyEl1Ti5 _

XyEl1Ti5 _ . 1 week ago

Technically,that’s coby’s actual 2nd battle win but since it’s a team battle....does it count?

Mr Sheeshcabob

Mr Sheeshcabob . 1 week ago

3:07: OH CHEATER CHEATER Me: it’s the way soccer works

Jenna Hood

Jenna Hood . 1 week ago


James Mack

James Mack . 1 week ago


Oscar Veal

Oscar Veal . 1 week ago

Where at

Rehmnil Alejandre

Rehmnil Alejandre . 1 week ago

Red team win

Ferrah Patterson

Ferrah Patterson . 1 week ago

red team all the way

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