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IAA Miami Season 3: Episode 2

Brandon Marshall, Chad Ochocinco Johnson, Channing Crowder, and Fred Taylor sit down with rapper, Styles P as he drops gems on growth and health. Styles reflects on his career as a member of The Lox and gives us his take on the current state of hip-hop. Ochocinco take things to the next level when he challenges Styles P to a must see freestyle battle.


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Comments :

tai. McDonald

tai. McDonald . 5 hours ago


avac clarke

avac clarke . 6 hours ago

Love Styles P always a fan


silentWolf334 . 7 hours ago

Man like Styles P YO!


bigsmoke727 . 7 hours ago

All these things take money. Money into the community and schools. Funding being dispersed to low income communities will give schools and others to allow more resources

Desiree X

Desiree X . 8 hours ago

Love the passion Chad gives behind how he eats because all this stuff trash and chemicals for real. SP drop gems per usual

Ant Varner

Ant Varner . 10 hours ago

Yeah after this one Imma need that J. Cole special guest appearance

Cherice Lyles-Dunton

Cherice Lyles-Dunton . 14 hours ago

It is called systemic racism. We are affected by the virus the most because they are not treating us before the symptoms are lethal.

jrellz_ va

jrellz_ va . 16 hours ago

DOPE.... 🔥🔥💯

Da'Jarah Gibson

Da'Jarah Gibson . 1 day ago

It's funny how Chad references the Jewish people, but then "jewish" followed boundaries and that's the conversation piece.


LT TV . 1 day ago

I would’ve taken that piece of lint of his sweater in real time. Look out for the homie let’s start there

The Real Ace

The Real Ace . 1 day ago

That's why Styles P Is My Favourite Rapper, The Energy!!! 👑

The Real Ace

The Real Ace . 1 day ago

Ghost The Great Styles P💪🏾

Chaz G

Chaz G . 1 day ago

Awesome conversation Subscribing

Frizzo 910G

Frizzo 910G . 1 day ago

The butterfly analogy is some OG gang and/legend shit

Frizzo 910G

Frizzo 910G . 1 day ago

Channing might need to chill with @donlogan


T D . 1 day ago

SP - is the realist most intelligent rapper in these streets today. Another great show!!! 🙏🏾

Nasire Mentality

Nasire Mentality . 1 day ago

P coming real man style. Class of 02 here. Grew up wit these boys 💯💯👍👍

Mocha KB

Mocha KB . 1 day ago

When Channing discussed how to prepare the chitterlings my stomach started turning.....yuk lol

Vamp Rico

Vamp Rico . 1 day ago



YEYENANA . 2 days ago

Ok this is definitely my new favourite episode 🔥🔥🔥

Gregory Jones

Gregory Jones . 2 days ago

Appreciate this for the notes on food from style p

Willie Brown

Willie Brown . 2 days ago

That final battle rap battle 😂😂😭😭. Good episode, Styles P giving knowledge


ladykjd2g . 2 days ago

Styles P is not good to interview. He thinks cause he talks loud he right. & he don’t listen he tries to over talk ppl. Boy bye.


Howbout99 . 2 days ago

I hate all the commercials!! They keep messing up the flow….

Josh Teycer

Josh Teycer . 2 days ago

Say no mo 💯


Mr247star . 2 days ago

This is the best version/group for "I am legend". Perfect Dynamics and chemistry! I usually care to hear them ALLLLL including the female chef

Michael Pratchett

Michael Pratchett . 2 days ago

STYLES should be on the show all the time, sh*t is hilarious

Demetrius Horne

Demetrius Horne . 2 days ago

Styles P dat dude

Will Davis

Will Davis . 2 days ago

A true champion.. I know 180 negative and I’m working on my 180 positive.

Old Yella

Old Yella . 3 days ago

Lord knows what a world 🌎 full of 🦋 can do - S.P.

annie charpentier

annie charpentier . 3 days ago

Styles is seriously the Thich Nhat Hahn of Our time. (despite his birth certificate reading "Negro.") wait i think Tigs is too. seriously it reads that. He's That Old.

Derion Coker

Derion Coker . 3 days ago

This episode was firee !!

AJ Jones

AJ Jones . 3 days ago

Def loved styles on this pod

Sheree Ms. Powerhouse Jackson

Sheree Ms. Powerhouse Jackson . 3 days ago

Please keep SP on here!!!! Bomb episode!


T L . 3 days ago

Wow they missed an opportunity for a lengthy and amazing interview. Stylez story is deeper...ask about his daughter, his wife, mom being from South Africa etc. You could tell he has a lot to offer as far as wisdom.

Im Favrr

Im Favrr . 3 days ago

Second favorite episode of the show after the Deion Sanders episode 💪🏾

Jer Rivera

Jer Rivera . 3 days ago

Styles was dropping gems

Shawn P TV

Shawn P TV . 4 days ago

Awesome episode. I would love to see spice Adams on the show

Death Stroke

Death Stroke . 4 days ago

You ain't in my weight class...


pzpz2135 . 4 days ago

Styles P is amazing on this show! Please bring him back! This is one of the best episodes.

Sonia Saiz

Sonia Saiz . 4 days ago

The foamy hemp operationally inject because valley significantly stir within a stingy comma. frequent, scientific satin

Madonna Doll / Mortician

Madonna Doll / Mortician . 4 days ago

Yes yes yes


Tlalchan . 4 days ago

Damn, we needed a 2 hour special with Styles. Nothing but GEMS

Mosby Fam

Mosby Fam . 4 days ago

Best interview

thefrank z

thefrank z . 4 days ago

Salute to the gods its not about color its about community until we love ourselves we cant love life!

DaVinci Films HD

DaVinci Films HD . 4 days ago

Love this channel.

G-Whiz FinRa

G-Whiz FinRa . 4 days ago

This show was funny as hell.

Coach Blocker Dominate the Trenches !

Coach Blocker Dominate the Trenches ! . 5 days ago

Channing is hilarious


younghenry31 . 5 days ago

This was too short of an interview! Good conversation.


Caleb . 5 days ago

Styles P got into Ocho head to the point he didn't touch his cake 🤣🤣🤣🤣. All 3 episodes with Styles P and Jared Odrick have being a blast. I wanna see dem keep bringing Jared back too

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