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Published on 5 days ago

Mobs have Parents and this is what they're like! haha they're so funny, I wish Minecraft mobs were my parents.

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Today we're checking out what these NEW Minecraft Mobs if they were Parents are like! Each of the mobs have new items to test out. Let us know in the comments below which was your favorite part!

Minecraft Mobs if they were Parents

#Minecraft #Mob #Parents


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Comments :

Kailie Ricci

Kailie Ricci . 47 seconds ago

I love the mobs and animals and there kids


Childhood_memories . 1 hour ago

✨ The iron golem baby is a bird now ✨


PhotonYT . 1 hour ago

this isn’t in vanilla Minecraft only modded Minecraft

Legend Stan Lee

Legend Stan Lee . 1 hour ago

5:02 aww so cute 🥰

Fox The Pirate Ninja

Fox The Pirate Ninja . 1 hour ago

They all are sooooo cute


KirraFox1001 . 1 hour ago

when I saw the baby Ghast I said "its a jelly fish!"


Mr.Purple . 1 hour ago



鐳鍶 . 2 hours ago

baby ender pearl ender man: you monster

Leondra Hall

Leondra Hall . 2 hours ago

Oh my God how did the iron golem do that!!!

Emmanuel Rai

Emmanuel Rai . 2 hours ago

maile sub gare ko xina

yuitr loing

yuitr loing . 3 hours ago

I love how the parent zombie gets her baby zombie to her and put it to her head, so cute 😊😊💜💜💜

Lisa Torillo

Lisa Torillo . 3 hours ago

This is adorable 😍😍😍😍😍😇😇😇

Tristan Miller

Tristan Miller . 3 hours ago



NORMA DULOS . 3 hours ago

Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu, 7uuuuuu7uuuuuuuuuuuuu


Dispenser . 3 hours ago

the thumbnail... NOOOOOOOOO!

Marlyn Smith

Marlyn Smith . 4 hours ago

That thumbnail tho

Speedy the hedghog gaming

Speedy the hedghog gaming . 4 hours ago

Download plz

♡︎sᴜssʏ peach♡︎

♡︎sᴜssʏ peach♡︎ . 4 hours ago

Yup but which one? 💅🏻😏

sans gamer

sans gamer . 4 hours ago

Wait so you never held a ender eye


ALL NIGHTMARE . 4 hours ago

The enderman parent is the best


ALL NIGHTMARE . 4 hours ago

Sound like u said gas toy 😂🤣


BlueToadFan913 . 4 hours ago

I used to watch this guy I stopped but I’m glad to be back and plan on watching him again :)

Choo Chui kian

Choo Chui kian . 4 hours ago

You know the iron golem arms ya you said where are these mobs coming from they are coming from your Mob in a jar


Savanna_Gamer . 5 hours ago

I love how the parent zombie gets her baby zombie to her and put it to her head, so cute 😊😊💜💜💜

Vela Tofaeono

Vela Tofaeono . 5 hours ago

Iron golem

Declan Kaye

Declan Kaye . 5 hours ago

I centred candle for no reason

Declan Kaye

Declan Kaye . 5 hours ago


Carol Royer

Carol Royer . 5 hours ago

The skeleton one made me cry but it’s night where I am and my mom and dog are sleeping so I’m tying not to cry

Pann Ei Naing

Pann Ei Naing . 5 hours ago

I miss Alex video s

renee larsen

renee larsen . 6 hours ago

So the part of the skeleton family and also zombie family that means that zombies and skeletons are in the same family

renee larsen

renee larsen . 6 hours ago

When the Husk actually exploded into arrows it was because husk a like stray and stray are like skeletons

dj hendrix

dj hendrix . 6 hours ago

is a baby

Mr. Great

Mr. Great . 6 hours ago

#TeamEndermens. Endermens are The Best.

Cuppy 2020 Playz

Cuppy 2020 Playz . 7 hours ago

So cute

Brynnley Carver

Brynnley Carver . 7 hours ago

Shout out for “ Lil Billy”

Franco Hombre

Franco Hombre . 8 hours ago

to coooooote

Joshua Badillo

Joshua Badillo . 8 hours ago

I wanna get a baby Enderman plushie, So badily now


GalaIsAGamer . 8 hours ago

the baby skeleton was so wholesome i cried, literally

Wissir 2

Wissir 2 . 9 hours ago

Minecraft mobs if they were parents The title:GET OUTTA MY LIFE YA LITTLE CRAP *throws in a ravine*

Aadina Lee

Aadina Lee . 9 hours ago

well get sum toys to 😨

Aminah Bautista

Aminah Bautista . 9 hours ago

Aww this is full of cutenes

Eric Stromberg

Eric Stromberg . 10 hours ago

Wait! Was this a video without killing the mobs? Is Tyler ok?


V M . 10 hours ago

Awwwwww so cutee!

Johan and Rain TMR

Johan and Rain TMR . 10 hours ago

I wondering why you and craftee have a same voice

Rolando10 Perez

Rolando10 Perez . 10 hours ago

Logdotzip your the best your video's are so good and it's always the best :)

Eduarda Tanachi

Eduarda Tanachi . 10 hours ago

The skeleton make me cry

Aria Martos

Aria Martos . 11 hours ago

My fav is the endermen and it’s baby


~Crystal07~ . 12 hours ago

My mind:Thumbnail: Iron golem yeeting baby iron golem into space Video: mob parents with theri children

Summer Li

Summer Li . 12 hours ago

My captions were in Korean...

Summer Li

Summer Li . 12 hours ago


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