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Merit Store

Merit Store

Published on 1 year ago

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In this video I'm going through the history of Indigo dye, from Egypt and the Indus River Valley Civilization to modern synthetic indigotine and environmental consequences of dye production.

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Bacterial Indigo article:

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Environmental impact of synthetic dyes:

Environmental impacts of dyeing:

Introduction: (0:00)
What Actually is Indigo?: (0:57)
How It's Made: (1:41)
Ancient History of Indigo: (2:51)
Modern History of Indigo: (5:00)
Synthetic Indigo: (6:09)
Environmental Impact of Synthetic Dyes: (7:08)
The Future of Indigo: (7:38)
Conclusion: (8:23)

#menswear #meritstore #indigo

Comments :

Beats of Life with RAJATH

Beats of Life with RAJATH . 4 weeks ago

Hi bro, iam a YouTuber from Kerala, India


justabbie . 2 months ago

"I'm so sorry for that joke, that was a terrible joke" 不不不不不不byee

Tactical Velocity

Tactical Velocity . 5 months ago

I watched this in school! Epic video bro

Deborah Melo

Deborah Melo . 6 months ago

The best channel I found in 2021! Thanks for sharing this amazing content!

Tianheng Qin

Tianheng Qin . 8 months ago

Thank you! very nice video

SS.. Satyam

SS.. Satyam . 11 months ago


Jordan Diab

Jordan Diab . 1 year ago

Im very eager to see what products you guys produce for sale. All this research and accumulated insight hopefully leads to something amazing.

evol 1928

evol 1928 . 1 year ago

Good to see you! Nice start of the morning

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