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Published on 5 years ago

Gavin Haynes has come from England to America to investigate the secret world of Indigo Children, a select group of people who believe they were born with "indigo" auras and possess special and supernatural traits and abilities. Though many of these children have been diagnosed with ADD or ADHD by health care professionals, Indigo parents maintain that their children do not have these conditions, but are instead running on a different astral plane unbeknownst to regular people. Critics maintain that these children are not receiving proper mental health care.

On his journey for answers, Gavin has his aura photo taken, undergoes a holistic dentistry examination by a mother/daughter Indigo pair, and attends a concert for Indigo rap duo The Underachievers, who are preaching Indigoism as a way of life.

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Comments :

Joseph Shaw

Joseph Shaw . 14 hours ago

Greta awakening is here. Let’s go indigos ☀️🙏

Solar Panel

Solar Panel . 16 hours ago

a Dentist that avoids fluoride!??! WOW. Maybe there is hope for humanity.... Now if we can get millions of people to begin living SUSTAINABLE lifestyles growing food/producing resources- then we can REALLY Get back on track as human beings.... It seems we are the ONLY Species on this entire earth that actually DESTROYS our own environment and resources just to get ahead of the next man but ultimately ending our existence as humans at some point... No other species of beings on earth destroys their own resources and environments in order to get ahead... I feel like we are the dumbest species on earth yet we claim to be the top species its laughable really.

Remo Piccioni

Remo Piccioni . 18 hours ago

This reminds me of a Seinfeld episode. The one where George goes to a holistic healer and winds up turning purple. Then as he is in the ambulance the e.m.t.s are fighting over Chuckles candy. Lol

Daphnie Tudor

Daphnie Tudor . 21 hours ago

My aura is violet like blueish purple. I was told this. And that is what I've always thought it to be. I don't really care who believes that or not. I am not harming anyone by knowing or saying this.

no body

no body . 1 day ago

I think they mean wendigo children.

Vince C.

Vince C. . 2 days ago

So...when we combine ADHD with schizotypal or histrionic personality disorder we get indigo children...Dually noted.🤣

Annie Smail

Annie Smail . 2 days ago

I know us Brits are known for sarcasm but this guy was outright rude both on-camera and voice-over. Journalists should at least respect the people they're investigating, this guy is not even listening to what people are saying

Nataly Peretz

Nataly Peretz . 2 days ago

They just rush to write books liars

annike Gibson

annike Gibson . 2 days ago

Always thought I was diffent turns out I was ..its called bipolar my visions turns out to be delusions . People need to be careful which thier kids .

Xambea virtual

Xambea virtual . 2 days ago

The girl’s brother is just so fed up with his mom and his sister lol

Jenifer Martins

Jenifer Martins . 2 days ago

Every time I see people who are involved with these "alternative" things, I wonder if they actually believe the bulshit they do or if they are straight up liars.


Samsara . 2 days ago

A lot of indigos come from tough childhoods and unexpected places- I wouldn’t focus so much on these white people who tell their kids they are indigo from the jump or even know about it.

Jo Jo

Jo Jo . 2 days ago

How the hell did he keep a straight face at the fair when talking to the “female healer”? (The one who claims she scans a persons auric fields to find energy blockages and then removes their armour…whatever that means) “Well that sounds like very important work, Thankyou for sharing” 😂😂 🤔yep, real important work!


higher.consciousness . 3 days ago

Indigo children and starseeds and all this bullshit is not real. It is spiritual propaganda.

Romana Petricevic

Romana Petricevic . 3 days ago

I have my opinion, please without anger. Why a few people label other people? Edward is ordinary man, only founder. He is no indigo, gifted etc.. Yes Gavin you are positive person. Holistic dentistry only in America. Diandra i hope you get better. Summerhawk gifted but unhappy 😥 Lanfy i like you 😀 don't be humble you are also special. Sarafina is a teenager who draws beautiffuly?? Her mother claims her child is indigo (also test online). Mother's wish.


Liolia . 3 days ago

Indigos are not here to “take over the earth.” 😒They’re here to help people see the world differently, try a new path, stop following current social conventions since they’re making most, if not all, of us miserable. Indigos never claim to be better than anyone else, just different. Less focused on the tangible, logical, and more open to the intangible, emotional and energetic intelligence that modern western society is mostly tuned out of. I wish this reporter never bothered to do this piece, his sarcasm and sneering makes his bias so overt, that’s not what good journalism is about. Question, yes, but don’t condescend. Other pieces on spirituality by Vice are better, ones done by a female reporter (can’t recall her name, she did pieces on cults though, wish she had done this instead) this is one of my least favorite pieces, I’d say, in terms of open-mindedness and respect.

Richard Woods

Richard Woods . 3 days ago

I believe in indigo people. But none of them are lol


unknown . 3 days ago

scientists test DMT on born blind guy he seen nothing.it's all BS ur brain make when ur high as fk.


unknown . 3 days ago

one Kick on face & anyone can be indigo.

Jen Mayer

Jen Mayer . 3 days ago

“Charged crystals for patients to hold during their root canals” 💎 🦷 😂 !!!


SOME CAN'T . 3 days ago

All this is self indulgent nonsense...

Torien Thornton

Torien Thornton . 4 days ago

Normalize not calling every spiritual person a witch /wizard or psychic I’m a prophet of god

Adam Naperty

Adam Naperty . 4 days ago

Nowadays everyone is indigo child 😂

Mimi Sings

Mimi Sings . 4 days ago

This is creating a terrible stigma around having a mental illness or disability

Kieren Llama

Kieren Llama . 4 days ago

Sugar ice tea actually helps because it's seen that ADHD brains have glucose issues. By providing a steady stream of sugar it can help fuel the brain.

David Erickson

David Erickson . 4 days ago

It would make a good soft rock song.

Trihana Orpheus

Trihana Orpheus . 4 days ago

I Buying The Book Because My Brilliant Parents Stuffed Me Full Of Pharmaceuticals. My Pineal & Chakra Are Badly Damaged. Lets Break This Messed Up Cycle. I Won't Let The Same Thing Happen To My Child.

i - christopher williams

i - christopher williams . 4 days ago

i \\\\\\\\\\\\ qach lisa bobby david paris kori effie krups lilac i - didi 40 i - we are the light varience chartreuse i - viva pkychik david san antonio austin and dallas hysteria david i - the last laugh is on vice for painting a bad lisa because the isaaicrth is on her second ascension32 and vibration resonates with vibration so choose your leviathan555 i - viva berlin - 40


462matatan . 5 days ago

The final conclusions were spot on in my opinion, completely insightful and unbiased towards the truth of reporting. Thank you.

𝓡 𝒖 𝒃 𝒚

𝓡 𝒖 𝒃 𝒚 . 5 days ago

not every lifetime is for experiencing spiritual awakenings

Lateef Reid

Lateef Reid . 5 days ago

So, what happened to them? Where are they, now?

wwindowlicker808(night speed)

wwindowlicker808(night speed) . 5 days ago

A psychologist who specializes in adhd sounds to me like the man armed with only a hammer who sees nothing but nails.


Elijah . 5 days ago

I was listening to Scriabin and somehow ended up here.

Stephanie Austin

Stephanie Austin . 5 days ago

I have major ADHD, and I’ve been told that I’m an “indigo child.” Every time I hear this, I want to fucking gag! No attitude in the world could possibly be more damaging! By placing people with ADHD up on these pedestals by telling us we’re these super evolved souls here to supposedly “lead humanity” we’re essentially being told that we have to believe we’re these super special, hyper evolved souls in order to feel good about ourselves. All this does is teach us that having ADHD is something to feel horrible and disgusted about, and that we need instead to feel as though we’re these special people in order to feel good about ourselves, rather than learn to accept and love ourselves exactly as we are, flaws and all. Nothing in the world could be more damaging! It causes us to run from reality and completely loose ourselves in this complete fantasy world, and should anything shatter that fantasy, we’ll just come falling down off of that pedestal we’ve placed ourselves on by believing this bullshit, and it will devastate us, because we’ve never learned to face reality and accept the truth of who we are, flaws and all, and truly love ourselves instead. It’s such fucking crap meant to prey upon the gullible, and nothing more! I’ve come to learn to love myself not despite having ADHD but because I have ADHD, and in so doing, I’ve come to love and accept myself exactly as I am! That’s true, authentic self-love, and is so much stronger than such a damaging fantasy like believing I’m an “indigo child” could ever be!

Ruth Cancilla

Ruth Cancilla . 5 days ago

I've had suspected of this have many encounters in my life but I couldn't put my finger on it I'm only getting to know myself and realizing that there's others like me 👍

Ruth Cancilla

Ruth Cancilla . 5 days ago

I believe it's true


GOOD VIBE TRIBE G.V.T. . 6 days ago

Much love everyone!!!

Alexandria the magnificent

Alexandria the magnificent . 6 days ago

I believe god made all kinds of other beings and creatures, he jyst made us in his own image.🌹ive witness wonders of god n of the 🌌universe n how certain communication goes on.i got special gifts of my own n I've tapped into things unknowingly it just happend.im 33 I was 23 when it 1st happend lasted like 2 months.it scared me to bc i didnt know what was happening to me.my vibrations had raised to the max n i could see everything n it's like i was connected with something it freaked me out. All this knowledge about space n aliens n time n all kinds of different subjects about different cultures etc n about portals etc come into my mind.n strange things happen around me while this special phase is going on.n I'm a nice sweet lovely young lady I've been through alot though.but I would see the good side n the bad side the good side was miraculous stunning incredible beyond compare true beauty to behold with your eyes mind heart n soul at the same time n that devine feeling at the same time.i dont know if I'm indigo but I'm alot all in one type thing.💫love be with all.god bless🌺

Alexandria the magnificent

Alexandria the magnificent . 6 days ago

Chosen one

Skylar Gunnarson

Skylar Gunnarson . 6 days ago

Indigo bud

Gamer Vega

Gamer Vega . 7 days ago

When I get drunk, I read the hand so fast... before it's coming to slap me , m an indigo airline.

bert wesler

bert wesler . 7 days ago

This, 9.11.21, is the 20th anniversary of the day the Rothschilds-Zionists conquered the entire Earth.

Divine Brown

Divine Brown . 7 days ago

beyond beautiful ✨🙏🏾

Shawn Campbell

Shawn Campbell . 1 week ago

I once had an instructor who said I had a black aura and bc of that, she kicked me out of her class lol..


EarthaJoplin . 1 week ago

Why didn't he get raury on here if he managed to get gold link crew? Js


EarthaJoplin . 1 week ago

Personally I feel if I had stayed on Aderal I would had probably not been a high school drop out it help.me.stay focus.and get everything done. Then.again idk

Ali Halstien

Ali Halstien . 1 week ago

"What percentage of your friends are indigo?" "Everyone... everyone.. everyone" "..like you are... everyone is" "Everyone."

Joshua Bowen

Joshua Bowen . 1 week ago

"Autism is my superpower" - these people in a nutshell

Christian N H

Christian N H . 1 week ago

am i indigo too?

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