The Fantasy Headliners

The Fantasy Headliners

Published on 3 months ago

2019 Fantasy Football - LIVE Q&A Answering Your Fantasy Football Questions

Its time to talk some 2019 Fantasy Football. The first NFL Sunday of the season kicks off tomorrow! It's time to watch NFL Football again. In this LIVE episode of The Fantasy Headliners Jake and Kyle will give fantasy football advice and will be answering your fantasy football questions going into the fantasy football season. Do you have fantasy football start and sit or fantasy football rankings questions? Do you know who some week 1 sleepers or busts are? Be sure to stop in and leave a comment! We will also be talking about our most recent fantasy football rankings. We need to determine what players we need to target or players we need to avoid in this years fantasy football season. Let's make sure we are all ready to dominate our 2019 Fantasy Football season!

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Comments :


Dness357 . 3 months ago


Dustin Taylor

Dustin Taylor . 3 months ago

Start Kittle, Jamison crowder or mark ingram? Leaning towards Kittle...


dj . 3 months ago

Just traded lesean McCoy and michael Thomas for Chris Carson, amari Cooper, Tyler Lockett, and Christian Kirk. My rbs already were kerryon and David Montgomery. Needed a solid rb. Thoughts? Edit: non ppr btw


slimdan . 3 months ago

Winston sucked this week. So many so called gurus thought he was lock. These top picks never really play out.

James Brehm

James Brehm . 3 months ago

Great call on Henry!! Just to name one.

Paul Grebinski

Paul Grebinski . 3 months ago

Would you take Antonio Brown for Derrick Henry in a non-ppr league?

Miguel Rodriguez

Miguel Rodriguez . 3 months ago

Phillip Rivers or Tom Braddy on week 1? Please help

Taylor Abulone

Taylor Abulone . 3 months ago

FLEX- Calvin Ridley or Dede Westbrook


NaChOmAn1128 . 3 months ago

2 ๐Ÿs back for another year

james kitanga

james kitanga . 3 months ago

Dak prescott or tom Brady week 1

Chad Shelton

Chad Shelton . 3 months ago

Wilson or Prescott

Tyler Seese

Tyler Seese . 3 months ago

I love the videos and appreciate the help youโ€™ve given me this year, and for today who should I start in a ppr league: Duke or Fournette

Mike c

Mike c . 3 months ago

For my wr2 should I stay Boyd or Hilton this week thanks and flex should I start Ingram or Mack

Nick W.

Nick W. . 3 months ago

Which Flex player would you guys use? Albert Wilson / Hunter Renfrow / Devin Singletary

Zachary Willis

Zachary Willis . 3 months ago

Quick help from the community, for my flex spot in .5ppr Henry, Mack, Eckler? Pick one

khavy vath

khavy vath . 3 months ago

I always miss the lives โ˜น๏ธ

Mike Goldberg

Mike Goldberg . 3 months ago

Hi guys! love the channel! would you start josh Jacob's over diggs?

huy gadg

huy gadg . 3 months ago

Start Seattle D or Dallas D today

Benjamin Davis

Benjamin Davis . 3 months ago

Should I drop Rashaad Penny for Waller in my stash spot for trade later? I have Kelce right now.

Quaron Bethea

Quaron Bethea . 3 months ago

Sick I missed the show! Can I still donate? Awesome that you guys are doing this! Baller Hunter intro!!!

Carl Cleague

Carl Cleague . 3 months ago

How do you guys get those Signed Jerseys??

Rubix 77323

Rubix 77323 . 3 months ago

Josh Gordon or zach ertz? Hmm

Shon Young

Shon Young . 3 months ago

Tyler Boyd or Dede Westbrook

Levi Kemper

Levi Kemper . 3 months ago

Jake: โ€œIts like were attached kyleโ€ Kyle: ๐Ÿ‘€๐Ÿ˜ณ

John McSween

John McSween . 3 months ago

Classy move to donate to the Red Cross fellas!

christopher leoni

christopher leoni . 3 months ago

Rank these: Dede Westbrook Chris Godwin Mike Williams

The Notrious Bob

The Notrious Bob . 3 months ago

Should strip the Panthers stickers off and make it a headliners helmet ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿˆ๐Ÿ‘


sudsdelux . 3 months ago

Start DJ Moore or Cooper Kupp? Iโ€™m already starting Robert Woods. Love the show guys ๐Ÿ’š

Levi Kemper

Levi Kemper . 3 months ago

Dede lockett or landry this week PPR? Also someone dropped baker to waivers ๐Ÿ‘€and i snagged him ๐Ÿ˜ but now im sitting on russel wilson kyler murray and baker. My plan is to start russel week one and see how cleveland and arizona look. Thoughts?

Tommy Pancaldo

Tommy Pancaldo . 3 months ago

Lamar Jackson or Matt Ryan start for week 1???

Oneal Thomas

Oneal Thomas . 3 months ago

PPR who should I flex S.Diggs or M.Brieda... Idk if they trying to over or underplay diggs hammy

The Notrious Bob

The Notrious Bob . 3 months ago

Ha ha ha #Shake N Bake

Benjamin Davis

Benjamin Davis . 3 months ago

Duke, Pettis, TY flex PPR league. Wentz or Jameis?

random funny videos

random funny videos . 3 months ago

I always watch fantasy footballers.....but I absolutely love this channel. I think someone might be taken over#headliners.

Alex Sanchez

Alex Sanchez . 3 months ago

Jake reminds me of Seth Rogen so much lol

jay riojas

jay riojas . 3 months ago

Full ppr Flex Kupp or Freeman 2 RBs Carsons, Ekler 2 Wr Golladay, Adams (laid on egg) TE M Andrews Please help

GodmindNY NYC

GodmindNY NYC . 3 months ago

Lockett over Diggs today?


Made_2_last . 3 months ago

What about Gus Edwards?

Andy Kelsay

Andy Kelsay . 3 months ago

Very cool of you guys to donate, I live on the east coast of Florida and got extremely lucky when the storm turned. I feel for everyone affected.

Andy Kelsay

Andy Kelsay . 3 months ago

I noticed that I couldnโ€™t comment live, is that because you guys answer questions from another platform?

Marcos Salazar

Marcos Salazar . 3 months ago

Question at the flex for week one .. Tyler Lockett, Josh Gordon, Guice , Tevin Coleman , Dede Westbrook ?? Ppr . Thank you !


shagel . 3 months ago

S. Michel or C. Kupp as flex week 1? Leaning towards Michel.

Johnny Carreira

Johnny Carreira . 3 months ago

Brieda or Murray in my flex .5 ppr thanks ๐Ÿ‘Š

Matt Mason

Matt Mason . 3 months ago

Flex Marlon Mack James white or Marvin Jones jr. full ppr pleaseeeee lol

Chris D

Chris D . 3 months ago

Amari Cooper or Chris Godwin or Damien Williams? in PPR

Sbeezy 32

Sbeezy 32 . 3 months ago

I got Dalvin cook, James Connor, and Zeke. Who should I start?

Sbeezy 32

Sbeezy 32 . 3 months ago

Ty Hilton or marlon Mack in my flex?

Jan Nik

Jan Nik . 3 months ago

I tradet away hurley and Diggs for chubb and tyreek. I think this was a really good trade

Valentin Ninaus

Valentin Ninaus . 3 months ago

Flex Play 0.5 ppr: D. Freeman, Ekeler or Marvin Jones?

Brandon Mesecar

Brandon Mesecar . 3 months ago

I'm going with Fitzpatrick parker combo for the huge win think I'll get em both with 1% ownership I'll take it let's go

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