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OBLIVION vs FATE - A Fortnite Short Film


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The world of Fortnite seems to be close to breaking, but at least Omega got his armor back from the dry cleaners. Oblivion is still following Omega, obsessed and in love. Even though Omega makes it very clear that he already has Fate for a girlfriend, Oblivion won't listen.

Soon, Fate and John Wick run up. Looks like Omega has some explaining to do! Oblivion hates Fate for dating Omega, Fate hates Omega for flirting with her man, Omega is upset because John Wick blew up his family, and John Wick really wanted his double espresso the group turned down. Looks like a battle is about to go down.

Fate decides to start to fight off with a witty pun about impulse grenades. From there everyone is under constant fire; Fate vs Oblivion, Omega vs John Wick. And it looks like Oblivion is getting the better of Fate. Their epic duel ends on a rooftop, and Oblivion is ready to finish Fate off for good. Fate gets pushed off the edge of the building and falls to her death.

Back at the new villain base, Steve (aka The Noob Skin) and Omen discuss their plans. John Wick rushes in and breaks the bad news to Omen, who then sends Steve (aka the Default Skin) out to get revenge on Omega.

Who is this mysterious Oblivion? What does she want with Omega? To find out, check out the entire episode! Leave a like and comment what you would like to see next! Thanks for watching!

Cat Small

Cat Small . 2 hours ago

John wick sounds U.G.L.Y


EGGYNITE-MOBILE . 2 days ago

At the end it’s rachoal 5

Inigo Guevara

Inigo Guevara . 2 days ago

R.I.P fate/omens sister/omegas original Love interest😿😿

Sarah Coffins

Sarah Coffins . 3 days ago

It's rachel 5


GOKU INSTINCINT . 6 days ago


Jerry Rice

Jerry Rice . 7 days ago

That's what I call relationship problems lmao

Mary Griffin

Mary Griffin . 1 week ago

It was r5


SpecOpsGamer442 . 1 week ago

3:10 it’s a john wick refrence

LEGOboy 360

LEGOboy 360 . 1 week ago

Who else thinks it weird that we can see the numbers of damage

funk shunj

funk shunj . 1 week ago

Whats the truth😕😕😕😕

Daniel Dobson

Daniel Dobson . 1 week ago

oh no

Frost Burn

Frost Burn . 1 week ago

I bet it was Rachel5

Supermemegamer Niklas

Supermemegamer Niklas . 2 weeks ago

9:50 oh no

Nitro 9

Nitro 9 . 2 weeks ago

Oblivion is a zoey

GokuBlack Gaming

GokuBlack Gaming . 2 weeks ago

Oblivion is either 1 Zoey 2 Rachel5

GokuBlack Gaming

GokuBlack Gaming . 2 weeks ago


Lee Fransaw

Lee Fransaw . 2 weeks ago

The old days when fath no crazy

Cohben Chino187

Cohben Chino187 . 3 weeks ago

0:28 I asked the same question

Legend Of Games

Legend Of Games . 3 weeks ago

9:50 Did she unzip his pant and [email protected]$# his------

Lori Christopherson

Lori Christopherson . 3 weeks ago

9:50 what... the.... DID I JUST HEAR SOMETHING WEIRD?! LIKE idk you guess xD

Justin Cantrell

Justin Cantrell . 4 weeks ago

You can't kill jonhh wick

Pixel Jam gaming

Pixel Jam gaming . 4 weeks ago



A L E X A C H A N . 1 month ago

Oblivion x Omega!

A Human

A Human . 1 month ago

It was RACHAEL5 wasn't it?

elite gamer

elite gamer . 1 month ago

I bet omega wishes he didn't pass up oblivion now😂

Unicorn Pop

Unicorn Pop . 1 month ago

Rachel 5 was Oblivion

The gamingmammoth

The gamingmammoth . 2 months ago

What about Rachel 5

Zombolt Gaming

Zombolt Gaming . 2 months ago

2:14 6:26 7:12 7:44


mitirock29 . 2 months ago

Make a series on omega and oblizion

Keanu Bryan

Keanu Bryan . 2 months ago

1:15 how fans girls be like

Angelo McCoy

Angelo McCoy . 2 months ago

I bet you those Rachel five under that mask

-3Rr0r 3G GAmiNG-

-3Rr0r 3G GAmiNG- . 2 months ago

7:19 Your all out of ammo! me : 7:25 theres a ammo crate right there...

Socorro Hernandez

Socorro Hernandez . 2 months ago

Oblivion and Omega need to get married I can see their future

Destroyer 20000

Destroyer 20000 . 2 months ago

what was at the end who was in the oblivion suit?

Damon Marcus

Damon Marcus . 2 months ago

this battle is so lit

Sanke Chkl

Sanke Chkl . 2 months ago

I just found out about an irl dancing epidemic that took place in France, Germany, and Switzerland a long time ago. People had the sudden urge to dance, and they wouldn't stop, until they eventually died of exhaustion. Just like that orange space man whom I forgot his name. I am posting this on this video, because this is the video I am currently on. I'll catch up 😋

Uchiha Obito

Uchiha Obito . 2 months ago

She's so brutal

Cotot Boyz

Cotot Boyz . 2 months ago

This is more sadder than The Titanic

Jonah Acheatel

Jonah Acheatel . 2 months ago

i want to know the truth about oblivion

Antwain St.fleur

Antwain St.fleur . 2 months ago

Fate has cake

Kreidy Bechara

Kreidy Bechara . 2 months ago

What is John wick doing with omega

WiserDoughnut 59

WiserDoughnut 59 . 3 months ago

Why do u need to grunt when shooting

Blue Drago567

Blue Drago567 . 3 months ago

Fate said she's out of ammo Whene she die she had ammo Whaaaaaaat?

Neon Raptor

Neon Raptor . 3 months ago

I like oblivion more then fate

Liam Hall

Liam Hall . 3 months ago


Caleb Randolph

Caleb Randolph . 3 months ago

Whaaaaa I love fate how dare she die lol

Aron Darvin

Aron Darvin . 3 months ago

girl omega is going yandare

Reynaldo Deverajr

Reynaldo Deverajr . 3 months ago

Wtf!? When fate died she dropped ammo this is so weird

black bow Denom

black bow Denom . 3 months ago

Help yandere didected

black bow Denom

black bow Denom . 3 months ago

Sooo yandere

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