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Maroon 5 - Memories


Published on 1 week ago

“Memories” is out now:

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Music video by Maroon 5 performing Memories. © 2019 Interscope Records (222 Records)


Comments :

muzaqir FAUZAN

muzaqir FAUZAN . 1 minute ago


Jv Salvatiera

Jv Salvatiera . 2 minutes ago

If your friend cant understand English language but he can when he hear this song when your dead 😣😥😫 after that he/she can understand what is life

Uzumaki Saiyan

Uzumaki Saiyan . 2 minutes ago

Has anyone watched Louis songs two of us and kill my mind . Must watch them

Markis Morales

Markis Morales . 3 minutes ago

He looks like masturbating

The Sans [Salam Nusantara]

The Sans [Salam Nusantara] . 5 minutes ago


Roman Ahmed

Roman Ahmed . 5 minutes ago

Adam ar maire চুদি.

a 9 year old

a 9 year old . 6 minutes ago

Damn didnt know baldurr could sing

Сара Тазабек

Сара Тазабек . 6 minutes ago


Nabil Fikri

Nabil Fikri . 6 minutes ago

Yeah, he seems like baldur in god of war

David Athanas

David Athanas . 6 minutes ago

Who else click a repeat button when first heard it?


JOSEPH KJ . 7 minutes ago

Sighs at 3:00 I can feel the pain inside him.

Chillin' Frost

Chillin' Frost . 8 minutes ago

Im so sad that seeing this legend becoming older and older😢😢

JohnniF 123

JohnniF 123 . 8 minutes ago

Kratos : like Baldur : comment

Aldi Gitar

Aldi Gitar . 8 minutes ago

Cannon in D?

Dat Åśs

Dat Åśs . 9 minutes ago

I dont even freaking know if he ate an autotune when he always sing

Draconic Argus

Draconic Argus . 9 minutes ago

Who else likes this part? So good to the ears. 0:10


동휘김 . 10 minutes ago

I listen this song I was cry because maroon 5 looks Like my father


Aldous . 11 minutes ago

memories bring backs memories bring backs you Edit:R.I.P For her Manager

Frincia Maki

Frincia Maki . 14 minutes ago

Definisi mv paling hemat🥰🥰💯

eddie voy

eddie voy . 14 minutes ago


Rey Lorenz Tan

Rey Lorenz Tan . 15 minutes ago

Oh look, its Baldur.....

med midoviç

med midoviç . 15 minutes ago

I like 💘 you from Algeria 🇩🇿

Low G

Low G . 15 minutes ago


David T

David T . 15 minutes ago

Lost my sister 13 weeks ago 23 year old, this song is a perfect fitting


단조로움 . 15 minutes ago

0% nude 0% bad words 100% beard

Andy Krniawan

Andy Krniawan . 16 minutes ago

I'm viewers form indoo.. say hiiii.😅

PeterShenry XD

PeterShenry XD . 16 minutes ago


Valerie Elliot

Valerie Elliot . 16 minutes ago

I believe in things being hexed now......

Mithu Jha

Mithu Jha . 16 minutes ago

Love from 🇮🇳INDIA PLS LIKE KARE ❣👇

Dj. Bazzard21 official

Dj. Bazzard21 official . 17 minutes ago

Hello guys im a new Dj in here, pls watch my video... Don't forget to like,share and subscribe

Riki Setia

Riki Setia . 19 minutes ago

looks like a realistic 3D model from the unreal engine, lol


LMS GAMING . 19 minutes ago

yeaa one of my fav song 2019


BreadNon . 20 minutes ago

Who else putting this on favorite list

Egyptian Ninja

Egyptian Ninja . 21 minutes ago



xXWhite_Raven_GamingXx . 21 minutes ago

"You will never be happy if you continue to hold on to the things that make you sad" -Raven

Sana khan

Sana khan . 21 minutes ago


Paul Joshua

Paul Joshua . 21 minutes ago

Is it just me or adam kinda looks like Ryan Reynolds here 🤔


RAVI Top . 21 minutes ago

Zaytsev with beard


ErrolJustin . 22 minutes ago

The ad brings me here.

Eurey Jmarc Tano

Eurey Jmarc Tano . 23 minutes ago

We will not forget you Maroon 5 our memories bring back memories bring back u

Abdur Rokhim Al Firdzos

Abdur Rokhim Al Firdzos . 23 minutes ago


Shabika Abby

Shabika Abby . 23 minutes ago

asik juga Chuck Norris

Noxe Ace

Noxe Ace . 23 minutes ago

i think jerry c would be happy if he heard this song

Anita S

Anita S . 25 minutes ago

I am leo

Dark Ness

Dark Ness . 25 minutes ago

He change a lot

Pc Lalnundiki

Pc Lalnundiki . 25 minutes ago

Toast to the ones here today💕


ALPHA MINO . 27 minutes ago

the "dud tu du" like "make it right "background sound

Ammar Ali

Ammar Ali . 28 minutes ago

He started to look like kratos just a white makeup and red blood scar on the eye💪👍

Mojo Rising

Mojo Rising . 29 minutes ago

he sings like a googlehome, 0% organics vibrations...

Gani Dul

Gani Dul . 30 minutes ago

Keren 👍👍👍👍👍 MANTUL😎😎

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