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NBA Most Difficult Shots of All Time ᴴᴰ


Published on 2 years ago

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Comments :

Elmarsya Maulana

Elmarsya Maulana . 2 weeks ago

All time? Really? What about kareem 3 point skyhook? Anyone can do that move as a center?


Lou . 1 month ago

Damian Lillard's half court shot against the Celtics in 2016 that didn't count should be on here

TrevTube Gaming

TrevTube Gaming . 1 month ago

Trevor Bookers volleyball shot should of been in here. He did I’m dumb. @5:04 btw


225crownline . 2 months ago

the announcing at 5:05 is some of the worst announcing I've ever heard, first dude says its the definition of a granny shot, then the chick says he doesn't even touch it, smh

bs elguapo

bs elguapo . 3 months ago

My friend's and I hit shots like these and we ain't getting paid millions nor do we behave like crazies like these giant growups do. Pathetic. It really is. Throwing pig skin around. Making a sport seem that inportant. I mean the top nba players make 1000% more money than the president if the united states makes. Ridiculous indeed 👎👎👎

J. Shuttlesworth

J. Shuttlesworth . 3 months ago

Oh come on, what an unexciting commentator on Bradley's basket. I've always thought he's the less engaging NBA commentator of all times, but this is just too much.. how can you just utter a few flat words on such a play.. I'm speechless (like him)

Brandon Young

Brandon Young . 3 months ago

Them 2 puertorican girls fine as hell 😍. Don't care what nobody say.


SSJPunchoutkid . 4 months ago

This is honestly just Kobe’s career summed up in 3 words most ridiculous shots

Bruce Campbell

Bruce Campbell . 5 months ago

Awesome dudes

Brian LovGod

Brian LovGod . 5 months ago

Steph curry hitting Half courts with blurry vision

KBang Productions

KBang Productions . 5 months ago

That’s Jamal Murray not Emmanuel Mudiay

Clay Jensen

Clay Jensen . 5 months ago

He doesnt even touch ut he just volleyball it up wtf??? HAHAHAHAHA shit got me 5:19

guga kutateladze

guga kutateladze . 5 months ago

4:50 travel before he hits the bal

Brayden Komola

Brayden Komola . 5 months ago

Who needs a dam 30 second intro

Erin More

Erin More . 5 months ago

Jackson's granny

King Chris

King Chris . 5 months ago


The Clutch Play

The Clutch Play . 5 months ago

6:00 kid in background:KOBEx6


Mirsten . 6 months ago

This guy loves Kobe Bryant and LeBron James it’s so obvious.

snehi sharma

snehi sharma . 6 months ago

pause at 1:58 'ready for cum'

Taylor Laws

Taylor Laws . 6 months ago

I hate fortnite

LovelyRose Infinity

LovelyRose Infinity . 6 months ago

For me kobe bryant was the best of all he made a lot impossible shot that will make audience shock and wow.. And he make a lot of shots for the win... Sorry for mt English and thanks for understanding...

Supertwins TV

Supertwins TV . 6 months ago

I subscribed!!!!!


Cataya . 6 months ago

4:30 That shit was badass lmao

Nick Gray

Nick Gray . 6 months ago

Your intro song is fire

honor the souls

honor the souls . 6 months ago

At this point Lebron a god

Lawson Byrd

Lawson Byrd . 6 months ago

he called murray mudiay

nOiZkie nanilignap

nOiZkie nanilignap . 6 months ago

where is stephen curry?? most of all mj?? are you lb fan??lol!

gg goat basketball tv

gg goat basketball tv . 6 months ago

hi br4nd0n shout out pls ia have a basketball channel to and to are the reason why iam inspired to make video

King Heyman

King Heyman . 6 months ago

Kobe ca do it all

Brady Rodgers

Brady Rodgers . 6 months ago

Did the cavs win the game in over time? 1:50

Thanachot Chatchana

Thanachot Chatchana . 6 months ago

What song is intro

jayman jaymum

jayman jaymum . 6 months ago

3:52 the disrespect 🤣


BigPapaDave . 6 months ago

3:47 holy shit what a travel


BigPapaDave . 6 months ago

2:42 easy af tf

Chuks Samuel

Chuks Samuel . 7 months ago

Nicely done

Fame Z

Fame Z . 7 months ago

why is that when LBJ makes that shot and everyone is having a invisible blow job XD.

Anton Nieroda

Anton Nieroda . 7 months ago

I’m just wondering how my thumb hit the like button

Tyler ZSavage

Tyler ZSavage . 7 months ago


Tyler ZSavage

Tyler ZSavage . 7 months ago

How to pronounce his name: Ber-for-and-un

Bradley Wellman

Bradley Wellman . 7 months ago

The nets one shouldn’t have counted


GamingWithJay . 7 months ago

Kd 4 pt play?

Mateja Jovanovic

Mateja Jovanovic . 7 months ago

Ben Simmons 3 pointer... wait he made none

Its Sonje baby

Its Sonje baby . 7 months ago

Goosebumps because I remember kobe on your title bro.

Labial Jomar

Labial Jomar . 7 months ago

How about d rose

All Star

All Star . 7 months ago

31 seconds later... Video starts


Swazey . 7 months ago

How about shaq making his free throws??? This is clickbait!

Ahan Mishra

Ahan Mishra . 7 months ago



ice00718 . 7 months ago

The shot in the thumbnail wasn’t in tho

Crimson gaming

Crimson gaming . 7 months ago

0:01 song?

Daniel Lennon

Daniel Lennon . 7 months ago

4:54 travel

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