When SKT T1 Faker Plays Ryze Mid vs Akali in Challenger Elo Korea Season 9 Patch 9.22 , T1 Faker Ryze Mid Gameplay.

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Comments :

Jehosua 6

Jehosua 6 . 2 months ago

. N

Unkown Homerheim

Unkown Homerheim . 4 months ago

Why did he ulti in 10:55?


yMarbem . 4 months ago

Mlk chato q joga contigo Man

julz kbt

julz kbt . 4 months ago

SKT T1 changed their name to T1 after worlds

Boqing Hu

Boqing Hu . 5 months ago

Faker’s farming is just art.


MarcIndelicato . 5 months ago

When Faker plays Ryze is lose world championship LOL

sgydush garn

sgydush garn . 5 months ago

I love this champion

The Dragon Ruffy

The Dragon Ruffy . 5 months ago

Correct title:" When Ryze plays Faker"


EpicLoot . 5 months ago

Faker ryze or DoinB ryze?

Mario Fernandez garcia

Mario Fernandez garcia . 5 months ago


Antonio Mijail Coronel Fernandez

Antonio Mijail Coronel Fernandez . 5 months ago

Faker vs Rookie lul

Ken espinoza

Ken espinoza . 5 months ago

I think. Doinbs ryze is stronger fakers ryze.

Youneke Youneke

Youneke Youneke . 5 months ago

akali is rookie

Awin Gaming

Awin Gaming . 5 months ago

First :)

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