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This Hacker Got Me...


Published on 10 months ago

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Memes GD

Memes GD . 8 hours ago

You have a very crazy life


ChaBoiBrock . 1 day ago

Bruh, I would've kept the striper


Anonymous . 1 day ago

my tooth fell out while watching this.

Corey Williams

Corey Williams . 2 days ago

Well to be fair he lost money

Paolo Weaver

Paolo Weaver . 2 days ago

when you dont have a VPN

salty bats

salty bats . 2 days ago

6:13 thats a nasty noscope

Knowncloneguy Wars

Knowncloneguy Wars . 2 days ago


Knowncloneguy Wars

Knowncloneguy Wars . 2 days ago

I like this


OneWater4189580 . 2 days ago

Next day You get a call that you bought a mansion in south India

Twitch Quoteyz

Twitch Quoteyz . 3 days ago

I know how to pull ips and dhit but this kidπŸ˜‚

Tommy Brown

Tommy Brown . 3 days ago

Watch who u r friends with

wills 34

wills 34 . 3 days ago

Get a VPN


Itz_MaSoN PLAYZ . 3 days ago

It’s big Chungus....

Joey Aw son

Joey Aw son . 3 days ago

Say his name let me talk fucking shit to him

carson hall

carson hall . 4 days ago


H.R.J Productions

H.R.J Productions . 4 days ago

you posted this on my 10th birthday.


Mzjxe . 5 days ago

Lol these kids got no life πŸ˜΄πŸ˜‚πŸ€¦β€β™€οΈ

Playdough Zombie

Playdough Zombie . 5 days ago

whats the last number of your like on this video 1. you get a shotgun sent to your house with blood on it 2. you get watched while you sleep 3. someone cuts a slice of your skin and eats it. 4. someones hacks you and puts you in jail for murder. 5. someone stalks you and steals your hair and toothbrush 6. someone rapes you in your sleep in an alleyway. 7. someone kidnaps you and then makes your hteir slave 8. you go bankrupt to nigerian scammers and get homeless 9. someone fucks you mom girlfriend dad dog and cat. 0. you get 100 trillion dolalrs and live rich forever and you never die

Kian McIlreavy

Kian McIlreavy . 5 days ago



ITzHazard . 6 days ago

I thought you moved

gavin burgdahl

gavin burgdahl . 6 days ago

i mean depending on the type of pizza it is i would totly be like hell yea


yekoos . 1 week ago


Team Infinite

Team Infinite . 1 week ago

Ok thats the funniest fucking thing ever holy shit that is so funny Luna have a good day bro

Miroslav Kusnir

Miroslav Kusnir . 2 weeks ago

VPN is a thing lol

ItzYoBoi DatOneGuy

ItzYoBoi DatOneGuy . 2 weeks ago

Tell us his username so we can punish him for all eternity

Konner Bullock

Konner Bullock . 2 weeks ago


Konner Bullock

Konner Bullock . 2 weeks ago

I know ware you live aston


Wahy2Mahd . 2 weeks ago

6:10 FaZe Luna

Chpop Time

Chpop Time . 2 weeks ago

Look outside

da Dwagon

da Dwagon . 3 weeks ago

Dem doxing skillz tho

Addison β€” Slytherclaw Gamer

Addison β€” Slytherclaw Gamer . 3 weeks ago

Oh yeah yeah

Firas Taweel

Firas Taweel . 3 weeks ago

give me a 1000 fucks *thatsbetter*

Dog Meat

Dog Meat . 3 weeks ago

When watching I was playing mw2 and same map


Thesonicsmash . 3 weeks ago


clixy _ YT

clixy _ YT . 3 weeks ago

I'm 20 subscribers away from my target pls help me

Cubeflake Z

Cubeflake Z . 3 weeks ago

hay hayy hayyy Hayyyy hayyyyy hayyyyyy

Cash Rivinius

Cash Rivinius . 4 weeks ago

I love your stories

John Stuffel

John Stuffel . 4 weeks ago

hol up almost always a prank 3:27

Master Chief pro 117

Master Chief pro 117 . 4 weeks ago

Your the best


Threetree583059 . 4 weeks ago

Luna use a vpn

Rowan Eden

Rowan Eden . 4 weeks ago

o yea yea

H20 P4nda

H20 P4nda . 4 weeks ago

6 years later *gets a pizza orderd*

Joe The Panda King AKA Panda Squad

Joe The Panda King AKA Panda Squad . 4 weeks ago

I’m gay :P


ArmageddoN . 4 weeks ago

please turn these videos into a Spotify podcast xD

Sonar Snake

Sonar Snake . 4 weeks ago

At least He Didint Take Your Airpods

Octo Tv

Octo Tv . 4 weeks ago

Hacker? No, anyone can falsely swat someone, even if their a hacker or not.

Obito Uchiha

Obito Uchiha . 4 weeks ago



BossCD LG G . 4 weeks ago

This kid probably had his older brother hack for him

Baron Cook

Baron Cook . 4 weeks ago

Call the COPS


xXDANK TUBEXx . 4 weeks ago

Wow more likes than my youtube *slaps face*

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