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Two Days With The Tesla Model 3 (Made Me Want The Model S)
MrMobile [Michael Fisher]

MrMobile [Michael Fisher]

Published on 11 months ago

Fun fact: a Tesla Model 3 preview was one of the first two videos published by the MrMobile YouTube channel back in 2016! What's more: I've never gotten over that experience. The skin-stretching acceleration; the futuristic features; the fact that it never needed a drop of gasoline – to a guy just starting a YouTube tech channel, Tesla's Model S and Model X were the ultimate manifestation of mobile technology, and the Model 3 promised much of the same experience in a more affordable package.

Flash-forward to 2018: that Tesla Model 3 is finally rolling off the production line … and I’ve just spent two days behind the wheel. Not enough time for a review, but enough to get a sense of how many promises it delivers on. Watch the MrMobile extended Tesla Model 3 test drive to see where it succeeds, where it falls flat ... and why it makes me want a Model S more than anything else.


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MrMobile's Tesla Model 3 Test Drive was produced following two days with a production Tesla Model 3. The test car included the extended battery, premium interior package, 19" sport wheels, enhanced autopilot and midnight silver finish. Price as tested: $56,500. The Model 3 received one software update immediately following the test drive.


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MrMobile [Michael Fisher]

MrMobile [Michael Fisher] . 11 months ago

Hey y'all. Couple Model 3 observations I couldn't squeeze into this video: -Yep, panel lines are a problem. Inconsistent, asymmetrical, too broad at points. Easy to miss if you're not looking for them, but tough to un-see once you've seen 'em. -I'm amazed at how quickly I got used to checking for the speed on the monitor instead of hunting for the instrument cluster. Still miss that HUD though. -Part of the Premium Interior package is the inclusion of two USB ports for the backseaters. Cool, but both that set and the ones up front lack fast charging of any kind. Sad. -Hazard light toggle is one of the few controls that merits a physical button. It's up top, by the rearview mirror. -Seats are plenty comfy and interior is plenty nice (again, with the Premium Interior package). -Only way to open the back doors is with a button. Fine, but what happens if you lose power? -The trunk really takes a good slam to get it shut, which is kind of weird considering how delicate you have to be with the center console flap. -More impressions as I review my notes! Questions? Ask!


FireWalk . 13 hours ago

I just can't get myself to like the dash in the model 3. It's too oversimplified for me, with just that single screen for everything. I much prefer the dash in the model S to be honest. I like having a dedicated instrument cluster right in front of me with additional information. :)

Charlie K

Charlie K . 1 month ago

Yes, why cab we not have a 5th door? Who actually needs a glass roof?

Gabriel G

Gabriel G . 2 months ago

cant believe people pay more than 50k for this mediocre car

Tim Steinkamp

Tim Steinkamp . 2 months ago

When you say, "to be honest," does that mean that some of what you're saying is not honest? The S model does not come with free charging, it is more honestly considered prepaid charging. Make sure you consider the new battery cost when you do your used S model video. It would be nice to see a base model review, I'll keep looking.

Ad Nguyen

Ad Nguyen . 2 months ago

can you use re-usable bags please? limit plastic please. thank you.

Kenshin Himura

Kenshin Himura . 2 months ago

Not even the model 3 is affordable. They need to be cheaper. Build quality is also garbage on these things

Hassan Alsayoud

Hassan Alsayoud . 2 months ago

I live here in saudi arabia, without any electric vehicles... Though, some people told me that tesla's are going to come here by 2020... I hope it does...


DeGingerNinja . 2 months ago

Buy the cheap model 3 then save for a roadster 👌👌 or gift me one either is cool 😂😅


cbj324jkl234jk234 . 2 months ago

The wooden dash looks cheap and tacky. It looks like an Ikea clearance item

Davo Apo

Davo Apo . 3 months ago

Liking your Tesla video

Cameron Bowen

Cameron Bowen . 3 months ago

EV cars aren’t popular in Australia. In 12 months I’ve seen 3 Tesla’s . Probably because there so expensive here

Cameron Bowen

Cameron Bowen . 3 months ago

EV cars aren’t popular in Australia. I rarely see a Tesla around here .

Edward Lazarus

Edward Lazarus . 3 months ago

I am so excited, I take delivery in 5 days. Mine is silver RWD , long range battery and Auto Pilot.


godislove025 . 3 months ago

I have a Model S P85 and it is amazing !

Teslanomics with Ben Sullins

Teslanomics with Ben Sullins . 3 months ago

Well done! If you're near San Diego anytime soon and want to try a performance model let me know!

Mark Plott

Mark Plott . 4 months ago

Mr. Mobile - do you realize that Tesla model 3 is using all 8 cameras , EACH with Independent processing, that's more Processing power than Cadallic, and even AUDI autopliots. and the Cadallic doesn't even work.

Mark Plott

Mark Plott . 4 months ago

Mr. Mobile - Autopilot v9.0 is NOT for Driving on Roads or Streets. Autopilot right NOW is just for Automatically getting on Highways and Getting off. beyond that you are VOIDING the Warranty. and may end up in a CRASH.

Wessex Tubas

Wessex Tubas . 4 months ago

I think the model 3 is a very nice car, but the model S has more class and road presence. Both good - depends on your priorities.


6806goats1 . 4 months ago

Pass. Front design and dash layout are automatic kick out. Time to see what the S has to offer. Thanks for the review.


Bonedatt . 4 months ago

So.. At 1:05 I'm saying to myself, *why is this fool in the trunk of the car* and then weirdly you have this look like.. what? 😂 😂. Scariest shit ever #MrMindReader


entropy22 . 4 months ago

When is M3 for 35k will be available?


leneanderthalien . 4 months ago

The model 3 is a very nice car, the only thing i dont like, is the small trunk oppening door made like 70' Citroën cars (GS and CX)...why not a real hatchback like the Model S?

J Gallis

J Gallis . 5 months ago

Did you get the model s Mr mobile?


bobcharlotte . 5 months ago

Florida looks so nice.

Truth Seeker

Truth Seeker . 5 months ago

not everybody would have the luxury to want the model S, which is what the M3 is solving with the 35k model. just a classic clickbait title to get more views, but all good for Tesla nonetheless..

Eating Away Time

Eating Away Time . 6 months ago

Model X 'Pigeon wing minivan'


nlo114 . 6 months ago

1:24 - ...'the lack of even a false grill'... What the hell do you want a false grill for? It's an electric car, it has no radiator. (well only a small one for the battery fluid). For those that want it to look like a conventional I/C engine car; perhaps buy a sporty coupe, fit a super-quiet muffler and stick a badge on the trunk that says "electric car". That way you get performance, range, and a radiator grill :-)

leo clarke

leo clarke . 6 months ago

when is your M3 full review due Mr Mobile?


DIOSpeedDemon . 6 months ago

Now I see there are videos in the news with the Tesla Cars Rear Bumber FALLS OFF within an hour of owning the car? But what do you Tesla Rubes expect for 150,000$ car??? I am sure a software fix will make the bumper magically appear again.

Tim Fremstad

Tim Fremstad . 7 months ago

Too expensive, and gov't tax breaks going away....

CD Scootering

CD Scootering . 7 months ago

When you said without the hatchback you get an almost all glass roof but we have an s and are roof is all glass no divider

Robbert Morgan

Robbert Morgan . 7 months ago

You sound like Baz Luhrmann with his sunscreen.


Tenzin . 7 months ago

Tough decision model 3 current options and no autopilot vs used 2015 S 85. 3 is new, $7500+2500(California) or S with supercharge and autopilot already included

Chip C

Chip C . 7 months ago

It looks like an ugly version of the Mazda 3

Best Hand

Best Hand . 7 months ago

Sure, you compare used 2013 model S with practically no warranty (whatever left), no autopilot with price of model 3 with better mileage, autopilot and full warranty. Go ahead, buy model S.


Joseph . 7 months ago

My main problem with just one display can be summed up in one phrase. "Single point of failure"


grouponful . 8 months ago

Good, cancel your model 3 order so I'll get mine sooner!!


Iautorotate . 8 months ago

Most idiotic Tesla review I have ever watched.


C M . 8 months ago

so that's it?

Farhan Naveed

Farhan Naveed . 8 months ago

Is this your own car


Ben . 8 months ago

Are the turn signals also on the pad?


FamilyFirstJ . 8 months ago

Very good video

Got memes?

Got memes? . 8 months ago

when electric cars become more a standard and don't look like futuristic electric cars i would buy one but i would also keep a gas sports car or something


jman . 8 months ago

Driving a Camry makes me want a Rolls Royce.


oldrrocr . 8 months ago

Thanks for the vid. Since you don't own a car now, perhaps you also don't own a house or live somewhere that has access to 220 v 40 amp. Most Model 3 people, I expect, are not going to use superchargers unless they are driving somewhere out of their range (200 miles). They'll just plug it in and let it charge overnight for 1/4 the cost of a gas fill-up. (For me it is free - yep, got solar panels). Also, for some of us having a full size car like the S is a luxury we don't want. You failed to mention that the Model 3 actually has MORE cabin space than the S model. I really considered buying a used S but the Tesla guys couldn't or wouldn't deal on it - so it was considerably more expensive than the Model 3.

M Oczakow

M Oczakow . 8 months ago

How is paying for your own go-juice a "sacrifice"?, especially since it's dirt cheap, compared to the built into the price of the X&S. No one gives me free gas when i drop $60-70 a week, and i'm not crying about it. All these previous tesla drivers were spoiled like children, they never should have offered it free to begin with.

Nath Paris

Nath Paris . 8 months ago


Ung Grabb

Ung Grabb . 8 months ago

Ugly vacomcleaner crap


scy1192 . 9 months ago

Check out the Jaguar I-Pace if you're going up to that price point

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