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Game Theory: My Fan Game is a CRIME?!
The Game Theorists

The Game Theorists

Published on 3 years ago

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We live in an age of gaming where fans of a franchise can easily spin off their own games and post them for others to play. And it's AWESOME! Some of the best games I've played in the last year have been made by fans. And yet, as we've seen recently with Pokemon Uranium and Another Metroid 3 Remake...the original companies might not be so thrilled this is happening. And all of this is beginning to call up some…difficult...legal questions. So today, I'm asking the question "When is a fan game TRULY a fan game?" The answer to that question has changed A LOT recently...and it could produce some truly scary results.

For more information on these court cases check out this article:

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Comments :

sandpaper the snake guy

sandpaper the snake guy . 21 hours ago

Please, you blatantly copied Supra Mayro Kart.


xX_Itz_Emy_Gacha_Xx . 22 hours ago

I can just imagine.... Judge: Show me the clip Person: 12:06 Judge: Yup we will ask him to settle the court case

RAwesome Y

RAwesome Y . 1 day ago

i hear another scp theme 13:35 also Scott i like where your going...please, continue

Stavros Kousoulakis

Stavros Kousoulakis . 2 days ago

so get lost >:)

Stavros Kousoulakis

Stavros Kousoulakis . 2 days ago

scott your wrong, buddy. you just stole from another person's game! you should delete your "Fan Game-Of-Another-Fan game" right now before some copyright violation comes up :D (edit: also, you have to PROVE your theory, scott. not just say it like your distraction games are)

Traygames 2006

Traygames 2006 . 5 days ago

12:11 I know a lot of people say Terraria is a Minecraft clone but in fact, Terraria was released first. So in a way, Minecraft is actually the clone. Mind-blowing right? Right?

yaneth rivera

yaneth rivera . 5 days ago

I love game jolt

JCtn 6798

JCtn 6798 . 5 days ago

Don't even think of calling Mario a sociopath. Nobody, and I mean... NOBODY wants to hear or see about it! Mario is a hero, not a psycho.


A C . 1 week ago

here's my Fan game https://scratch.mit.edu/projects/336023639/ A night with Ant

Electrixx Fox

Electrixx Fox . 1 week ago

I love how you roasted dan!😂


SFM STUDIOS . 2 weeks ago

Don't hate on DanTDM

DIZZY Panther1900

DIZZY Panther1900 . 2 weeks ago

3:29) the music in the background is in a undertale based mobile game named can you escape fate..... randome but true

Ozra Animates

Ozra Animates . 2 weeks ago

'Youtuber arrested over his ''King Trouser''' Oof

Agent I

Agent I . 2 weeks ago

Nintendo also attacked pokemon brick bronze

Travis The Roblox Gamer

Travis The Roblox Gamer . 2 weeks ago


ParkerE Playz

ParkerE Playz . 3 weeks ago

Astroid Or Meteor Which one hmmmmmm

Doofatron infinity

Doofatron infinity . 3 weeks ago

Wait... people still think terraria is a minecraft clone? He’ll dare I say that terraria is almost BETTER than Minecraft just due to shear amounts of content. Of course now I wait to get smacked by a wooden 2x4 from a Minecraft fan.

sPiKe Yt 360

sPiKe Yt 360 . 3 weeks ago

Who read the newspaper

Matin Roozbahani

Matin Roozbahani . 3 weeks ago

so i think the first game developer ever can take down all of the video games

Lucastic Br

Lucastic Br . 4 weeks ago

10:2 no I’l never get out of there.


MinnowClaw . 1 month ago

Claiming game mechanics is like artists claiming poses, it’s bull crap

Super Fire 64 Gaming

Super Fire 64 Gaming . 1 month ago

Man the cort is messed up

Matthew Muggeo

Matthew Muggeo . 1 month ago

At about 14:52, they song Dead Meat uses for his kill count is playing in the background

King 3D

King 3D . 1 month ago

Anyone notice the music at the end is from magical mirror starring mickey mouse?


The GOLDEN LOG! . 1 month ago

This needs to be a video game...

Maria Dambrosio

Maria Dambrosio . 1 month ago

Trowser jajajajajajajajaja Ok 3 years late :'v

Darling Daisy

Darling Daisy . 1 month ago

Y is this in undertale playlist lol

Fallen Angels Official

Fallen Angels Official . 1 month ago

2:17 what game is this??? Can anyone help me?

Rachael Elkins

Rachael Elkins . 1 month ago

im like 70% sure joy of creation was made by scotts son, so tecnicly not a 'fan' game :/

ImmagiTube // Gaming, Music, & More

ImmagiTube // Gaming, Music, & More . 1 month ago

*wait- what if someone copyrights walking in video games....*

Rebecca Weakley

Rebecca Weakley . 1 month ago

i dount think terraria is a minecraft clone but ok

Cheesy liamy

Cheesy liamy . 2 months ago

I was in undertale theorie playlist and this was in it

Meme-ish Channel

Meme-ish Channel . 2 months ago

I'm still waiting for the five nights at olive garden game

Exo - Spectre

Exo - Spectre . 2 months ago

12:12 >:(

Comander Gree

Comander Gree . 2 months ago


The Phantom

The Phantom . 2 months ago

Well, Nintendo probably took "uranium" down because it was download 1,500,000 time's in little more than a week so people would prefer playing that than a Nintendo's Pokémon game... (So basically they took down a 9 year work in 9 days out of greed) Ah btw, I feel like copyright shouldn't be a problem if you give the credit to the original game and say that it is a fangame... 😑 "Courts suck"

Clover McCarthy

Clover McCarthy . 2 months ago

There not spin offs of Undertale there aus or alternate universes

Clover McCarthy

Clover McCarthy . 2 months ago


Arttu Leinonen

Arttu Leinonen . 2 months ago

Actually, from a legaleze standpoint, it is quite common that the judge actually would not be _allowed_ to play the game in question. I don't know how it goes in US, but at least here in Europe only the evidence brought by either side into the court room is admissible as evidence, and if a judge tries to research the topic by themselves (for example by playing the games) without either side bringing that into the courtroom (no idea how you would even go around bringing "just play it yourself" as evidence anyway), you would taint yourself, and if either side got wind of it at any point they could use it to throw the ruling out the window in no time. Thus I can see how the judge would be left to writing down in the ruling that it is difficult to make a judgement without themselves playing the games. It's clear that they would have wanted to, but they couldn't while still making the ruling binding if neither side brought actual gameplay as evidence.

Gabriel Foltz

Gabriel Foltz . 2 months ago

HA I see the nostalgia critic at 4:18


PositiveBug1 . 2 months ago

I will actually fight you if you think Terraria is a Minecraft clone

Chara on a budget

Chara on a budget . 2 months ago

Toby is too busy working on Deltarune to care

Ya boi

Ya boi . 2 months ago

Yo where is Scratch

Stugyguys 123

Stugyguys 123 . 2 months ago

Terraria as waaaaay better then minecraft it has more weapons bosses armour and can involve luck you can also bring everything your character owns to another world

StarMaster 280

StarMaster 280 . 2 months ago

only three men are capable of the falcon punch.

That One Channel

That One Channel . 2 months ago

Still waiting for TJoC to shut down SL

the adventures of donut cat

the adventures of donut cat . 2 months ago

Your new game should have been Diet Coke simulator. Spending hours and hours drinking Diet cokes. First to 1million wins!

Gabriel Griffin

Gabriel Griffin . 2 months ago


Spring Bonnie

Spring Bonnie . 2 months ago

Why was Morty the judge?

cyanshellbomber865 Hacks

cyanshellbomber865 Hacks . 2 months ago

4:11 pen:ERASER!!!

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